Getting ready for work and drinking some coffee!

Feeling less exhausted than yesterday. I also have a kittycatfriend on the job. Well, actually.. he is huge but ever since I gave Bollie (I named him Bollie) a treat, he follows me around everywhere and I have to shake him off by running away while he eats his treat for the morning, haha. Otherwise he’ll just come after me and keeps doing that thinking he’ll get another one which would become a little too crazy. But ofcourse, this guy figured out yesterday that I come around his neighbourhood a second time later in the morning from a different side and now he waits there too and I am a sucker for cute fluffy faces, so he managed to get two treats in the morning by doing that.

He’s a sweetheart though and so frickin’ cuddly. Tried to make pics of him but it’s too dark out when I see him in the mornings to even make a proper picture. Plus, he keeps jumping up to my hand to be petted and rubbing himself against my legs, so it’s undo-able, lmao. But maybe I can try it on saturday when I come in a bit later~

Anyways, good morning or goodnight lovelies! Depending on where you live! ⭐️