Why Beast Boy and Raven are So Important

In popular culture, when boy meets girl they get together. Circumstance and personality do not matter, the relationship will happen. We can talk about where this expectation came from all we want, but it has become so thoroughly ingrained in modern pop-culture that it is almost impossible to escape. Almost.

The early 2000s TV series Teen Titans was notable for many things, from its eastern-inspired animation to its wildly varying tone, but one thing that remained consistent was the characters. Consistently in character and consistently well written, the five core members of the Titans were the cornerstone for the show, and their relationships are what keep the fandom alive to this day. The relationship between Beast Boy and Raven in particular is notable because it completely subverts the romantic expectations of pop culture and delivers a platonic male-female relationship.

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Overwatch Roommates AU: Heartbeat (3/3 End)

Part 1 | Part 2

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Thank you all for joining me on another adventure. Can’t wait til the next one!

This is a little long btw. just fyi~

Gabriel awoke the next day, prying himself out of Jack’s arms with cereal in mind. Slipping on jeans that were hanging off his dresser, he left his room obnoxiously yawning as he went only to freeze in the middle of the living area.

Amelie was found in the kitchen, chatting away while making her legendary omelettes, which were strictly reserved for special occasions or a particularly crappy day. Today however, she was making them for a guest, currently sitting on the couch, arms draping over the back watching her cook. If it weren’t for the crazy brown bed head he wouldn’t have been able to recognize the tiny brit.


She spun around, he immediately recognized the large shirt and shorts as Amelie’s,“ Mornin’ Gabe! Jack still in there? I didn’t hear em sneak away so that’s a good sign right?”

Unable to answer, he just stared at the girl dumbfounded, switching between her stupid grin and Amelie’s shrug.

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Tokyo Ghoul Ask Meme
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  • 1:List your top 3 favorite characters.
  • 2:List a few other characters you like.
  • 3:List 3 characters you dislike.
  • 4:What's your favorite quinque?
  • 5:What's your favorite kagune?
  • 6:List your top 3 favorite battles.
  • 7:List the 3 characters that have the best development in your opinion.
  • 8:List the 3 moments that made you cry the most.
  • 9:List the 3 moments that made you laugh the most.
  • 10:List 3 quotes you love.
  • 11:List the 3 most good-looking characters in your opinion.
  • 12:List the 3 strongest characters in your opinion.
  • 13:List your top 10 favorite calendar pages.
  • 14:What's your OTP (if you have one)?
  • 15:List 3 other ships that you like except your OTP.
  • 16:What are your top 3 BROTPs?
  • 17:Tell us 3 headcanons about your favorite character(s) or ship/friendship.
  • 18:If you could meet your favorite character right now, what would you say to them? Write at least 5 sentences!
  • 19:You're in the Attack on Titan universe! (Surprise!) You get to have a team of 5 TG characters of your choice, who do you choose and why?
  • 20:Which character resembles you the most?
  • 21:Is there a character with whom you share a birthday? If not, who are the characters born in the same month as you?
  • 22:What's your favorite arc?
  • 23:If there was something you could change, what would it be? And how would you change it?
  • 24:List 3 songs that remind you of something related to TG (a scene, a character, etc.) and explain why.
  • 25:Put your music player on shuffle and write a 100 words drabble about your favorite character/ship/friendship based on the first song that starts.
  • 26:If you could meet Kaneki right before his date with Rize, what would you say to him?
  • 27:If you could join any organisation in the TG universe, which one would it be and why?
  • 28:Finish the sentence: "A thousand minus seven is..."
  • 29:How do you think Tokyo Ghoul:re will end?
  • 30:How do you WANT Tokyo Ghoul:re to end?
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The funny thing about “zay ending joshaya” like lucaya shippers keep saying is that 1) it never happened.He’s only been a good, caring friend to Maya who btw is in love with Josh whether y'all like it or not and Zay just didn’t want for Maya to feel like the third wheel and 2) the ep confirmed that joshaya is still playing the LONG GAME which means it never ended and they’re still endgame. And 3) literally nothing came out of this romantic! Zaya bullshit that y'all thirsty for cause your pressed asses are still salty over joshaya and rucas rising so y'all would take anything over the canon ships just because those ships killed lucaya and made it sink deeper than the fucking titanic. Nothing happens with zaya after girl meets bear. In fact joshaya is still going strong in the finale. So bYE stay shipping your dead ship and your new non existent crackship but get the fuck out of the joshaya tag with your delusional “zay ended joshaya” bullshit

