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ACROSS THE SEA ~  a playlist for friends or lovers that are too far away from each other [listen]

homesick at space camp - fall out boy • where the lines overlap - paramore • call n return (say that you’re into me) - hellogoodbye • maps - yeah yeah yeahs • digital love - daft punk • closer - tegan and sara • american love - jack’s mannequin • hey there delilah - plain white t's • across the sea - weezer • at least we made it this far - relient k • home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros • proof - paramore • two weeks in hawaii - hellogoodbye • the girl - city & colour • hard to say goodbye - bryarly bishop • transatlanticism - death cab for cutie • comin’ home - city & colour

Best of 2014 - Folk & Blues

Best of 2014 
Hozier - Hozier 

I can’t say enough about how beautiful this album is; whether it’s furious piano chords, bluesy guitar bends, or soft duets, his voice finds a way to fit in perfectly. It’s well written, well voiced, well performed- in short, solid gold.

Honorable Mention 
Bryarly - Bryarly 

Bryarly Bishop has been publishing her music on her Youtube channel for a while, and now she has put together a full length album. There is a lot of lovely piano + voice stuff on here, including a collab with another best-of-2014 artist, Watsky. Her voice is flexible and sweet, and her music does a great job of emphasizing it. 

I can either do what makes me happy and cross my fingers I don’t die along the way… or I can do what makes other people happy and cross my fingers that I live longer than they do so that I can start doing what makes me happy.
—    Bryarly Bishop