So Miranda thinks James is fighting to drown out the shame of having loved Thomas, to distract himself from the conflicting emotions loving and losing Thomas awakened in him. That because he’s so blinded by grief and rage he can’t see any other options anymore but fighting and she’s desperately trying to get him to consider other options, to bring out the good man he once was again.

Ms Quill knows full well that Charlie wants to go on a rampage of revenge over having lost his people but that it’s his love for Matteusz that is stopping him. The hesitancy and conflict is purely down to not wanting Matteusz to see the dark, angry side of him. That falling in love with Matteusz has softened him, has allowed him to feel both joy and hope again, to feel both mercy and pity for his enemies. She has all the rage and grief James has and wants revenge for her loss, that she knows that once Charlie feels he has lost Matteusz he will use the cabinet without a second’s hesitation.

Charlie and James have a lot of conflicting emotions over losing everything but while Charlie is trying to control himself out of his love for Matteusz, James is refusing to allow himself to be soft and naive again because he’s in too much pain over losing Thomas.

And yeah I’m emotional so come cry with me @orithil