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5 head canons of how things went down when Sirius ran away from home to the Potters

  • james is woken up at three in the morning by sirius black knocking on his window, sitting on a broomstick hovering in the air, drenched from the rain, and he immediately knows something is Not Right
  • sirius is a fucking wreck when he gets him inside and gets a good look at him. he looks like he hasn’t slept in days, his hair is soaked and tangled (and sirius’ hair is never anything less than immaculate), and his eyes are red, and james has never seen sirius cry before, so before he says anything else, he just says, “what’d they do this time?” and sirius says, “i can’t go back” and james decides right then and there that he will fight anyone who tells him he can’t keep sirius black at his house, bc theres no way in hell he’s sending him back to that house
  • after he gets sirius into some dry clothes and gets him to lie down and go to sleep, he spends the rest of the night plotting on how he’s going to convince his parents to let sirius stay. he thinks about threatening to run away with sirius if they say no, or something equally as drastic, and he’s basically a ball of anxiety
  • it was all for nothing, of course, because the second his parents lay eyes on that poor, sixteen year old boy, they’re like “fucking dibs” and james doesn’t even get his first argument out of his mouth before they are coddling the shit out of sirius and making him scrambled eggs, and telling him he’s welcome as long as he wants
  • sirius has no idea how to process any of this, and his emotions are basically “??????” for a while afterwards, and he walks on eggshells, and is terrified he’s going to do something to make them realize they made a mistake, but of course they never do, and they accept him as their own, and james sets up space in his room for him to crash, and casually starts referring to sirius as his brother, and every time sirius has to fight the urge to cry

send me asks and i’ll give u five headcanons to distract me from my dramatic, hellscape of a life

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flowermoose for the brotp prompt pls!!!

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate
    Ian. Hana’s too intimidated by him to even try
  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple
    Ian; Hana’s way too awkward are you kidding me? Although, even he wouldn’t do it all that much
  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail
    I’m not sure either of them would really end up in jail, but it’s probably Hana
  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues
    Ian gives the most advice and usually a stern talking to when she’s being an idiot. Hana’s not sure she’s particularly qualified to be offering it
  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes
    Ian cheats if needed, although Hana’s not exactly the greatest so he doesn’t usually have to
  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk
    Neither of them immediately call it but Ian probably lets Hana have it if she wants it
  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights
    Hana starts them and Ian probably wins them unless he’s not on top form
  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush
    Ian 100% says it just to get a rise out of Hana oh my god

I always joke that Goku and Krillin would be those characters that would wholeheartedly call each other bro without a hint of kidding when doing so…

And then I’m rewatching Buu saga and

Krillin actually just called Goku, bro…


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glenn not being able to figure out how diapers work and asking rick to demonstrate bc hes too embarrassed to ask maggie and the entire time hes doing it himself hes like "do the adhesives go on the front or the back??? how tight does it need to be??? i feel like im screwing this up" and rick just has nothing to say BECAUSE HE IS. GOD GLENN

oH MY GOD STOPUFG IM CRYING THIS IS PERFECT and so accurate because cmon we all know that glenn would have trouble with the diapers

and once he got the hang of it, glenn would show off to maggie that he knew how to change the diaper just to impress her 

This cover is such a contradiction…to everything…

“IH is now the most popular and accepted ship” *74 happens* “Well IchiRuki is more popular and accepted so ofc he’d give the cover to them”

“Orihme now is more loved than Rukia who was always irrelevant to the story” *74 happens* “Well Rukia is very important to Ichigo so ofc she’d be featured with him in the last volume cover”

“IchiRuki is dead now haha pack ur bags and leave IH is now THE Bleach ship. We’re gonna get shippy moments like NH did in the 2018 movi-” *live action is set during SS arc* “FCK well at least we’ll have the IH/Kazoo volume cov-” *74 happens* “Well IR is THE Bleach brotp so ofc they’re gonna get the cover…”