( I was bored so I colored it all by myself lol ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ)

Okay so this is pretty much how my new coloring style is gonna be, and I hope you guys like it!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

And here’s some sweet Luvia ♥‿♥

Hanzo and his McWerewolf boyfriend for Anon! I’m so sorry this one took so long to make :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

YESSS, this is one of the pairings I was hoping to get! IT’S HIGH MOO- *shot*

I don’t even Overwatch but every time a werewolf!McCree crosses my dash I get a big, goofy smile on my face. This game’s character design is fantastic, even if all the robot parts make them a nightmare to draw. Samurai! Cowboys! Cyborgs! Wolves! I might be convinced to play it yet.

Send me an ask with your OTP/OT3/BROTP and tell me who would be the werewolf in a Werewolf AU!

been having a lot of Feelings about the angst quartet after finishing the finale of STIAA yesterday and I realize that I’ve never actually drawn all four of them together?? so here’s a chain of deeply complicated brotps looking deceptively chill because I’m full of emotions and I crave happiness no matter what my actual writing might imply

I’m probably gonna re-use this art for the update post on friday when I release the finale, but here it is without writing and such all over it.

anonymous asked:

That post about how Allen being trans almost being canon made me think about how Allen and Alma could be best trans buddies, smashing transphobia left and right.

They would be the pretties and most badass ladies of the Order <3 Allen’s personality would be mostly the same but she’d have a lot of trouble when people percieve her identity as “a girl in a boy’s body“ and find it weird (or refuse to accept it). This is why my beloved cupcake, Alma is so important as she’d be the lovliest sunshine until you hurt her girl, she’ll fight you. The irony is that the Noah actually respect their pronouns, unlike the Order that continues to percieve them as boys so Alma is a bit conflicted and but ends up saying “No, I can’t let you destroy the Order, there are so many transphobic people I need to save so I can rub it RIGHT IN THEIR FACES that TWO TRANS LADIES saved their sorry asses, then I’ll w r e c k t h e m“.

It could work with trans!boy Allen too, it would be terribly amusing if the Order gave Allen a girl’s uniform, while they gave Alma a boy’s one (poor Johnny didn’t have a choice, Central bullied him into it): But as they have similar size they just switch, so Alma would run around with her cute skirt while Allen can enjoy pants comfortably. Bonus: during Allen’s periods Alma is always on her toes, watching Allen’s every wish, bring him painkillers and rub his tummy when it gets really bad.

agent curt mega &&. tatiana slozhno.

Tell me when you’re ready we can talk again.
Show me.
Are you real or are you just pretend?

Neon lights so soft like blankets,
seen you smile in a secret language.
Love i know just like the ocean.

A hollow tune, within the fire.
I feel them breathe, so uninspired.
My broken hands my weary bones,
I sit my words beside my throne.
You’re not alone. I’m not alone.
Can you hear me thunder?
You’re not alone.

lilneps  asked:

Ian&Hana, «You're safe now»? o:

I’m laughing so much, all these prompts are so great!!

“Hey, c’mon…” Ian sighed softly as he held Hana to his side, the two them slumped on the ground against the wall of the corridor, hidden away in the shadows of the lockers. He rested his chin on top of her head, a hand running over her shoulder as she quietly sobbed against his chest, “You’re safe now…”

Pairing + Prompt = 3 Sentence Fic