Abortion isn’t a right.
Blacks aren’t being purged by cops.
If you’re gay, bisexual, or trans congratulations now stop flaunting it.
There are only two genders.
You can be sexist towards men
You need dysphoria to be trans
You aren’t gender neutral stop trying to act special
Demisexuality isn’t real.
There is no wage gap.
You can be racists towards whites
There is a higher amount of Muslim terrorists.
Covering women in veils, burka, and so on is oppressive and shouldn’t be glorified.
A store can deny you for any reason.
Communism will never work
Antifa are fascists
Bernie sanders is a fucking idiot
Trump isn’t racist, homophobic, or sexist.
Trump didn’t rape anyone.
Republicans don’t hate gays, blacks and so on.
The cry over culture appropriation is bullshit.

You’re all weak fucks

Mientras tú seas feliz , ¡que más da lo que digan los demás¡ Tú vive tu vida, que nadie va a poder hacerlo por ti. Nadie excepto tú pagarás por tus equivocaciones o por tus aciertos . Jamás se te olvide esto, María.
—  Un burka por amor  de Reyes Monforte.

Shoutout to Muslim trans and/or nonbinary folks who are struggling to figure out when and if they should wear hijab/niqab/abaya/chador/burka!

If you’re transfem and are trying to figure out which point in your transition to start wearing it, I love you!

If you’re genderfluid and are trying to figure out whether it’s okay to wear it sometimes but not always, and how people will see you if you do, I love you!

If you’re transmasc and are trying to figure out if you should take it off or keep it on, I love you!

If you’re trying to figure out whether it’s a good idea to wear it if you don’t pass as woman, even if you want to, I love you!

If you’re trying to figure out whether it’s a good idea not to wear it if you don’t pass as a man, even if don’t you want to, I love you!

It’s going to be okay! Take your time and try to relax. You’ll get through it, and you’ll figure it out, and whatever your decision, you are loved, you are whole, and you are allowed to take pride in your religion in whichever way you feel comfortable! You are not a bad Muslim for making a decision that helps you feel safe and happy!

Victim blaming in Islam

I keep seeing Muslims (especially online) claiming that if a woman dresses modestly, she can prevent being raped.


Rape happens to men.
Rape happens to children and babies.
Rape happens to nuns in habits and to women in burkas.

Telling women, especially victims of rape, that they could have prevented it by dressing according to the Quran’s guidelines is disgusting, and it needs to stop.