“Give me one good reason to not push you off the side.”

“I’d drag you down with me. It’s a long way down.”

Taking a break from a commission to do something for my mom’s birthday. She asked for a scene from the book I’m reading, and since my head’s still stuck in the Foxhole hell, here we are.

I also used this as a chance to try out some new brushes and now I am never using anything else to do skies.

Open in a new tab for better-ish quality.


Textured Rain Brush 01

I have started to create custom brushes for Manga Studio (Clip Studio).  Though there are a great deal of resources available to Japanese users, there doesn’t seem to be much available for those outside of Japan.  After spending most of the weekend trying to translate and learn from Japanese tutorials, I have made a few sets of brushes I’d like to share with my patrons over at Patreon.

This textured rain brush will allow you to add rain and ripple effects very quickly and easily.  The texturing can be removed under the brush settings.

Download: http://bit.ly/2bQ0Vhk