What to do when you’re Stuck in a Rut

1. Remind yourself that, in time, things will change and we all get bogged down at different periods in life.

2. Try to make sure that you do some exercise – as that brightens our mood and boosts our mental energy.

3. Be aware of the tendency to isolate yourself. Being around other people can give you more support, and can help you to keep going when you feel like giving up.

4. Try changing your routine. Just changing a few things can help you feel more in control, and less at the whim of external circumstances.

5. Set some small goals for yourself and take some steps to make them happen – again, you’ll feel less trapped as you will feel that you have options.

6. Make sure you treat yourself well so you know that you have value … Buy some clothes … or take time out … or do whatever makes you happy.

7. Pay attention to your thoughts, and keep your mind on what inspires you. Look for hope – create some vision – and remember: things WILL change!

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@jupiter235 prompt: things you said under the stars and in the grass (mini-fic)

“The sky was perfectly clear that night. Do you remember?” Marianne snuggled closer to her husband. Bog chuckled shifting a little to adjust his wings while pulling his wife closer. “Oh I remember.”

This evening wasn’t quite as clear as the one Marianne was recalling, they lay in the grass together on this night, watching the stars wink into existence.

They had  been married for three years. If possible, they were happier now than when they first were married. They had had their fights, their ups and downs, but now they were two parts of a whole, inseparable. They had one child together, a little boy named Oberon but everyone called him Obbi.

He was a little spitfire. It was clear he was going to take after his father in height, build and pointy scales, but he had his mothers wings. Their little guy had just leaned to fly recently and was being a holy terror about it! Tonight he was with his grandmother. Griselda was babysitting so they could have an evening alone. She had told them she could handle Obbi without issue. He couldn’t be worse that Bog had been as a child.


Marianne grinned wrapping her arm around Bog’s scaly middle, along with one of her deep amethyst wings. “You were so nervous.”

Bog chuckled again. “Yes well…romance is not one of my stronger qualities.”

“As your wife and Queen, I say…Pfftt!” Marianne giggled.

Bog laughed out loud. “Oh well I suppose I can’t argue with that!”

“No you can’t. You’ve always been romantic.” She rubbed her cheek against his chest.

Bog ran his clawed fingers through her hair, the very tips caressing her scalp. “Well if I am it’s only because of you.”

Marianne closed her eyes smiling gently. “It was our first night together. Making love under the stars, whispering sweet words to each other.”

Bog smiled with the memory.

“Mmm…yes” Marianne murmured happily.

“Remember when we came here that one night, escaping that party?” Bog glanced down at the top of her head. Marianne started laughing. “Oh yes! You stole all that food and we acted liked escaped criminals!”

Bog grinned wrinkling his nose. “Yes. We ended up having a food fight!”

“Licking the food off was a lot of fun if I recall.” Marianne giggled at the memory which started Bog giggling too. “You made all those horrible food puns while doing most of the licking!”

Marianne blushed but laughed. “We were so drunk!”

They both laughed, settling down again with soft chuckles staring up at the stars.

“This was where you told me you were pregnant with Obbi.” Bog was a little more solemn.

“Yes. I thought you might have a heart attack when I told you.” She stroked her fingers along his scaled chest lovingly.

“I was so scared for you.” Bog murmured.

“I know.” She sighed softly. “But everything went perfectly normal and we have a wonderful little boy.”

Bog moved his claws to her shoulder. “Aye. We were lucky. The first mixed goblin/fairy child. Obbi is healthy.” He grinned proudly. “The little devil. I love that boy.”

Marianne whispered. “Well, after the second one you won’t worry as much.”

“Maybe…” He murmured then she felt her husband go still. “What?”

Marianne sat up on her knees. “I’m pregnant again Bog!”

He pushed himself to a sitting position. “Another?” His voice was breathless.

Marianne grinned. “Yep.”

Bog started laughing. “When we came here to celebrate the equinox?”

She nodded.

Bog chuckled. “OH spirits! Come here!” Bog yanked his wife against him, covering her face in loud kisses while she laughed.

I woke up this morning with an image in my mind of what can only be labeled “Strange Magic: Railroad AU”.

Barely even that, really. It mostly consists of a teeny little old West town called Primrose and a new railroad being put in. Mostly because I woke up with this image of Marianne picking up a hammer far too large for her and gamely swinging at railroad spikes right alongside Bog in a race while Sunny sang Merle Travis’s 16 Tons to give them a good working cadence.

Although personally I think Bog would be better suited to singing that song, my brain said Sunny would have to do it while tapping out the rhythm on his pocket watch (the one Dawn gave him).

all facts are falsehoods / all broods the bloom

imagine thus the bog: echo is a woman shrouded and ghostly her wildness grey and ancient she floats viscous like honey above the peat and calls upon each mortal to fulfill their ultimate duty to die


Is there Potionless smut? I’ll admit, I’ve still got a few fics I haven’t read (mostly multi chapter), but I’m confident I made a good sample, and can’t recall more than references to off-page activities. While Bog and Marianne have been breaking public decency laws, Dawn and Sunny remain pretty darn chaste, at least on page.

So, have I overlooked some stories, or is this an untapped market?

A puff of purple smoke appeared and dissipated as it left behind a girl, her purple hair moving along her back as she looked around in confusion. Then, after a second, she grinned. “I did it! …I think. Maybe. …Well, if this is where I sent her, at least I didn’t zap her into a bog…” 

spaceoperetta replied to your postIn my five years of watching superhero movies, I…

honestly if you didn’t have “in love with erik” somewhere on this list I would have been obliged to YELL IT AT YOU IN THE REPLIES.

