*internally screaming at the people who think they’re “true” harley fans because they’ve watched btas and make fun of people who have not seen harley in anything else but the suicide squad trailer and genuinely like her from that trailer*

A Tribute

Yvonne Craig passed away today. As the original Batgirl actress, she was the first female hero on screen, introducing the idea of superheroines in a fun way just as feminism was about to become a greater part of the culture. She even used that platform to star in a Department of Labor Equal Pay PSA! (Watch it, I’ll wait here…) Followers know I love Craig-inspired Batgirl art and the Batman ‘66 comic version of Batgirl, also based on her portrayal.

I’m part of the BTAS generation, but thanks to reruns, my childhood composite image of Batgirl was heavily influenced by Yvonne Craig as well. And while childhood me already loved anything Batgirl and had a thing for purple, I can now see elements to Yvonne Craig’s performance that my adult self still looks for in favorite female characters.

The show was fun and delightfully campy, of course, but Craig’s Batgirl was also the super smart librarian who often figured out some crucial piece of information and foiled the villain’s plot. Being smart was shown as a superheroine’s real power- a power that could best both male physical strength and material resources.

She took part in those “boom! pow!” fight scenes, too, but it was very graceful and ballet-like, as were many of Craig’s movements on screen. Before becoming an actress, Yvonne Craig was in fact a professional ballerina with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. (The ballet training currently in canon Batgirl’s background is a lovely nod to the actress.)

You would never confuse Craig’s Batgirl for one of the guys. She would never make you think being graceful was something to be ashamed of. One of the enduring things about every version of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is that she is unapologetic in being both an intelligent and a feminine character, even during times when that combination is unpopular in media. And for that, our original thanks should go to Yvonne Craig, who so charmingly managed to show both. 

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Hey babes :D how would bta react if u call them for the first time babe :D

J-Hope: “Guess who just upgraded to a new level? Me.” 

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Jin: “Let me celebrate with kisses, c’mere, babe.” //happier than he lets on//

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Suga: “Did she just.. she did, right…?” //smiles to himself//

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Jimin: “Why don’t we just take it to the next level?”

Y/N: …. //walks away//

Jimin: “Wait, Y/N, I was just kidding! Not.” 

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Rap Monster: “Finally, finally, finally, finally, finally!” //screams once you’ve disappear from sight//

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V: “Babe is good,” He blinked hopefully, “But can you call be baby instead?”

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Jungkook: What should I say? Do I say babe back? “Do I take off my hoodie?” He thought out loud. 

V: “Uh, what?” 

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This is my collection of Batman stuff not including comics. (Well there are a few I keep on display in that last picture.) It’s very messy but I’m running out of space. Click on the pictures for descriptions. 

A few of my Gotham Rogue headcannons.
  • Whilst Selina is not a patient at Arkham, she will regularly sneak in to see her friends. 
  • As Selina is close friends with Edward Nygma, she has also formed a close relationship with Oswald Cobblepot. If she is ever struggling to find someone or somthing, she can go to Ozzie who is happy to comply, in return for her dancing at his club. She’s a hit. 
  • If inmates are out of Arkham, they will give any stays to Selina.   
  • If inmates are in Arkham and are feeling lonely, Selina will bring in strays to keep them company.  So far three inmates (Harvey, Eddie and Jervis) have live in cats. 
  •  Some patients at Arkham, such as the Joker, Harvey Dent and Killer Croc, are given their own cells. This is for others safety. Joker’s just about killed every thug who he’s had to share with in the past. Other inmates like Jervis and Jonathan have to share cells. Then there’s Eddie who gets his own cell, not because he’s a danger, just because no one will share with him. 
  • Inmates are given downtown to do with as they please. Jervis will either be found in the library reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’  or playing chess with Jonathan, Poison Ivy is allowed to tend the garden, providing she doesn’t kill anyone, Eddie will write poems and short stories which he gets published under Pur Zelle (Puzzle- many of his readers believe him to be a woman in his late fifties) failing this he will complete every puzzle in the newspaper. Joker is the most interesting case, as he is not allowed to do as he pleases. Doctors force him to attend Art therapy- he seems to like it, but he’s always drawing Harley in strange ways. 
  • Doctors at Arkham all wear name tags reading 'DOCTOR’. When asked why Jonathan told the rogues it was for the safety of Doctors, as should the inmates ever escape they would know all about their Doctors and where to find them.
  • The Joker is surprisingly close to Eddie Nygma, this is because Joker saved Eddie from Thomas Elliot (Hush) and is indebted to Eddie due to the man of riddles telling him who killed his wife and unborn child. 
  • Oswlad Cobblepot views Edward Nygma as a son, whether this is due to the rough upbringing Edward had, or because Ozzie wants someone to leave his fortune to should he die, is unclear.  
    Eddie is therefore under the protection of the Joker and Oswald Cobblepot. 
  • Jonathan Crane is very close to Harley Quinn, remembering their time at University (as Professor and Student) very fondly. 
  • Once a month the orderlies and Doctors will allow Jervis to hold a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, as with all things, providing he doesn’t mind control anyone. All the rogues attend, even Selina Kyle, and each rogue is given a character (Example: Harley is Alice, Jonathan and Eddie are the March Hare and Dormouse respectively, Selina is the Cheshire Cat, Ivy is the Queen of Hearts and Joker is the Jabberwocky.) 
  • Bruce Wayne (who funds the hospital) will visit once a month, though it seems to upset most of the patients.  Harley, Two-Face and Eddie know that Bruce Wayne is Batman, though Eddie is in strong denial. Waylon Jones is also aware of the identity of Batman, though this is because of their identical scents.  
  • Marion (Baby-Doll) who was recently incarcerated into Arkham, will often be allowed out of her cell by Doctors to sit with Waylon in the Arkham sewers. Whilst they’re not dating, they still are friends. Doctors are still slightly worried about the visits incase Waylon eats her.
  • Marion is one of the only people to call Killer Croc by his birth name- Waylon. The other is Selina. 
  •  Not being a natural blonde, Harley will get Selina to sneak her in hair dye so she will never return to her natural colour (mousey brown). 
  • Harley has given everyone in Arkham a nickname. 
  • Harley often visits Scarface and Arnold Wesker. If she’s sad, they will put on a show for her. 
  • Both Eddie and Jonathan are known for being caffeine addicts, regularly drinking over 10 cups a day. Jonathan has his black, whilst Eddie prefers his sweeter and with milk.  
  • When not in Arkham the rogues will meet at Oswald’s Ice Lounge to gossip, form alliances, and gamble. The only rogues not to attend is Victor Zsasz- because of his history with the Penguin. 
  • Inmates in Arkham are often slightly concerned about Victor Zsasz due to him never wearing any clothes. Jonathan believes its so others can see his marks.  
  • Zsasz loves sweet things and providing he has clothes on, is allowed into the Kitchen to watch Harley bake. 
  • Harley and Jervis have a cooking show that is uploaded to YouTube, though the Doctors don’t quite know how it gets uploaded. Its very popular and their most loyal customer is Zsasz. 
  • Killer Croc loves Monster Films (King Kong and Godzilla to name a few).
  • Killer Croc reads a lot of French literature. 
  • Harley, despite being a murderous psycho clown, is friendly with everyone and often sneaks into the sewers to sit with Waylon, if he’s ever feeling sad. She calls him Scales.  

So there are a few of my bland Arkham inmate head canons. If you want anymore or want me to elaborate on some, inbox me :)