I’m so mad right now. Two of my mutuals and good friends have been getting hate for ridiculous things and it makes me so mad.

@bitchwaynes is an absolute delight to talk too and she just wants to quietly love the characters and ships she does. She’s not actively going out and policing anyone. She makes great edits and she’s always really nice.

@safety-dancer is one of my closest friends on this site and I love talking to her. She supported me when I first started writing Batfam and she’s introduced me to a lot of other great people. Also she’s a minor!!! What gives you the right to send anon hate to a minor who quite honestly did nothing to be accused of what she was.

tl.dr leave my friends alone

anonymous asked:

i just started swim team again after the summer break and we jumped right in and my whole body is sore i feel like i was hit by a truck please give me the best picture of bren you've ever seen

I just watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my Sphero BB-8 (because that’s one of his features). He reacts to the movie while you’re watching it. It was amazing. He was so afraid of Kylo Ren, and the moment he gets to see Poe again was the most endearing <3 He was so excited and he bleeped almost louder than movie BB-8 did.

I am never watching this movie without the sassy orange-white ball.