Did Shadowhunters 2x08 actually confirmed that Magnus and Alec had sex in 2x07?

We had two scenes in 2x08 that sort of mentioned the topic. Did those scenes confirmed, without any doubt, that Magnus and Alec had sex in 2x07?

1) Alec and Izzy at the Institute.

Alec said that there’s nothing to talk about when Izzy asked if he took her advice about Magnus (“if it makes you happy [having sex with Magnus], then go for it”). Therefore, if “there’s nothing to talk about”, it’s because Magnus and Alec didn’t have sex that night, isn’t it? “There’s nothing to talk about” could be Alec’s way of saying “sex didn’t happen” without giving details.

But… That’s not necessarily true, either. “There’s nothing to talk about” could mean “sex didn’t happen”, but it could also mean “sex happened but I won’t talk about it”, because well, Izzy is still Alec’s little sister, and in general Alec has always been a reserved person. Maybe Alec just didn’t want to give Izzy the details of his and Magnus’ first time together. Maybe he could even have told her more, if Izzy had had time to insist before Max arrived.

2) Magnus and Jace in Magnus’ loft.

Jace said that Magnus and Alec had “taken things to the next level”, which obviously means he thinks they had sex. And not just that: Magnus answered “he told you”, and then even looked quite shocked when he thought Jace had physically felt what happened between Alec and him that night… Both facts confirming that yes, something did happen, and “something did happen” could perfectly mean “yes we had sex”. Also, judging from Magnus’ expression, he doesn’t look happy of talking about the topic with Jace… But well, Magnus and Jace are not exactly friends yet and Jace is still Alec’s first crush, so it’s understandable. Then Jace said that he can feel how Alec is happier, meaning that’s because Magnus and Alec took an step ahead in their relationship. So, this confirms they really had sex, doesn’t it?

Well… Not necessarily. Something did happen, yes, something that meant an “step ahead” in their relationship… But, can we really be sure that that “something” was sex (and I’m talking about full penetrative sex here)? Maybe it was making out. Maybe it was dry humping. Maybe it was oral sex. All of those alternatives would mean they took an step ahead, since until that they only restricted to kisses, as far as we know. Also, maybe Magnus’ discomfort while talking with Jace meant that the night didn’t went so well at the beginning, considering that Alec wanted to have sex and Magnus had to explain why he didn’t feel ready yet. Finally, Alec maybe indeed feel happier, but having sex with Magnus could be the only reason? Alec would be happier if him and Magnus share a new level of intimacy now, physical or phycological (possibility of a long conversation about insecurities here), but not necessarily full penetrative sex.

EXTRA: Magnus and Alec in Magnus’ loft.

This scene doesn’t mention what happened between Magnus and Alec in 2x07, but it’s the first scene  together after the fade-to-black scene. When Magnus seemed reluctant to host Max’s Rune Ceremony’s party because of Maryse, Alec explained how the said party will also be a confirmation of the permanence of Magnus’ and Alec’s relationship. It gave me the impression that Alec’s words were not only directed to Maryse, but specially to Magnus. I mean, don’t you think that Alec’s reassurance of permanence in 2x08 is a direct answer to Magnus being afraid of losing him if they had sex in 2x07?

But then again, that could mean that: a) they had sex and now Alec is trying to prove to Magnus that he’s not leaving him after that, just as he told him before (“you have nothing to worry about”); or b) they didn’t had sex and Alec is trying to prove to Magnus that he’s really committed in their relationship, so Magnus doesn’t need to be afraid of losing him even if they have sex.

So, my conclusion? Shadowhunters 2x08 didn’t actually confirmed that Magnus and Alec had sex (full penetrative sex) in 2x07.

The problem: it didn’t deny it, either.

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Keyleth tries to figure out an anniversary gift for Vex, which is easier said than done when you live on a spaceship. [Vex/Keyleth; 2.1K]

vex/keyleth star trek au for the cr femslash fest, featuring percy. title from “accidentally in love” by counting crows

[read on ao3]

Keyleth has the coolest girlfriend in Starfleet.

This is, to be fair, a biased statement, and Percy would argue with her on the feasibility of defining “coolness” outside of its standard thermodynamic parameters, and that would devolve into designing an actual measurement system for said “coolness” (that is, of the social variety rather than the thermal one) and, well. Whatever. Percy would be wrong.

Because Keyleth has the coolest girlfriend in Starfleet.

The problem with this, of course (though Keyleth hesitates to call it “problem” because such vocabulary implicates a harmful or unwelcome situation and Keyleth means it in the purely scientific sense, that of an obstacle to be overcome) is that Keyleth doesn’t quite know what to do for and/or with (”and” being preferable to “or” because her girlfriend deserves absolutely everything in the Federation except that she’d probably oppose such ownership on humanitarian grounds) her girlfriend as a surprise for their anniversary.

This is usually the time in which she approaches Vex, because Vex has a skill with interpersonal relationships that Keyleth lacks (making her the least likely candidate to codify a measurement system for societal coolness, as noted). Unfortunately, as Vex is the recipient of said surprise, including her in its creation would undermine the surprise itself and defeat the purpose of all this planning.

So Keyleth’s in a sort of predicament. And she does what she always does when she’s in a predicament.

She seeks out Percy.

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Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?


Okay, but… Jace “explaining” to Magnus what sexual attraction feels like.

I’m sure Jace was only trying to protect Alec’s feelings and didn’t mean any harm, but… Jace, darling, you’re talking with Magnus here. Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, 300+ years old. Were you really “explaining” to him, in the long way, what sexual attraction feels like? And starting with “I’ve been there”?

Again, I’m sure Jace had the best intentions and maybe I shouldn’t find it so funny, but… Oh my god, Jace, my sweet summer child.

EXTRA: Magnus’ expression when he realized that Jace was going to give him “the talk” about his intentions with Alec.

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Would you be opposed to seeing a Snape x McGonagall romantic pairing? I have a desire to write it and was wondering if I posted on FanFiction would anyone enjoy reading it?

I’d love to read it, to be honest.  I don’t imagine McGonnagall  and Snape have more of an age gap than Snape and Hermione.

Send me a link and I’ll take a look. :)


BROTPS (My hope is to one day have a BROTP for nearly every combination of the main cast of CM)

  • Morgan and Garcia = BROTP: Babygirl and Chocolate Thunder
  • Morgan and Reid = BROTP: Together Through Space and Time
  • Reid and Garcia = BROTP: Blueberry-Filled Love
  • Reid and JJ = BROTP: Mama and Uncle (need a better one)
  • Emily and Reid = BROTP: My Battle My Choice
  • Hotch and Rossi = BROTP: Spaghetti Soccer Dads
  • Hotch and Reid = BROTP: I Knew You’d Understand


  • Emily x JJ = OTP: Blackbird
  • Hardison x Parker (Leverage) = OTP: Pretzels
  • Morgan x Reid = OTP: You Know That’s Your Best Asset
  • Newt x Tina = OTP: I’ll Catch You
  • Reid x Alvez = OTP: It’s All Good


  • Reid, Morgan and Prentiss = OT3: You Guys Owe Me
  • Hardison, Eliot and Parker = OT3: Till My Dying Day