I had a Brolin dream tonight & I thought I could share it with you?

So… there was some random programme airing on tv (let’s forget the fact it was a czech one lol). It was some sort of a celebrity event where lots of not-that-well-known celebs were involved (& it was live! don’t ask me why it was on a czech tv though haha), and the topics of *look back at your favourite tv shows which have ended already & what the cast is doing now" were being discussed. So. Me and @brolin-truelove were watching it because, like I said, it was on a czech tv and we didn’t even know what to expect from it all (somehow we managed to meet in person for that =‘D). Suddenly Bradley and Colin came onto the stage and we started screaming so much because they were somewhere together again, finally! And they were so handsome and oh my god, you feel me right? They were standing next to each other, breathing the same air, that’s enough! :3 We started recording the programme so we could upload it on tumblr for everyone else later. It was a small interview where they’ve talked about Merlin and how they remember the old days and suddenly the two of them started laughing about something and Colin took Bradley’s hand & we could clrearly see the engagement rings (or wedding ones? sorry i can’t see the difference). Bradley swung his arm around Colin’s shoulders and they both were just so happy and smiling and then they looked at each other and Bradley said “I really love this guy” and Colin laughed some more and playfully “shoved him” and then there was some tickling involved (it seemed like Colin was extremely ticklish in my dream) and then it the interview ended and me and Pavla were crying so much, so many happy tears and squeeks. Then we checked the recordings which were just fine and we uploaded it & then we were watching it all over again.

Then I woke up and realized it never happend. Ouch! =‘D in other words: it was so unrealistic, yet still the feeling after waking up was…. ugh.