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More than eighty years had passed since Carlisle had found Esme, and yet he still looked at her with those incredulous eyes of first love. It would always be that way for them.

Request: Your parrot vs the covens

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You were away in a trip which worked nicely since the house was flooded with vampires. Unfortunately you didn’t take your parrot though and wow did they wish you did.
It didn’t stop talking. It mimicked your voice asking random questions and whistled little tunes.

“Will they miss it if we kill it?” Senna asked.
“We’re not killing the bird.” Rosalie said firmly.
“I think we should before some of us lose our sanity.” Alistair groaned.
“It doesn’t matter what you think. No one is killing the bird.” Rosalie said sternly quickly losing the patience she had been grasping on to.

“That thing seriously doesn’t like me…” Emmett said peering at the bird beside him. The bird flapped it’s wings hysterically. “See!? It’s shaking is wings at me!” “It will kill me before I kill it at this rate!” Stefan said loudly, his hands up at his head. “I don’t kiss and tell!” The bird chirped in your voice.
“How many times must they say that a day for it to copy it?” Edward smiled.
The bird whistled the tune of your ringtone.

This was it.
Carlisle had brought them there to die together by slowly chipping away at their sanity.
The Volturi would arrive to nothing if you didn’t hurry up and get your damn bird!

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okay so I'm re-reading Breaking Dawn and this has always bothered me I just never thought about it as much as I am now but do you think Edward actually loves/likes Renesmee? Obviously he was not in favor of her being born in the first place, and I can't help but think that he just doesn't care for or even like her that much. What's your opinion?

I think this is part of the problem with this whole “worshipful” thing SM went with. Edward speaks of her with reverence but we don’t see a lot of like … actual interaction with her. There’s something lost there. Even his Christmas gift of an iPod seems kind of impersonal? I know he included his favorite music on it, but there still seems like there’s something ‘distant’ there. 

Obviously SM intended for Edward (and Bella) to love Renesmee very much. But the show doesn’t always match the tell, and sometimes even the tell isn’t very flattering on Edward’s part (saying that Bella is more beautiful than Renesmee, or when Edward and Bella are talking about how they love each other more than anyone had ever loved anyone else and leave out their love for their daughter). I think part of the problem here is that when you set up a couple as this really intense, super-devoted, “literally nothing matters more than you/our love” kind of couple … it’s hard to add a child into that. Carlisle/Esme’s relationship is different, it’s a giving, inclusive sort of relationship, their love for each other sort of radiates outward to encompass their whole family. Bella and Edward’s love is so focused and so insular, that SM ended up having to walk this line of trying to honor that “you are the ONLY thing that matters to me! I would literally DIE without you!” love they have and ALSO make them loving and attentive parents.  I don’t know that she always succeeded with the later. 

I’ve said before there seems to be a lot of joy missing with Renesmee. Little kids, no matter how smart and otherworldly, are also fun, silly creatures full of laughter and make everyone in their orbit act younger and sillier and surrender a little of their dignity. That didn’t seem to happen with Renesmee and I think that missing warmth and joy and silliness is part of the reason that people didn’t always feel the love there. 


L'arte sotto ogni sua forma, io li trovo semplicemente fantastici.

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-him smiling so much when you’re around

-people seeing how much he loves you because of this ^

-him holding your hand whenever he has a chance

-him hugging you from behind

-resting his head on your shoulder

-being completely calm when you’re together

-nose kisses

-that accent

-his accent getting super thick when he tells you how much he loves you

-hugs like he’s afraid you’re going to float away (so super tight hugs <3 )

-so much playfulness when you’re alone

-teasing him to make him laugh (like poking, but in a cute way)

-him being super protective, (seriously like when Paul gets too touchy feely and jasper gets protective, Paul growls and then Jasper sort of growls?)

-’i love you’ being said like 1000000 times a day


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