WHY DO SOME FANS REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE FACT THAT WILLOW IS A LESBIAN? She specifically identifies herself as a gay woman/lesbian. Stop trying to force LGBT persons into the box that you feel comfortable labeling them with. Accept her self-identification. Do not try to argue that she is straight or bisexual when she clearly states that she is gay. Many people that are homosexual have heterosexual relationships before clearly understanding their preferences. Some heterosexual people have homosexual relationships while still identifying as straight. When fans call Willow bisexual it ignores the truth of her story.

First and foremost, Lydia and I would like to thank everyone who entered our first ever tumblr awards. We were honored and humbled to have 170 fabulous blogs enter, and we have spent the past few days going through every single one. We loved looking through your gorgeous blogs, and narrowing it down and picking the winners was an extremely difficult task. That being said, and without further ado, here are the winners for our Badass Lady Tumblr Awards! 

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Winners | Runners Up

Sophia Burset (best url)

stolenimpala | woahchester | cainshair

Katniss Everdeen (best icon)

soredean | addictivesam | adorkablejensen

Irene Adler (best theme)

cvddlecas | dorkyassbutt | crabackles

★Rae Earl (best updates tab)

churchstiel | maturecas | shatteredcas

★Hermione Granger (best posts)

casteile | honorary-winchester | sarcasmsammy

★Charlie Bradbury (best supernatural)

savingchesters | starsdean | chevroletdean

★Buffy Summers (best multifandom)

hostofheaven | balckwidow | avengingdisney

★Natasha Romanoff (best original content)

willamholmes | grangerwinchester | followingcastiel | mirthfulcas | flannelwrappednightmare

★Peggy Carter (best rising blogger)

damnitdeans | castiel-has-left-the-library | midnighteaseme

★Donna Noble (friendliest blogger)

castiel-sexhair | mishabaee | inspiredcastiel | boyfrienddean

★Veronica Fisher (Lydia’s favorite)

hearteyedsam | petulant-dean | sycophantcas

Leslie Knope (Meg’s favorite)

rosetylr | stunningdeancrabackles 

★Wonder Woman (best overall)


We also have a few honorable mentions: starlesscas, hermionx, cutiepiejensen, bovaria, radianthannah, doofcas, deanhesmygalaxy, and cherishcastiel

I won't settle for less than...

the ferocity of Michael and Fiona,

the passion of Buffy and Angel,

the friendship of Cory and Shawn,

the challenge of Harry and Draco,

the heart of Dean Winchester,

the reality of Doug and Carrie,

the laughter of Jack, Janet, and Chrissy,

and the family of Serenity’s crew. 

Giles/James: Signs

He watched his twin limp into the bathroom, he knew the line his brother gave him about pulling a muscle was a lie. He knew from experience. He left Buffy and Dawn in the living room as he followed James to the bathroom, stopping in the doorway before James could shut the door. “Are you going to tell me what actually happened?” He asked.