• Sirius:Excuse me? Who made you the boss of the group?
  • Remus:You did.
  • Peter:You said James should be boss.
  • Remus:And then you said "let's vote," and it was unanimous.
  • Peter:And then you made him this little plaque, that said "Boss of Us", you put little sparkles on it.
  • Sirius:Valid points, all.

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I've always considered The Gift to be a stronger ending than Chosen. While I'm glad BtVS continued on for 2 more seasons, I was never really satisfied emotionally with Chosen, I guess because in The Gift every single main character has a significant scene where they shined. In Chosen, a lot of the main characters got lost in the battle, and there was that very unnecessary Angel scene which I would have prefered was replaced with a last Xanya scene or Buffy/Dawn, or Buffy/Giles mending fences.

I kind of disagree, though. If we think of the show as Buffy’s journey, then I definitely wouldn’t have wanted The Gift to be the end of it. It’s not so much because she’s the hero and she dies. I mean, if we consider she’s constantly putting her life in the line, it would’ve made sense if her journey ended with her dying in battle. It’s the how of the death that doesn’t seem fitting for her journey. Yes, she was sacrificing herself to save the world, and isn’t that exactly what heroes do? But… her death was just as much suicide as it was sacrifice. Buffy was done, she was tired and jaded and she wanted to quit. And not just her slayer gig but life altogether. That’s why she’s so at peace when it dawns on her that was what she had to do. She was at peace, and she was happy. But it’s the wrong kind of happy. So even if I consider The Gift to be a much stronger episode than Chosen, I wouldn’t trade that final shot of her smiling because the weight of the world has been finally lifted off her shoulders and she has a life of her own to look forward to for anything in the world. 

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Fanart de Willow y Tara de Buffy cazavampiros.

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i like to pretend that cordelia came back to sunnydale during buffy’s depression in season 6 and cordelia’s Love™️ helped her get through it instead of buffy sleeping with spike as a form of self destructive behavior.