One SilverFlint moment per episode: iv

favourite black sails fics

the pen is mightier than the swordfish, by morwrach ( @nettlekettle )

Jay Flint is an embittered London food critic, John Silver is the incompetent head chef of new Thameside gastro-seafood restaurant ‘Silver & Pearl.’ Hijinks ensue.
 That 'James Flint as Food Critic’ AU that wouldn’t leave me alone and haunted my dreams until I wrote it.

why: sadly, this fic is a WIP and has been for quite a long time, but I am a sucker for AUs - especially when they get really original and creative - and I absolutely love this one. I have no idea how the author came up with the idea of Flint as a food critic (however in my top ten list of jobs for modern Flint there’s chef so I see a pattern) but it’s amazing and absolutely terrifying and I love it! I love the incipt, the descriptions and most of all Flint’s not-even-half-star review of Silver’ swordfish (and that Silver is still an incompetent chef, good things never change). I will never stop hoping for a chapter three and beyond.