4/4: Daddy 5SOS


“Lindsey get back here!” Luke laughed as the 3 year old toddler ran around the house while you were out getting ice cream and pizza for the annual Hemmings movie night. “You have to catch me first daddy!” Lindsey giggled as she ran around the couch, tripping on her own feet then getting up quickly. Right as your blonde haired princess rounded the couch again you walked through the door. Lindsey runs behind your legs and hugs onto your calf. “Mommy save me!” Lindsey continued to giggle as Luke tried to catch his breathe. You set the brown paper bag down on the table by the door and bend down to your daughter to match her height.”Daddy is trying to get you again?” You whisper lightly to her so Luke won’t hear. Lindsey nods her and puts her thumb in her mouth. You stand up and walk over to Luke.”Chasing our precious daughter like that. Lucas you should be ashamed.” You joke as you kiss your husband and grab the the brown paper bag again. “But mommy got your Rio movie sweetie.” You tell your daughter as you run your finger through her soft blonde hair and smile up at Luke. Luke walks over and picks Lindsey up in his arms and wraps his other arm around your shoulder. “My two princesses.”


You smile as you see fiance Calum sitting in the rocking chair with your 3 week old Dylan. You heard Calum’s voice from down the hall and you came to see him feeding your son while singing to him. You couldn’t help but stare at them and think how lucky you are. As you see Dylan finish off his bottle, you walk into the room and grab the small towel for Calum’s shoulder. You smile down at the two loves of your life as Calum starts to burp Dylan. After he burbs , Calum places him in the crib and turns on the baby monitor before grabbing your hand and walking out the door. “I remember you were so scared to be a dad because you thought you would fuck up. But you are so good with him.” You say as you reach up on your toes and kiss his cheek. “I’m still scared that I’ll fuck up but with you by my side, I know I’ll be fine.” Calum whispers to you as he reaches down and kisses your lips gently. “I love you Hood.” You mumble against his lips while smiling. “And I love you Y/L/N .”


“Daddy why are you always changing your hair color?” Your 5 year old daughter Bentley asks Michael as she sits on the counter next to him. “Daddy like to be a peacock honey.” You say as you bounce your 6 month old Marco in your arms. You hear your daughter giggle while covering her mouth with her hands. “So daddys a bird?” Bentley gasps as she looks behind Michaels back to find his feathers. Michael chuckles slightly before kissing her forehead.”Mommy likes to call daddy a peacock because she’s a meanie.” Michael whispers to Bentley but loud enough for you to hear. “Hey at least Marco likes me.” You joke while smirking at your husband. “Marco likes me!” Michael protest while placing his hand over his heart acting like he’s hurt.” Babe.. your heart is on the other side.”


“You ready to meet your son Ash?” Your brother asks Ashton as he walks into the hospital. Your boyfriend nods his head and follows your brother down the long corridor. Ashton couldn’t make it to the birth because he was just landing back home but your brother took over. Your brother knocks on the door to your room before walking in. The first sight Ashton sees is you holding your son. Ashton walks over to you slowly while his smile grows on his face. “Hey beautiful.” Ashton whispers as he leans down and kisses you before sitting on the bed. “Baby boy say hi to daddy..” You whisper to your new baby and trace his small cheek. “I’m thinking of the name Xavier..” You say as you look down at him and smile.” I like it.” Ashton says as he kisses your temple. “You wanna hold him?” You asks Ash, scanning his expression. Ashton nods his head quickly and you hand Xavier over to him carefully. “God he is so beautiful..” Ashton whispers as Xaviers same hand wraps around the tip of Ashton’s index finger. “He looks just like you too.” You whisper as you kiss his cheek.


Rin finds Haru asleep
  • Rin finds Haru asleep

Audio where Rin comes home to find Haru already asleep~


Rin: Hey, Haru?

Rin: Are you really asleep?


Rin: Oi.


Rin: *chuckle* Don’t wake up, stay like that.

Rin: Goodnight *kiss*

After that Rin would probably go all Ryouma on Haru and and steal more kisses while he’s asleep <33

I want John Barrowman on Supernatural.  I want him to come in and play an angel, an actual GOOD angel with no underlying agenda, who flirts with Castiel and Castiel is just so confused like what is even happening here and how am I supposed to feel about it and Dean and Sam gently teasing them both and Cas getting so grumpy ‘cause everyone gets the joke except him and Barrowman’s character finally giving up only to have Cas say something really (unintentionally) flirty that just sort of throws him back on his heels and leaves him speechless and Sam and Dean being so proud of him even if he didn’t mean to do it.

Between last night and tonight, I’ve written almost 10K and finished three chapters. I just finished writing one of the major revelation scenes—the actual structure of it sucks (but hey! rough draft!) but I was putting the last bits of my theory in place as I wrote and I’m happy with that. I guess I’m saying I’ve got a good skeleton to work off later when I’m editing. 

Tomorrow I have forever planet through the end. That’s… you know, that’s only eight chapters. 

I did the exam. It went okay. I mean, there were five parts and I know I did well on the spelling and vocational and reading comprehension parts. The other parts were science and academic aptitude, and 1/3 of the latter was math (which I’m not very good at), and I’m pretty sure I did well on the other 2/3 but the computer didn’t give me a lot of time so I had to rush through the math questions and sometimes I was just checking off my best guess because I didn’t have time to puzzle everything out by hand (I finished the section with 20 seconds to spare). I had more time for science so I double-checked my answers and I almost-definitely got at least 38 out of 60 questions right. I counted. That’s more than half. The others I either wasn’t 100% sure or downright had to guess. So I could have even gotten maybe, like, 45 out of 60, which is respectable, I guess. I hope.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for February. Oh, and make sure the chemistry credit I got in night school last year is actually on my high school transcript, because I just got a copy of my transcript and I don’t see it on there, and 12 days before early acceptances to a competitive program go out seems like a really bad time to find out that the schools think I’m missing a prerequisite credit! But it’s okay! It’s not like my life is basically over if I don’t get in!! Hahaha!! (SPOILER ALERT YES IT IS)

(The most maddening thing about this process is that it’s a VET TECH program, it’s not like I’m trying to get into vet school; I already do or have done most of the things a vet tech is required to do and I know I will do REALLY WELL at this program because I’m actually REALLY GOOD at anatomy and other sciences that aren’t physics and chemistry (and even then I got 75% on my night class course) and I remember my teachers in Animal Care telling us how frustrating it was that so many IDIOTS get into that vet tech program and how half of them wouldn’t graduate that year and how on an anatomy exam asking for a male sexual hormone one kid literally wrote PENIS.