some fans need to stop

1. asking “oh where is *insert member’s name”? during Vlive. 

I find it very annoying when some fans ask where is certain member is..like lets say yesterday when jhope was doing a vlive..i saw some comments like “jungkook”, “jimin” and “where is jimin?” i just ask you to please stop, i find it very rude and disrespectful…think how jhope or if any other member read it? i pretty sure they would feel hurt

2. stop asking them “speak english” 

umm they are korean? Their english is very limited,  lets see you try and speak korean, let them speak korean if they want too

3. please stop asking jhope about his mixtape

PLEASEEE STOP ASKING JHOPE ABOUT HIS MIXTAPE….he will release it when he’s ready so stop pressuring him about when it will be released. he said soon and we will wait on it

4. asking if they will ever release an english album

ummm its kpop as in korean pop..i love what they are doing and in my opinion they really do not need an english album ask them what the love yourself campaign and what it means to them


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