I’m pretty sure I’ll have something more to say on the whole Sofia and Oswald scene later, but as for right now let me say this.

I was so freaking happy they finally addressed Oswald’s disability and his grief about his mom and the fact that he still feels. I. freaking. cried.

And as for Sofia? I’ll just say that I really don’t know what the whole fandom is freaking out about. I understand the paranoia, but I don’t think it’s nessecarry.

I think this might be good………(I fucking hope and it fucking better)(Gotham doesn’t have a choice😊🔪)

So… Stephen was answering some questions in his FB page, and he posted this:

“Clearly the Supergirl cornucopia of powers would be my first choice. And franky… the only reasonable choice. On a more serious note, working with Melissa Benoist over the crossovers has been an absolute treat. I think everyone is going to love the Oliver / Kara dynamic. (Even if they hate it.)”

I want Kara / Oliver dynamic… I’LL LOVEEEEE IT *_*


  • Allura, in the middle of battle: everything hurts
  • Keith: Bitch me too
  • Allura: what's a bitch? Is that bad?
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: it's a loving/endearing term for a close friend or family member
  • Allura: oh, well thank you. I also think you're a bitch, Keith
  • Keith, trying not to laugh: thanks Princess, that means a lot
  • Allura: *gets up and moves to walk away*
  • Keith: wait where are you going?
  • Allura, running off: I'm going to tell Shiro he's the biggest bitch I've ever met!
  • Keith, seriously trying not laugh and crying a bit: you go do that. He'll love it

I did a Dan and Phil/Klance crossover….. because i have no self control and too much time XD

Please dont repost without my permission thaaankkss!! <3