150830 kim seokjin eating


[ENG] 150830 (V) Rap Monster 1 minute English



150830 [V] Rap Monster “1 minute English”


[Video/Blog] [30.08.2015] 방탄소년단

여러분 밥 먹다보니 살이 찌나봐요

밥을 포기할까요

얼굴을 포기할까요

하지만 피자야 날 가져라 엉엉

Everyone, I think I’m gaining weight as I eat

Should I give up food

Should I give up my face

But pizza, please have me crycry


99.  Ravenclaw tower has three different sets of dormitories, rather than two. In the case of a trans/non-binary student, they get to choose between girl, boy, and gender neutral/other gender dorms and sleep wherever they feel most comfortable. If a student is questioning their gender identity or realizes that they are a different gender than the dorm they were originally placed in, they can move dorms with relative ease as questioning gender and sexuality is common among ravenclaws, and all orientations are accepted

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