Yo so remember before Fan Fiction aired we were like, “All I want in the world is for the Dean and Cas actresses to be off-stage girlfriends.”

And then we caught ourselves like, “No, we must not dare to dream so greatly, It’s too fanfictiony to be allowed.”

And then they were queer girlfriends anyway and we all collectively shed a tear because of how much Robbie Thompson gets this fandom?

Claire is in a hospital in Angel Heart, which was written by Robbie Thompson, and I am DARING TO DREAM of awkward pretend Destiel Dads as a cover.


Don’t let me down, Robbie.

See now I am just thinking that there’s this whole messed up thing that this show has inadvertently exposed: the rule that stuff only happens when stuff is on screen. 

All that driving literally does not matter to the plot because it can’t because if it did, every episode would be Baby, but as soon as we actually HAVE the episode where we see all the driving, then it turns out that stuff is happening because stuff is on screen, which is great in the short term of this one episode (I’m not taking a break to stop myself from crying why are you looking at me like I am?) - now it’s just as bad as any time they tell us that they’re characters in a book or that there’s an AU where they’re their actual actors or whatever… Now we know that driving time is important, and that stuff happens when the camera turns its way, we all have to go back into a state of wilful, forced ignorance that nothing happened when the camera wasn’t on them. It’s making us aware of the camera’s gaze and how that creates plot stuff on screen.

Any time they skip ahead a mile (like in the opening of 11x01 for a recent example) before continuing a conversation that lead on directly from a comment from in their time an hour before, they’re not just letting it fade from place to place as an artifice of the camera to move them around and we let it pass as a tool of storytelling… (honestly despite my whining about car continuity in the moment of watching I never notice or care about this stuff unless it’s TOO ridiculous - 10x22 is the only one that tripped me up mid-episode rather than in hindsight)

Now we know that the gaps between stuff are important or that stuff could have happened, and if they don’t have earth-shattering conversations in these gaps then now we know that they’re perfectly capable of doing it…

I mean this entire show is built around 2 guys who roadtrip extensively and only have important conversations at the most dire moments when the plot forces it - either for plot or emotional significance - we know that if they have not communicated X Y or Z to each other on screen, then they absolutely have not ever mentioned it or any of this stupid emotional twaddle about what they dream about on any of their 3 day road trips between every friggin episode to get to the monster of the week.

As someone who spends a lot of time side-eyeing the car continuity this is making me cry.

I’m not crying.

Between last night and tonight, I’ve written almost 10K and finished three chapters. I just finished writing one of the major revelation scenes–the actual structure of it sucks (but hey! rough draft!) but I was putting the last bits of my theory in place as I wrote and I’m happy with that. I guess I’m saying I’ve got a good skeleton to work off later when I’m editing. 

Tomorrow I have forever planet through the end. That’s… you know, that’s only eight chapters. 

I did the exam. It went okay. I mean, there were five parts and I know I did well on the spelling and vocational and reading comprehension parts. The other parts were science and academic aptitude, and 1/3 of the latter was math (which I’m not very good at), and I’m pretty sure I did well on the other 2/3 but the computer didn’t give me a lot of time so I had to rush through the math questions and sometimes I was just checking off my best guess because I didn’t have time to puzzle everything out by hand (I finished the section with 20 seconds to spare). I had more time for science so I double-checked my answers and I almost-definitely got at least 38 out of 60 questions right. I counted. That’s more than half. The others I either wasn’t 100% sure or downright had to guess. So I could have even gotten maybe, like, 45 out of 60, which is respectable, I guess. I hope.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for February. Oh, and make sure the chemistry credit I got in night school last year is actually on my high school transcript, because I just got a copy of my transcript and I don’t see it on there, and 12 days before early acceptances to a competitive program go out seems like a really bad time to find out that the schools think I’m missing a prerequisite credit! But it’s okay! It’s not like my life is basically over if I don’t get in!! Hahaha!! (SPOILER ALERT YES IT IS)

(The most maddening thing about this process is that it’s a VET TECH program, it’s not like I’m trying to get into vet school; I already do or have done most of the things a vet tech is required to do and I know I will do REALLY WELL at this program because I’m actually REALLY GOOD at anatomy and other sciences that aren’t physics and chemistry (and even then I got 75% on my night class course) and I remember my teachers in Animal Care telling us how frustrating it was that so many IDIOTS get into that vet tech program and how half of them wouldn’t graduate that year and how on an anatomy exam asking for a male sexual hormone one kid literally wrote PENIS.



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But you know what? Sometimes I have to breathe into a paper bag when I see Magnus / Harry's glorious face (and abs) .... I just.... Alskfasashosnklxidkng

I know what you’re doing. I know it. I know what you want.


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