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4 some reason every time i go thru ur blog i get my shiny teeth n me from fairly odd parents stuck in my head. curse u chip skylark n ur catchy tunes.

this is the best thing i have ever EVER ever heard lmAO I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!! i remember stealing a mix cd from my brothers best friend and it was on there LOL 

honestly SUCH a banger 


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Not to point out the obvious but growing up i was surrounded by top 40 music and i always took a liking to the club songs and then i turned 13 and was too pretentious to possibly like mainstream music and thats why i love industrial , the goth club beats that are really too special to my heart to even explain. The graveyard disco. The drum machine that represents me as a human. Cheesy but undeniably bopping

also sk8r boy is a bop but the story also sucks because its acting like the girl is living a dull life because she married a different person and had kids with them? like damn they were in high school when she turned him down and they had barely even known each other. and then he goes and writes a damn song about it once hes a big time musician like calm the hell down sk8r boy

i believe in snsd i believe in manager hwang i believe she won’t let us down this comeback i believe she wants to reign for 10 more years so she &her minions will drop a bop instead of a ballad or is2g 

Writing Post-Empire Fanfiction

A milestone Hera wasn’t there for. This was her first act of defiance.

“Little luv.” He used Hera’s term of endearment, but his warm guffness didn’t quite have Hera’s spell.

“Little luv,” he tried again, lightening his inflection.

She did not yield, she pushed out, feebly, but enough that the pressure and determination left him amused.

He even felt a whoosh of the Force pinging at him.

“Your mother wants to make time to feed you, but she has to make time to feed the galaxy, and she entrusted me with feeding you.”

A thrash and a punch, a bop from her delicate fist.

“I know you don’t like the bottle.”

“Little luv,” he started. “I know, you miss your mommy’s breast. I miss it too, though for different reasons. Don’t tell your mother I said that.”

He could feel the ripples of hunger in her belly. Yet, she resisted, her preferential wants stronger than hunger needs.

And then came the waterworks. She cried. And his heart melted at the unbidden thought of Caleb Dume, no longer having his mother’s touch, lying alone in his bassinet in the medical room waiting for the Nursing Bot to tend to him.

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tbh me headcannon is that jason likes listening to music his mom chose out for him like idk lullabies, classical, or kidz bop? [did kidz bop exist in the 80's??]

I looked it up and kidz bop started in the 2000, but I fully support this headcannon


Happy ASTRO Day! I can’t believe the sheer amount of things our boys have accomplished in 365 days. I’m so proud of their hard work and dedication to becoming the stars I know they’re destined to be. I hope they know that they are appreciated. My wishes for year 2 are that they stay true to themselves, support each other, and to continue making first class bops.

Happy AROHA Day! Lets continue to support our boys for many years and lets continue to support each other. Ive been in and out if alot of fandoms and aroha are some of the most welcoming, kind, meme-y people out there.


*Never let the memes or minions or memenions or the cicada ddocca die*

Stan talent. Stan astro.

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I've never been able to take the 1975 seriously... they're so intent on looking Cool that they come off absolute wankers lmao. Idk why they thought that was a smooth play but you take that shit to the bathroom, cause all it does is make them look tragic. It's like how for years matty kept trying to drag 1d and Harry through the mud for ~cool indie cred~ but Harry stopped paying attention so it just became this guy nonstop talking about him with no reaction and it's just sad.

lol matty is a total wanker, but i like their music so i just ignore them for the most part while bopping to their music.