I think the most unmentioned point about the Democrat primary is how it’s revealing a rotting and divisive internal conflict within the Democrat Party. So many people point out and try to take advantage of the split between strong conservative Republicans and more so socially progressive Republicans, but I have yet to observe more than 3 people acknowledging the humorous rift we now can see within the Democrat party- a rift between the progressive Democrats and the socialist Democrats.

It is worth making note of, that this division is important and that we ought to be making it as apparent and damaging as possible.

I am mostly indifferent to the issue of gay marriage. However, I sincerely wish that the way in which it was achieved was not from the oligarchy which is the Supreme Court, rather, from the democratic process and from the popular vote of the people. I would have been even more so in agreement if it would have continued leapfrogging from state to state, leaving it a localized and state issue. Instead, as it did with the Obamacare decision yesterday, the Supreme Court blatantly legislated from the bench, becoming slave to popular opinion as well as the whim of the POTUS’s opinions.

The Supreme Court was established to be as disconnected to public opinion as possible. In no way is public opinion to be influential in the Supreme Court’s rulings. Justices are supposed to adhere to the Constitution and those Amendments to the Constitution in judging legislation, not molding it and developing it to their liking. The Supreme Court is no longer an entity removed from the biases of public opinion. It has become an oligarchy, not a interpreter of law and Chief Justice Roberts is the ring leader of the circus.

Again, largely indifferent to the issue of gay marriage. Just so disappointed in how it was achieved and that the power to change and adapt was largely usurped from the American people and put into the wrinkly hands of 9 legislators justices.

Rodrigo Amarante - Cavalo

This indie rock/folk multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter album brings a great mix of Portuguese and English language pieces on it. It uses story telling mechanisms well, and especially on the Portuguese tracks slows down to turn up the emotions.

My favourites on the album start off with Hourglass, with groove and rocky feel, Rodrigo brings a bass driven rhythm and a catchy chorus, with the voice works well on the synth melody. Irene slows all the way down to one beat per second, a song about a long lost love, he seems to be missing, the melancholy of which comes through. O Cometa comes across as very traditionally inspired song about a man who crossed Rodrigo’s life, marked him and left.

It most likely is a sitting concert, giving him a closed space at Super Bock Super Rock allows him to exploit his music’s great intimacy. To be enjoyed and felt.

Part of me cringes considerably when I hear “yay! Marriage equality for ALL!” When that is obviously not the case. What of the polygamists? The pro-incest crowd (as abhorrently repulsing as they are)? Those who want to marry 14 year olds? Certainly they can’t marry.

Now I don’t mean at all to directly compare the issue of gay marriage to those kinds of marriage above. That is a whole different discussion from what I am trying to get at in this statement. I am just saying that those who holler that mantra as if it defines their “great liberation” ought to be more direct in their claim and make it a “yay! Marriage equality for US!” sorta dialogue.

This is a mantra critique, not a policy critique. Just want to make that clear.


まるでジャンプ台♪ アメリカ発のド派手なウォータースライダー

アメリカ・テキサス州「BSR Cable Park」にある巨大ウォータースライダー「Royal Flush」。次々と空中にダイブしてくる人たちの様子は、まるでエクストリームスポーツを見ているかのよう。ド派手に夏を楽しみたい人たちにピッタリのアメリカらしいアミューズメントですね♪

Watch on stkittsthegreat.tumblr.com

BSR SUPER SLIDE – The Royal Flush in 4K

Oh just some beautiful babes in bikinis, hot bods and backflips in this latest promotional 4K vid by BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas, for their adventure park’s super slide, that has attracted over 9M views already on YouTube. Aaaah. Can we say summer is here?… ROUND III MEDIA

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Finally a posted rebuttal to that absurd video that I see littering my Facebook newsfeed from time to time. Well done by Steven Crowder!

10 famous international acts I won’t miss this summer

Photo by earbuddy

I talked about small acts that shouldn’t be missed this summer, when it comes to famous ones, everyone has their own list. And discounting my top acts before NOS Primavera Sound, this list portrays the ones that are important to me at NOS Alive, Super Bock Super Rock and Paredes de Coura.

10. Róisín Murphy - Electronic beats and a beautiful voice will dominate this set, a great backlog of material, dancing, and showmanship. She is definitely one I cannot miss.

9. Blur - They’re legendary and coming back on a good album and a great history. They have stage presence like few others and aren’t only higher on this list because I don’t know them that well.

8. Mogwai - Post-Rock is an intense experience live, with consuming and relaxing moments. Mogwai, in both their electronic and instrumental aspects, know how to bring that across beautifully. They’ve dictated that I’ll miss Sam Smith’s concert. 

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