What the signs say vs what they mean

Aries: yeahhh totallyyyyy (what they mean- absolutely not.)

Taurus: “yeah yeaahh” (what they mean- *is not listening, stopped listening 10 minutes ago*)

Gemini: mhhhmmm (what they mean- I have no idea what you just said lmao)

Cancer: “ohhhh” (what they mean- I’m bored but I don’t wanna be rude so I’m pretending to listen)

Leo: whattt thats crazy (what they mean- thats the dumbest story I’ve heard)

Virgo: that’s not what happened (what they mean- that is what happened but I’m trying to be diplomatic)

Libra: I had no idea ( what they mean- lmfao I knew this 10 months ago but I will not and shall not expose my investigatory habits)

Scorpio: righttt (what they mean- why am I having this conversation? what am I doing in life?)

Sagittarius: “whatever” (what they mean- I really hate you right now)

Capricorn: “okay you know whats right” (what they mean- you’re wrong about this  and I tried to tell you,but I ain’t got time to waste arguing with someone who doesn’t listen and is illogical, k bye)

Aquarius: lol (what they mean- don’t know what to say so I’m ending our conversation with lol)

Pisces:” hahaha okayy” (what they mean- you’re weird af and I’m judging you)

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The secrets the signs are hiding from you.

Aries: can be super intimidating and serious but is the biggest goofball who loves to joke around and make you laugh till you are in stitches.

Taurus: zones in and out of conversations they have with people but yet they know what you said, what you think and what you had for lunch yesterday.

Gemini: can actually read you like a book.

Cancer: is a beautiful contradiction. they are organised but also lazy, they are warm but also cold, they are eccentric but also classy.

Leo: loves to observe people and imitates everybody in their life, in front of their friends and its hilarious.

Virgo: doesn’t look like a very inquisitive person, but literally lives for juicy gossip and wants to know everything like what did you eat yesterday, who did you hang out with.

Libra: they are as obsessed with list making as capricorn and virgo, but you shall never know. 

Scorpio: contrary to how strong and intimidating you think they are, they are terrified of scary movies.

Sagittarius: contrary to what they’ll tell you, they actually have their whole future planned out including their kids names.

Capricorn: is actually quite clumsy has a tendency to trip over stuff and break stuff, but has exercised immense self control, that is how they hide it.

Aquarius: most of the time when you think they are conjuring groundbreaking philosophical theories, they are actually thinking about what they will eat later. They prefer you believed the former.

Pisces: Is super friendly with everyone but only has a few best friends and only trusts like 1 person. 

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