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  • Giles:Congratulations Ms. New Shop Assistant.
  • Buffy:I'm very grateful Giles, but I think I'm going to turn down the job.
  • Giles:Why?
  • Buffy:I like where I am.
  • Spike:Uh-oh, uh-oh. Did someone just talk about a job opening? Because guess who's got two thumbs and was just cleared from insurance fraud? This guy, you know why? Got off on a technicality.

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I feel like Riley only appreciated Buffy's strength whenever it suited him. Like, her Slayer strength was great; it was useful to the Initiative and, later, to his own demon-hunting efforts. But as soon as her strength manifested in dealing with the her hurt of Joyce's health scare on her own and looking after Dawn, rather than turning to Riley all girly and weepy, he couldn't deal. Kicking demon ass good! Being self-reliant in the middle of personal turmoil... Riley's fee-fees get bruised.

Agreed 1000000% Moreover, he only felt comfortable with her strength while he had his own. Once he was stripped off the drug-induced superpowers, Buffy’s strength was no longer cool.

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Ready? Let’s go!

I was binging on some BtVS on Netflix this evening and couldn’t help but watch ‘Seeing Red’ (S6E19) this evening. I’ve seen this episode many times… First when it aired (back when we taped shows on VHS), then later when the series box set came out. Around the time Tara and Willow got together, I was figuring out my sexuality. To say the character of Tara Maclay and the Willow/Tara relationship was important to girls like me is an understatement.

At the beginning of this episode, Willow and Tara spend entire *minutes* onscreen wrapped up in bedsheets and each other and basically talk about how they spent the entire night having make-up sex. (I’m resisting going off on a tangent about Tara’s “Can we just skip it; can you just be kissing me now?” speech from the previous episode)

Anyway, we received the gift of the girls in bed with extra kisses. Keep in mind, back in that year we could all count the girl-on-girl kisses we had seen on TV on both hands so this was a big deal…

Then we saw the captain of the Willow/Tara ship, Dawn Summers, fan girl all over the couple in the hallway once she realized Tara had stayed over and the two had been sexing it up. I never fully appreciated that scene until now, years later. I could totally see Dawn posting on tumblr about it all.

But the thing that killed me all over again about this episode was remembering that Joss added Amber Benson to the opening credits. For this single episode. The episode her character is killed in.

If I recall correctly, Joss said he meant it as a tribute of sorts. A tip of the hat to Amber for the 40+ eps she guest starred in. But, I also recall that people speculated that it was meant to throw fans off from the fact the episode had accidentally been released to affiliates a week too soon and the storyline had gotten leaked. So, how does a show runner try to cover up a huge spoiler like a popular character’s death? Well, speed up the opening credits music a little and add a name in! Sigh… The sad thing is that I’m glad he did it regardless. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met Amber several times over the years and she is so sweet and kind and respectful of her work on BtVS. Her character didn’t deserve that shitty ending but she sure deserved to be in those credits (although arguably waaaay before that episode!)

Anyway, I’m rambling on about this because I’ve seen a lot of people on here criticizing the Clexa shippers for still being bitter about Lexa being killed off (Tara Maclay style no less). But Clexa is to teens and 20-somethings like Willow/Tara was to my generation and I’m still irked about it 14 years later, so, four freaking months is nothing.

Alright, enough sad shit. Time to watch Once More, with Feeling.


Amber Benson only got added to the opening credits of the show in the episode her character was killed off in by a stray bullet through the window and I still have feelings about it. Also, I want to hug the Clexakru.

Watchers Bulletin.

July 23, 1999.

With the newest release in the Harry Potter series - a set of books involving preposterous magics and fanciful beasts - the Council has thought it wise to encourage Watchers with children to instruct them not to take the ideas put forth in these books to heart. For instance, in the newest tome, the wide-eyed protagonists encounter a “boggart”, which can be repelled with a whimsical spell.

As every Watcher knows, a boggart is in fact a foul demon, whose arrival is presaged by infirmities in canines and the spontaneous curdling of milk. It would behoove the parents among our order to show their children the enclosed photograph of a boggart in its true form, engaging in the activity which it loves most: devouring the flesh of its victims, so often in the basement of their own home. A good Watcher is a wary Watcher, and you’re never too young to be wary!