inkbully  asked:

Okay so I saw that you do some things traditional and somethings digital. But like do you do the sketch traditional then add colour in like photoshop? If so how do you do that?

OKAY, im not sure how well im going to be able to explain this, but here we go:

most of my art is drawn in pencil on regular printer paper, using various graphite.

i mainly work in paint tool sai! i find it has the best line quality and is best at handling pen pressure. i only use photoshop for details, effects, and other final rendering things, but sometimes i dont use it at all. all of the following can be done in most basic art programs.

the first thing i do is scan using paint, because its easiest and i dont like suffering with other programs. here are my scanning settings:

take that with a grain of salt, im sure there are better settings and different scanners, but the goal im trying to reach is making all the white pure white, and the pencil as dark as possible without losing line quality.

ANYWAY, this is what the scan looks like. often times (because drawing on paper is h4rd) i will edit the sketch and do a lot of resizing and touch ups. i first set the scan layer to multiply, which will let me color underneath:

the next thing i do is put down a flat color. this is what ill lock all the other colors onto to make it easier when coloring. it can be any color, i usually use a brighter one so i can see it:

at this point, i lay down all my colors, putting each on a different layer. all of the color layers should be locked onto the flat color using the clipping group option:

and thats it, thats how i get ‘er done! for shading, i just create another layer at the top of the clipping groups, select a color, and set it to multiply. 

i hope this ramble was of SOME use–i dont do anything super fancy!