A fan was asking for Harry’s water bottle. “you’re pointing but you’re not saying anything. You have to be more clear” then he mocked her 😂

apex-huntress-nepeta asked:

I love your picture with you as 'the new Rufioh' because Ruf is so distressed. Like, he's looking at you thinking 'Something's not right...what thing isn't right...' and I feel that, like, an hour later he'll come bursting into your room or something shrieking 'I FIGURED IT OUT!' and he'll be holding a bottle of nail polish or hair dye or both and omg.

realization hits during shower hour

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“Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers. You getting bodied by a singing nigga!”

‘you gone make me buy bottles for charlamagne’’

“is that a world tour or your girls tour’' 

‘’U getting bodied by a singing nigga”

“Shout to all my boss bitches wifing niggas!”

The Man Card

You can lose your wallet, keys, or even you street cred – but there’s no taking your man card away. Forged from steel and laser cut to perfection, the man card features a burly mustache design that doubles as a trusty bottle opener.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

July 29, 2015
  1. Capricorn
     Stretching exercises

  2. Virgo

  3. Taurus
     Memo notepad

  4. Pisces
     Rice balls

  5. Cancer
     UV protection goods

  6. Scorpio
     Key holder

  7. Sagittarius

  8. Gemini
     Mobile phone

  9. Aquarius

  10. Leo

  11. Aries
     PET bottles

  12. Libra
     Hawaiian shirt

Wine Dispenser

Make serving yourself a nice glass of Merlot as easy as filling your cup at the burger joint with the wine dispenser. Now instead of having to lift the bottle and increase the chances of spilling, you can simply place the glass under the spout and voila!


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

  • me:*bottles up all of my terror and pain and dread and crisis mode shit for many many years in a Deep Feels Vault*
  • me:this can't possibly go wrong
  • *years later*
  • Deep Feels Vault:*explodes*
  • me drowning in burning hellwater:this is fine
Tarot reading from Magpie?

Hello there friends.

I am curious to know if any of you would be interested in tarot readings for £1.50 ($2.34)?

Usually I only provide readings to those that really need them but recently money has been a little tight for myself and thefriendlywitch, so I’ve been looking for ways to fix that. This is not the official post for it, merely an inquiry to see if anyone is interested. 

We also do have a shop HERE that sells many jewelry pieces and I hope to be selling some runes and spell bottles there too, purchases would be much appreciated.

Please let me know.

Lots of love and luck, Magpie.