gatekeeper-the-kid  asked:

(sorry if this has been answered before, im on mobile) what kinds of brushes do you use for coloring? i always have a really hard time getting colors to blend and your art is always so pretty. thanks!!

here’s my two brushes I use the most for blending! (i use a regular pen to lay down flats and and colours)

smooth is a nice soft blending brush! really great and very blendy

Acrylacryl is a harder brush, and drags the colours around easily! 

Try playing with the settings and see what you like! 


A few rare unfiltered pictures to show you my new ink (Diamine Shimmertastic Magical Forest and Zig Metallic Gold) and five things to be jolly about. Day 6 of the December challenge by @journaling-junkie

My five things are:
1. My new TWSBI Mini (who I am considering naming Langdon)
2. My new TWSBI Diamond 580 (who I am considering naming Raymond)
3. The Caps broke a losing streak yesterday with an awesome comeback win
4. I’ve got some exciting creative Christmas projects to work on
5. Tomorrow I am flying to Texas to finally meet my baby cousin (who is actually two and a half but the struggle is real with getting to Texas)

iwantcookies  asked:

I really love the Gpen. But everytime i download and open it It says "Failed to open" This happens to all the other pens in my brush_script folder too :( Can you tell me how to fix it?

If you are using FireAlpaca, you need to download the brush script from somewhere (such as the link in this post), if it is in a zip file you need to copy or extract the files from the zip file (you cannot load the brush directly from inside the zip file). Do NOT copy the file(s) into your brush_script folder, copy it(them) to your desktop or documents folder or downloads folder or somewhere.

The you need to (1) click the Add Brush (Script) button at the bottom of the brush list, (2) select the appropriate brush script file from wherever you saved it (I get that icon because I have SciTE set as my text editor for .bs files), then the brush should be added to the bottom of the brush list (4) (oops, wrong brush in my screenshot). FireApaca will automatically make a copy of the script in your brush_script folder with appropriate details in the appropriate configuration file (Brush.ini).

Select the brush in the list before using it.

If you are using MediBang Paint Pro, you need to (1) click the cloud button at the bottom of the brush list, (3) select it in the cloud list, and it should get added to the bottom of the brush list in MediBang Paint Pro (4).


anonymous asked:

Heyyy your art is amazing! What brushes do u use? Can you put a link or something? Thanks!


You can download them here! I don’t use them only as brush, but also as mixer and smudge tool. Experiment for yourself :)


these are the main brushes I use :0 all the others are just tests or settings to draw clouds and whatnot

I use these four often and really like them! Also sorry for a really bland input on every picture, idk how to really explain how they are? It’s all about how you use them I guess

Also I don’t really play around with my brushes and I think some brushes here are the default settings you get for them, at least on my sai, maybe with one or two things tweaked