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Do you have any sapphic song recs? I wanna get immersed in my gayness but like I can't find anything.


  • “girl” by kaytranada (iconic bop, i get 5x gay every time i hear this song)
  • “daisy” by zedd ft. julia michaels (this song is just so sweet and happy and you’ll feel like you’re running htrough a gay field of gay flowers whenever you listen to it)
  • “bestie” by sizzy rocket (this song is REALLY nsfw in the lyrics but like… its such a good song i’m so gay,,?)
  • mary lambert’s music is rly good namely her solo version of “same love” and also her cover of “jessie’s girl” if you are also a sad sapphic,, but she has a lot of good soft music in general. would reccomend
  • “i want her” from scary movie 5 by the blind truth ft georgia harris (this song is forbidden gay rebel love um,,, wink,,,,)
  • “what’s it gonna be” by shura. lyrics aren’t really explicitly gay in any manner but this is a gay bop thanks to the amazing music video which is (plot twist) gay and aesthetic
  • “marceline” by willow smith (bc We Are All Gay For Marceline The Vampire Queen… this one is an actual bubbline if ur into at and if ur not its still,, rly good,,)
  • “only a girl” by gia (a rly good lesbian bop about girl and girl love,, Good,,)

also if ur looking for less specific sapphic bops, i would make out with a girl to troye sivan’s “youth” or “heaven” and also i would go on a roadtrip with a girl to walk the moon’s “avalanche” or “different colors”

| Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Run

Next up in the Percy Junior is Krys March from Haines Junction. Krys ran the Percy Junior last year and won the red lantern…her goal is to do it a bit faster, but also to finish with a healthy team. Some of her dogs from Back of the Pack (BOP) Siberian Huskies heading to Forty Mile and back are Tyler, Two Rivers, maybe Thundar and River. Come cheer Krys on at the Ice Bridge at 3pm on Thursday!

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can i add to one of your headcanons? because i've been playing with a similar one. i think part of the reason why keith loves pop music is that it generally has a high bpm, which makes it perfect to synch up with his higher intensity workouts. homeboy likes to bop to taylor swift when in the training room, because the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.


(keith, running agressively with earbuds on) wiTH A TAST E OF YOUR LIPS IM ON A RIDE (YOURE TOXIC I M SLIPPIN UNDER) 

As much as people may hate me for it, I will hate on Cherelle for forcing more heteronormativity in the live play when we had it bad enough in the book with the whole date thing and fantasy but to steal our nose bop? That is not okay. She has no respect for us and I most certainly won’t have any respect for her. And someone had the nerve to say she is just doing her job? What job? By adding something unscripted? Sam and Anthony have every right to add unscripted moments to Scorbus because of how much we were screwed over even though the build up was there and the fact they are in love with each other is canon. So yes, we deserve the minor details. I will hate JKR for not making Scorbus canon and I will always resent her. She may have written Harry Potter and I could care less. If she actually went through with Scorbus my hatred for her would cease to exist. She wrote a love story with them and those who say it wasn’t her intention, you couldn’t be more wrong. She queerbaited us. She used us. She took advantage of us. These things are all true. And I am sorry but Cherelle doesn’t have the right to take a moment Sam and Anthony added for Scorbus and give it to Sco/rose. The amount of disrespect we receive, I am done. I am at the point where I will not even write Rose in my cursed child play. I want to take her out completely. This nose bop was the final straw for me.

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Fav. song overall? Least favorite?

Ok first, thank you for asking this that’s vv kind of you. Ummm overall??? I’d have to say To The River definitely because that’s the biggest bop ever. As for their Christmas albums, a tie between Coldest Winter, Good To Be Bad, Christmas Sing Along, and I’ll Be Home For Christmas because I can’t choose one 😂.

Least favorite would be White Christmas and that’s actually overall. I still enjoy the song but to me, Manhatten Transfer sort of ruined it for me.

Thank you for the ask, love!!

I was tagged by @naviellra, thanks!! 💓

rule: list your favourite songs from your favourite groups/artists etc. and say why

agust d - give it to me & the last:
of course agust d…the one and only!!! both of the songs go hard tbh but I really relate to the last a lot lmao

bts - tomorrow & baepsae:
tomorrow is the iconic emo bop that I listen to when I’m sad xbnxnx and baepsae is just a really lively song that just excites me??

f(x) - love:
i really don’t have a reason as to why this is my fave song but it’s just soooo good

luna - free somebody & keep on doin:
queen luna….both of the songs are legendary bops tbh she deserved better why did y'all sleep on her

majid jordan - all I do:
i wrote this song about yoongi

nct u: the 7th sense
ummm I don’t think I need to state a reason as to why this is one of my fave songs also marks rap changed my life!!!!

the neighbourhood - cry baby & the beach:
idk tbh??? but I really love these songs

partynextdoor - joy:
it’s such a chill song and like idk it makes me feel calm and happy??

tinashe - wanderer:
i just really like the production behind this song…like the instruments and obv tinashes amazing vocals

travis scott - drugs you should try it & goosebumps:
dysti was actually the first song I ever heard of travis and I was like 😫😫🙏🏽🙏🏽…what a good song tbh and goosebumps is another song I wrote about yoongi

wonder girls - why so lonely:
this song officially made me into a wonder girls stan like seriously how can a song be so good????

young thug & travis scott - pick up the phone:
the bop of the century!!!! play this at my funeral pls

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I’m leaving on Wednesday for a trip to the Pacific Northwest with my girlfriend and her parents I’m 100% jazzed we’re gonna have our own room and we’re going to have seances and maybe softcurse a few people and do good spells for everyone else!!!! She got some tarot cards we might bring and we’re goin to a Halloween wedding and get to be together for a whole week and bop to sapphic tunes and take gay pictures!!!!!!! Add me on sc at blurrymask for rad jazzy bopping wonky updates on the trip!!!!!!

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Everyone says anti is rihs best album but I honestly think it's unapologetic. Like I still bop to it on the daily

ok valid unapologetic and talk that talk are tied for me tbh i do think unapologetic was like her second transition as an artist and a v important one plus it has so many bops it blessed us