• Assassin’s Dab - Bottle Flip edition by @leonchiro

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so after watching that beautiful scene in yoi ep 9, i just had to make a victuuri amv, these two are my precious angels (●♡∀♡) i will never stop loving them!!

There is so much I want to say about this room, but Guzma’s bed catches my attention because three people can fit on that bed. Poly Guzma was my first thought (it still is, I see no reason to discard it), but then I remembered his Golisopod and that thing’s like 6′07″. And Guzma’s already fucking tall to begin with (he’s bigger than Kukui and that REALLY says a lot).

So I’m pretty sure Guzma shares his bed with Golisopod.

I still want to know the story behind the paint, but then I recall the Wii Us in the rooms and wonder if these guys got this BRILLIANT idea to be like the inklings from Splatoon.

I can see it now…


I can certainly see the appeal of Plumeria watching over these dorks.

Ohhhhh you are sorely mistaken if you think I’m here for you, dude.

(I kinda am, because NO ONE MAKES HAU SAD, but there’s a phrase I want to avoid saying)


anonymous asked:

What's an interesting story about Wes?

Eh here’s one; So after Bottle Rocket was testing really badly and they knew they had to do rewrites, they were all really depressed and totally didn’t know what to do. Owen came in the room to find Wes with his head face down on the table. All that Wes had written that day was Dignan’s line “Bob Maplethorpe, potential getaway driver— go!” and even though Wes was totally sulking, Owen completely loved that. And the rest is history.

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1.Nickname: biba

2.Zodiac sign: aquarius

3.Hogwart’s house: i have no freaking idea what the hell when will all this harry potter fever finally end wtf

4.Favorite colors: pink PINK PINK!!!!  

5.Favorite music artists: okay let’s go - jay park, got7, dean, crush, zion.t, topp dogg, 24k - those are the FAVE faves, still love like a hundred more artists

6.Age of blog: one year and 2 months! :D

7.Dream trip: i’d like to visit toronto once again, but of course i’d like to go to south korea too, i just miss canada more than i want to visit korea lol

8.Song stuck in your head: Dean - I’m Not Sorry i’m such dean trash holy hell when did that happen i feel im gonna know all his songs fROM MY FREAKING MIND I LOVE THAT MAN

9.Last movie watched: ESCAPE PLAN MY FAV MOVIE OF ALL TIMES probably

10.Pokemon team: ?????

11.Favorite characters: ASRIEL DREEMURR lol look i’m undertale trash too

12.Dream job: i have no idea when will people stop asking this question HOW DO I KNOW i want something that makes me happy and doesn’t stress me too much

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