You were right. They can’t tell the difference between you and I. Nassau is strongest when she’s feared. And if what promises to happen here tomorrow actually happens, a trophy made of one of her most notorious captains, she may never be feared again. So I suggest we do something about this.
I suggest we… get him the hell out of there.

Black Sails 2x09


never let anyone stand in between you and your ambitions.


Have you ever been tortured? Suffered pain applied by men who saw you as less than a man? Saw you as an animal? ‘Cause it isn’t actually the pain they’re inflicting that’s the most frightening part of it. It isn’t the fear of future pain. It’s the knowledge that even when the pain stops, even if they were to let you go, that they’ve changed you. That pain, that fear, that despair… has made you someone else, someone you barely recognize. Against your will. I said what I had to say to get out of that place, but I have no intention of honoring their offer. 10 pardons. I would fight to the death to ensure not a single one of my brothers ever has to face what I faced. Now, if there’s a man on this crew that feels differently, that feels as though he’d be willing to accept another brother suffering that fate so that he might avoid it, then that’s a man I need to remove from my crew. […] There will be no more dissent against Captain Flint. There will be no subversion of his plans. There will be nothing but adherence to the principal that we are none of us safe until we are all safe. Does anyone have a problem with that?

Black Sails 2x07


From across an ocean, it is hard to know what the New World is. All I knew were the stories I was told of monsters and valiant men sworn to slay them. But now that I’ve nearly traversed the ocean that separates New World from old, I fear that the stories I’ve heard may have clouded the truth more than clarified it. It would seem these monsters are men. Sons, brothers, fathers. And it would seem these men fear their own monsters – an empire… a navy… a king.

Black Sails 2x08


- I think that I’ve made my intentions very clear.
- No. You’ve been anything but clear. You say you fight for the sake of Nassau, for the sake of your men, for the sake of Thomas and his memory. But the truth of the matter is, it isn’t for any of those things.
- What the fuck do you think I am fighting for?
- I think you are fighting for the sake of fighting. Because it’s the only state in which you can function. The only way to keep that voice in your head from driving you mad.
- What are you talking about? What voice?
- The one telling you to be ashamed of yourself.

Black Sails 2x05