• Lucy: After knowing Natsu for so many years there is nothing that can surprise me anymore.
  • Natsu: Lucy I burned down your neighbors house.
  • Lucy: Again?
  • Natsu: Also I ate your food.
  • Lucy: I got a secret stash don't worry.
  • Natsu: The police might be here soon.
  • Lucy: I explain everything.
  • Natsu: Also I am going to propose to Gray.
  • Lucy: Oh he will be so...wait...WHAT?!
  • Gray: Natsu! My fiery big dragon.
  • Natsu: Gray! My strong ice king.
  • *they walk away in each others arms, Lucy stands there dumbfounded but they start to laugh*
  • Natsu and Gray: Gotcha good didn't we?

akireyta  asked:

for the prompts thing, may i please request 43 and John/Penny brotp?

This has taken absolutely AGES to do!!   But finally - here you go!!

43. “She’s been missing since Friday and you’re not worried?”

John and Penny BROTP   For Akireyta

“She’s been missing since Friday and you’re not worried?” General Lord Hugh Creighton-Ward looked at his erstwhile RSM, and current Minder for his daughter.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing!  That is exactly why I employ you – to know where that girl of mine is at all times!  God knows what she could be up to!”

“Hwell, M’Lord, I know in which general vicinity she’s in.  And I know ‘oo she’s with.  I just don’t know ‘her h’exact location and wat she’s doing there.”

Lord Creighton-Ward took a deep breath.  “All right then, Parker.  Who’s she with.”


“I cannot believe I agreed to this.  Tell me again why I did.”

“Because you like a challenge, John.  And I asked nicely.  And you owe me a favour after the thing with the British Space Agency.”  Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward peered over John’s shoulder to where he was delicately attaching a small component into the computer mainframe. “Are you nearly done yet?”

“Almost.  It’s tricky.  Another reason I need to ask why.  There are easier ways to do this.”

“you know, if you stopped complaining, then you might get through this faster.”

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can we just take a moment to notice that in a heated battle against a seemingly unbeatable garlan soldier in assassin’s freaking creed gear, who easily defeated all of the voltron paladins, keith actually took the time and initiative to CRADLE PIDGE IN HIS ARMS




brotp material RIGHT THERE.