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Few Hollywood romances were as legendary as Bogie and Bacall’s. The beautiful Betty was only 19 when she met Humphrey (who was married at the time) on the set of their upcoming movie ‘To Have And Have Not’ in 1944. However their 25 year age gap and Bogart’s marital status didn’t seem to stop a romance from forming between the two stars. After divorcing his wife in February, 1945, he proposed to Bacall and Bogie and his 'Baby’ were married just months later on May 21st, 1945 at Malabar Farm in Ohio. They stayed blissfully wed, had two children together and were very much in love with each other until his untimely death in 1957. At Bogie’s funeral, Bacall placed a small golden whistle that had once been a part of a charm bracelet he had given to her before they married. It was inscribed with a quote from their first movie together - “If you want anything, just whistle.”

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“[talking about Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart] They really were smitten with each other. You could tell by the looks. He always had his hand on her shoulder. And he called her Baby. … They were always disappearing. That was when directors told the company, ‘O.K., take a break, be back in 15.’ And the rest of us, we’d be right back there. … But they would disappear into one or another of their dressing rooms, and sometimes 15 minutes ran a little longer. But we just thought, ‘Oh, what the heck. And they’d come out looking very happy, a little mussed up, but nothing that you couldn’t fix. I mean, they weren’t obscene about anything.” –Joy Barlowe [insp.]