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Can I have 6 and 100 with Yoongixidol Reader? Please 😁😁😁😍 I really Love your writings!!!



Word Count: 717

I was panicking. Scratch that; that’s an understatement. I was having a full on panic attack in my dressing room. The only thing I needed to complete my look of anxiety was a brown paper bag to breathe in and out of. My prayers were answered when my boyfriend Yoongi burst through the doors.

He closed the door slowly behind him and locked it and then proceeded to stride over to me myfigure crept up against the wall with my chin tucked behind my bent knees.

“Y/N..” He soothed, brushing my hair as I try to fight back some sniffles. “C’mon babe, it’s not like it’s the first time,”  he says moving to sit next to me and putting an arm around me.

I nod. He’s right. I’ve performed on stage numerous times, but never at an award show with my peers sitting in the audience and my family and friends watching on T.V.

“I know. It’s just there’s so much that could go wrong to night. I’m not in a group like you, so I’m all alone up there and it’s just terrifying.  ”

“Stop that. You’re not going to mess up-”

“I might not. But it’s the possibility that I could that scares me.”

Yooning huffs and gets up off the floor. “C’mon,” he says extending his hand out to me. I shake my head stubbornly. “No. I just want to sit in this corner forever and die. They’ll call me idol-corner lady and I’ll sing facing in the opposite direction because I can’t handle their stares.” I know I’m being dramatic and most of what I’m saying is being swallowed by my hair but it’s just how I feel right now. Yoongi isn’t having it though. He pulls me up and takes me by hand out the door. I whine as we walk down the narrow backstage halls which earns me a few glances which I ignore. I can’t afford to be self-conscious about my looks either.

Eventually we reach Bangtan’s dressing room and Yoongi pulls me inside and sits me down on the couch in the centre of the room. I greet the others who are around either sleeping, on their phones or getting ready.

“Y/N! Hey how are you?” Taehyung says giving me a big hugh which I surely needed. Yoongi brushes him off saying, “She’s fine. Fine.” Even though of course i’m kind of the opposite of fine?

Yoongi gathers the members to sit around me on the couch and he stands before us. “Everyone. Y/N is performing tonight and she is nervous because she will be alone on stage. So we are going to have a pre-performance where she can have the best company there is; me” He says smirking at the end. The boys whoop and cheer and Yoongi pulls me up. He plays my song and motions for me to start singing. I’m not nervous singing in front of the boys though. I’ve been dating Yoongi for a while now so I’ve gotten used to them and began to feel very comfortable around them like I would brothers.

I sing and do my choreography, turning back and laughing at Yoogi’s generic girl-group dance moves behind me. He twirls me and mouths the lyrics “I love you” to me which gains cheers from the small crowd we have in the dressing room.

Yoongi being to pop out of from behind my sides making me laugh and then he twirls me again. He tries to mirror my choreography at the break but he’s failing miserably and Namjoon and jin are hasty to call him out on it. He slyly flips them off though and turns his finger into a dance move, pretending to do the disco.

Eventually the song ends and we received a standing ovation and I get reassurance that I’ll do amazing later on during the real performance.. Everyone comes over and embraces me in a group hug so tight i can barely breathe but I don’t care. Eventually we are hugging for a bit too long and Yoongi shoos everyone away from me.

Yoongi sits down and pulls me next to him. “Thank you.” I say, laying my head down on his shoulder. “Anything for you. You’re my soulmate and you will do amazing.”


Hello! Thank you so much for liking our works! Thanks for requesting too and I hope you enjoyed the imagine. :)


Yo so remember before Fan Fiction aired we were like, “All I want in the world is for the Dean and Cas actresses to be off-stage girlfriends.”

And then we caught ourselves like, “No, we must not dare to dream so greatly, It’s too fanfictiony to be allowed.”

And then they were queer girlfriends anyway and we all collectively shed a tear because of how much Robbie Thompson gets this fandom?

Claire is in a hospital in Angel Heart, which was written by Robbie Thompson, and I am DARING TO DREAM of awkward pretend Destiel Dads as a cover.


Don’t let me down, Robbie.

oK SO in ep 2 when even and isak go to even’s house, we see the hallway of the home aND THERE IS MANY MANY COATS???? and look at all those scarves???

ok so we all know that even is a layer lover and where’s like. at least 19 hundred layers at any given time, but still there are a lOT OF COATS AND STUFF. like. probably more than even + two parents would need

so. does that mean even has siblings????????? is he the oldest??? is he the yoUNGEST???

does he have older siblings DOES HE HAVE NIECES AND NEPHEWS

the thought of even with lil kids is actually so fluffy that i have to go breathe into a paper bag like the dad on rugratz does brb

Petition for Civil War to come with:

- A defibrillator 

- A shoulder to cry on

- Complementary tissues

- A paper bag (for breathing reasons)

- Comfort Cuddles

- Seb Stan & Chris Evans

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u don't have any active roxbutt blogs... YET ;)

          h Y PER V EN T I L A T E S

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That advert though....he's already shot the dam music video hasn't he???? He is going to come full throttle for our throats with a fucking machete #HS1

of course….hes launching a full scale nuclear attack yall *breathes into paper bag*