she was made from times new roman and pixels and bookdust,
so naturally,
i fell in love instantly.

when we talk i have echoes of starlight,
rolling waves of night and promises on altars and
finally the silence of
never letting go.

it is friendship
- love ? -
in its purest form.

the faintest of smiles before seas of text,
clandestine trysts over the woof of pencil shavings,
curling like snowdrops.

(i want to ply your life with green-bottle glass and
fill your cups with honey and
let you dream of nothing but clover fields in the dew.
i’ll hold up the stars in your smile with
the lines between the constellations.
alhena glitters.)

we are not in love with fingertips
- not yet? -
such is ignorance that we are married in eyes
and eyes alone.

i can barely hold your hand in mine,
let alone your heart.

but maybe
just maybe
if we did actually meet,
brush by each other on the damp streets of soho,
cross under bridges in the rain,
we would see flashes?

(when i think of you i think of sacrifice and
fraternity and grief and
so much starlight.
twinned from the whorls of my thumb to the
ribbons of your iris.
we look the same.

for better
for poorer
using rubber bands as sterling silver and your voice
sounds like arial font.

i will love you,
and always love you,
but only as starlight


– [ dioskouroi unsheathed ] a.g.

for pontmersy