*brock lesnar

My thoughts on the Royal Rumble match!!!

How it’s going to feel waiting for someone to get down that aisle

“A superstar will enter every 2 minutes”

Jack Gallagher bringing the Umbrella with him

Lawler not being the slightest bit funny

Braun, Sami & Big Show being in chronological order

Tye enters the rumble

James Ellsworth enters the rumble

Just kidding…


Strowman looking like he could break Roman’s elimination record.

How easy Corbin eliminated Braun

Kofi almost killing himself

The New Day didn’t turn on each other

Cesaro got me feeling some type of way sizing up to Sheamus

I randomly picked number 22 to win and the I find out it’s Apollo

Brock Lesnar eliminated in a matter of seconds by Goldberg

The Undertaker just appearing instead of walking to the ring

Goldberg eliminated in a matter of seconds by Taker

Knowing full well who hasn’t entered the Rumble but still hoping it wont be Roman

And it’s Roman

Roman Eliminating Taker

Roman telling Taker it’s his yard


But then realizing we have to watch Cena vs Orton 

No Balor

No Samoa Joe

And the most devastating of all; no Kurt Angle