anonymous asked:

besides mdr what do french people write as internet slang? and in what context/whats its meaning?

Besides MDR, there’s PDR (pété de rire), which is the LMAO to the LOL. Basically.

Otherwise, some that I’ve seen:
- jtm: je t’aime (I love you)
- DTC: Dans Ton Cul (in your ass) which is mostly used whenever someone asks “Where…..?” The usual answer, even in spoken language is DTC. Only use it with close friends!
- CMB: Comme Ma Bite (like my dick) which is a bit like “that’s what she said” (example: “The car was huge!” and you answer “CMB”)
- tlm : Tout Le Monde (everybody)
- ama: A Mon Avis (in my opinion)
- slt: Salut (Hello/Bye)
- dsl: Désolé (sorry)
- bsr: Bonsoir (good evening)
- bjr: Bonjour (good morning/hello)

Hope this helps :)