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Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Thunder Liger - WCW Superbrawl ‘92

4.75/5 (**** ¾) - Two of the best high flyers in the world in 1992 competiting for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship. While the things these two were doing are standard place now, and can be seen on just about any high level indy show, the X-Division of Impact Wrestling, or 205 Live, it doesn’t diminish the appeal of a fantastic match that helped shape the style that’s wrestled today. This was well before Pillmans ankle injury, or Liger slowing down and changing for a more technical style, so both men were in their primes and at full speed, but also showing great ring psychology, with Liger working over Pillmans leg throughout and them countering each others moves. Just a perfectly paced 17 minute match with just about everything you could want from a wrestling match. If this exact match happened today, it would still be considered great, which is a testament to how well it aged considering it happened 25 years ago. I just wish this match could have happened in New Japan instead of WCW so there wouldn’t have been 'USA’ chants from the crowd.


Brian Pillman debuts in ECW
[February 17th, 1996]

In his closing days as part of the World Championship Wrestling roster, former fan favorite “Flyin’“ Brian Pillman had come unhinged, often acting unpredictably by attacking people at ringside and famously referring to head booker Kevin Sullivan as “booker man” on the live mic. Upon leaving WCW, Pillman became the hottest free agent in professional wrestling, and at ECW’s Cyberslam ‘96, Pillman appeared in the ring to address his former boss and the fans of ECW. In typical Pillman fashion, he let loose on the mic, and even on a fan at ringside. What started out as a welcome arrival soon turned into a melee as everyone did their best to get Pillman out of the ring, and out of the building.


Stone Cold Steve Austin breaks Brian Pillman’s ankle
[October 27th, 1996]

The feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret “Hit Man” Hart was one that alienated several wrestling fans. You either loved the longtime good guy Bret, or you embraced the new badass Steve Austin. It was clear who Austin’s former tag team partner Brian Pillman was in favor of, as he showed some serious excitement for Bret accepting Austin’s challenge for a match at the impending Survivor Series. It made sense, as Pillman’s wrestling career began in Stampede Wrestling, but Austin didn’t give a rat’s ass about that, as he showed Pillman in this shocking moment. This led to a longstanding feud between the two, which culminated in Pillman defending his home by brandishing a gun!