I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.

Borderlands Questions!

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  1. How did you get into Borderlands?
  2. Which is your favorite game in the franchise?
  3. Favorite character?
  4. If you could meet your favorite character, what would you tell them?
  5. A character you consider underrated?
  6. An OTP?
  7. Least favorite character?
  8. If you could meet your least favorite character, what would you tell them?
  9. A character you consider overrated?
  10. A NOTP?
  11. Favorite gun brand?
  12. Favorite shield brand?
  13. Weapon of choice?
  14. A gun or skill you can never seem to get along with?
  15. Favorite mission?
  16. A mission you found extremely easy?
  17. A mission you found extremely hard?
  18. Wich game has the best ending and why?
  19. Favorite boss fight?
  20. Character of choice in Borderlands (Mordecai, Roland, Lilith, Brick)?
  21. Your prefered skill tree for said character?
  22. Character of choice in Borderlands 2 (Maya, Salvador, Axton, Zer0, Gaige, Krieg)?
  23. Your prefered skill tree for said character?
  24. Character of choice in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Athena, Wilhelm, Claptrap, Nisha, Jack, Aurelia)?
  25. Your prefered skill tree for said character?
  26. Favorite character in Tales from the Borderlands?
  27. Least favorite character in Tales from the Borderlands?
  28. Favorite villain?
  29. Worst villain?
  30. Favorite quote from your favorite character?
  31. Funniest quote you can think of?
  32. Creepiest moment in the games?
  33. Best easter eggs?
  34. Favorite location?
  35. Pandora or Elpis?
  36. If you could spend a day on Pandora or Elpis, what would you do?
  37. A character you have a crush on?
  38. A character you wish you could play as?
  39. Hardest achievement to unlock?
  40. Favorite wild animal species?
  41. Least favorite wild animal species?
  42. Something you’re looking forward to in the next game/s?
  43. Something you wish you could change in the franchise?
  44. A character you wish had died but didn’t?
  45. A character you wish had lived but died?
  46. Favorite skins and heads?
  47. What’s the rarest weapon you’ve ever found?
  48. Something you do in EVERY playthrough, no matter what?
  49. Lasers or EXPLOOOOSIOOOONS??
  50. A scene in the games that is always stuck in your head no matter what?
  51. Biggest amount of money you’ve ever had in a single playthrough?
  52. How many times have you played each of the games?
  53. Who is your favorite voice actor/actress in the franchise?
  54. Favorite AI?
  55. Favorite song in the OST?
  56. Would you like a movie based on Borderlands?
  57. If so, who would you like to see in the cast?
  58. Do you usually play on your own or with friends?
  59. How many gameplay hours have you reached in total so far?
  60. On which platform do you own/play them?

There’s an okay amount of borderlands fic on ao3 but like none of it was written by people who are going to heaven lol

consider this: all the sirens in the borderlands universe are canonically trans women. that’s why they’re so powerful

  • Rhys:so today I-
  • Jack:why do I give a shit
  • Rhys:well maybe you don't but-
  • Jack:I never said I didn't I just asked why you ignorant shithead
  • Rhys:should I be offended or touched that you give a shit
  • Jack:ask again and I'll touch you in the face, hard
  • Rhys:with your fist or your foot?
  • Jack:with my lips
  • Rhys:
  • Jack:
  • Rhys:
  • Jack:
  • Rhys:please don't look at me like that
  • Jack:like what
  • Rhys:like your going to jump on me any second
  • Jack:I just might if you keep looking like that
  • Rhys:like what
  • Jack:like the adorable princess that you are
  • Rhys:
  • Jack:
  • Rhys:
  • Jack:
  • Rhys:oh