preferred ending to eyewitness: lukas and philip beat ryan up while helen and gabe watch and r in love. sita wins an award for “longest amount of time breath was held under water” (two whole eps can u believe it guys) sitas baby grows up to be president #sitababy2020. kamilah dates a guy/girl who is not a pedophile. tony is promoted to chief police officer of world. rose gets a cute bf who doesnt cheat on her. bo fucks off somewhere idrc and philip gets a dog. all is well in the world. the end.


Guys look at these stills from the promo. Lukas’ father finds out about their relationship next week. Really look into Bo’s eyes here. I don’t see hate. I don’t see rage or anger or any kind of hatred. I see an epiphany. A sad one at that but an epiphany none the less. Like everything has clicked together for him. Not only with the boys and their relationship but for his son. And his son’s relationship with him. Lukas isn’t invincible. He isn’t the rough housed straight impenetrable little boy anymore. He’s not the small town popular teen. He’s just Lukas. A small town boy in love and in danger and scared. And I think Bo is realizing in this second that maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t know the real Lukas at all.