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Lucas's "who is that" was absolutely terrifying to me. I really didn't like that it reminded me too much of my possessive ex.

It actually bothers me a lot in tandem with the way he essentially leads off their get-together conversation by granting Riley permission to talk to other people as long as it’s not about anything important. Like…what the hell is that…?

He basically says that his favorite thing in the world is when she talks to him (aka swoons while he monologues if we’re going off the library convo) but there’s nothing about how much he cares for her? Or how he feels about who she is as a person inside? After all this time? Like where are the pent up FEELINGS he should be dying to express at this point? Bueller? Bueller? Okay, then.

And look, I’m not saying Lucas is some evil Lifetime-movie monster boyfriend, he’s obviously not that…I’m just saying it ain’t healthy or trusting at ALL. Kinda goes to show you how much more ego/insecurity rather than heart is involved in his feelings for Riley, tbh.