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“There are some workers at this detentions center who think poorly of immigrants. We are also human beings, just as they are, and we have feelings.” -Excerpt from letter

Artist statement: “The nation of Guatemala has endured globalization, extreme poverty and violence; which is why I can understand why so many are migrating away from this land. This young woman has a quetzal perched on top of her hand in order to express the need for liberation and family togetherness. The quetzal is a special bird because it cannot survive within captivity, therefore I feel that the migrant youth and mothers carry that [same] need – to be liberated from these prisons and from oppressive forces in Central America. I wanted to condense Angie’s quote to ‘we are human, just like you’ to remind North America that these brave souls are seeking opportunity to enhance the quality of life for their children.” - Breena Nuñez

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Visions From The Inside is a collaborative project between 15 visual artists and detained migrants at Karnes Detention Center.

“I was really disappointed how Roland was portrayed in BL2 and on. In the first game he’d say like “Critical hit beeyotch!” and it just made me happy how sassy he was and I loved playing as him. Then he was given a huge role in the sequel but became a total stick in the mud. I was imagining this enthusiastic leader but he was flat as a pancake, especially the scenes with Lilith. In TPS he was even worse during their romantic vacation, he was sitting off to the side just looking at Lilith not even enjoying himself. I honestly didn’t feel super emotional during his death; I wanted to but the buildup to it was detached and he was, to my disappointment, unmemorable.”