My friend (snerk), this list nearly transformed midway through into Reasons Why We Are In Love With Erik. Although that may have just been like

No I swear my feelings for Erik go beyond the physical. Or maybe…. well actually hold up, because the physical way he processes the world is A LOT OF IT. Idk why manipulating metals should be so captivating but dang, dang, that truly is the most marvelous mutation. We see a lot of big impressive displays of power in the X-Men movies, but I don’t go all proud and heart-glowy over anyone’s but Erik’s. So that’s sure… something.

Also there’s just the bog-standard Beautiful Pain situation, always #problematic, but hey he’s Magneto so like, we’re already in a certain place here. And for as Finely Honed German Efficiency as he is, much of the time Erik is even more transparent than Charles in a) his dramatics, b) the almost puppyish way he responds to someone finally offering him warmth and safety. But like, this very headstrong puppy who will tug and tug and tug at something until it finally falls off the table. ERIK, no. But then after he’s smashed everything into a beautiful mess on the floor, he’s nudging at you to please play chess with him, he’s missed you like a bruise, “Charles Xavier have you come to rescue me,” like you did the first time. And when Charles has not, in fact, come to rescue him, because he has principles ffs, Erik will find a new spectacular and brutal way to make his escape/point. And you’ll be so mad at him, but also… impressed.

Goddamn you, you glorious homicidal maniac.

anonymous asked:

The ultimate pet AU: cat!Newt and dog!Hermann meet dog!Newt and cat!Hermann

The kitten barely has his eyes open, the dog has only three legs and is so scarred he looks half dead. Hrrrm stands protectively over Aowt, who sniffs at these newcomers curiously.

The kitten scuttles over, legs not even fully coordinated so he looks like he’s walking sideways. He bumps into Aowt and squeaks, landing on his bottom.

Aowt licks his nose lightly. The kitten’s eyes stare blearily at them. The bog, scarred dog buckles down to lie down beside them, huffing softly. 

Hrrrm stares in alarm at the massive, ragged muzzle, lips torn and hanging raggedly from the jutting, broken teeth.

Then he looks up, into the large, sad brown eyes, weary and cautious and so careful as he puts his large paw beside the kitten. The kitten purrs, and rubs himself against the outstretched leg. 

Hrrrm’s hackles fall, he pads over to the large dog and sits beside him, watching the kitten and Aowt cuddle and play.

man what the fuck is wrong with me honestly i hate depression so much and i’m so tired of how much it’s killing any and all enthusiasm/motivation i used to have for school.. i’m making a shit impression on my teachers and i’m giving off the impression that i just don’t care anymore.. i want people but especially my teachers to know that i’m a good student but i’m just bogged down by a lot of shit right now

Potentilla erecta (syn. Tormentilla erectaPotentilla laetaPotentilla tormentilla, known as the (commontormentilseptfoil  or erect cinquefoil ) 

“is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the rose family (Rosaceae). Potentilla erecta is a low, clump-forming plant with slender, procumbent to arcuately upright stalks, growing 10–30 centimetres (3.9–11.8 in) tall and with non-rooting runners. It grows wild predominantly in Scandinavia, Europe, and western Asia mostly on acid soils in a wide variety of habitats, such as mountains, heaths, meadows, sandy soils and dunes.

Potentilla erecta is almost ubiquitous in the British Isles, recorded in almost all 10 km squares except close to the Wash and is listed as a species of least concern. It is very common in grasslands, heaths, moors and mountains, bogs including roadsides and pastures, mostly on acidic soils but avoiding chalk.

The rhizomatous root is thick. It is inappropriate to be used for food due to extreme bitterness and low caloric value. It can be used as a vegetable dye to dye leather red.

The plant is particularly used in herbal medicine as an astringent because of its tannin content, which is unusually high for a herbaceous plant. This is linked to its use as a red dye, which is due to the structurally similar phlobaphene content. Phlobaphenes can be extracted from the root of the common tormentil and is known as tormentil red, alongside the triterpene alcohol tormentol. The plant has extremely low toxicity, which was studied by Sergei Shushunov and his team. The roots are a main ingredient of a bitter liqueur from Bavaria and the Black Forest area, called Blutwurz.

  • Yields a red dye
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant  ,contains a high concentration of proanthocyanidin oligomers (” Which are flavanoids that naturally occur in for example blueberries, flowers, other berries, cacao and vegetables ( purple onions) and blue grapes, they are the dark blue pigments. It mostly concentrates in the peel and kernels . Proanthocyanidin have a beneficial effect on the arteries and suppresses the production of a protein that constricts the arteries. That could prove the “ French Paradox”. Its an antioxidant that is 20 times stronger as vitamine C en 50 times stronger than vitamin E.”)
  • Organic suncreen, It also seems to protect against UV-B radiation on the skin.
  • Improves IBD/Inflammatory bowel disease ( Excerpt from research:” Tormentil extracts have antioxidative properties and thus, it might be used as a complementary therapy for chronic IBD. In a relevant study, 16 patients with active UC received Tormentil extracts in escalating doses of 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3000 mg/d for 3 weeks each. During therapy with 2400 mg Tormentil extracts per day, median clinical activity index and CRP improved from 8 (6 to 10.75) and 8 (3 to 17.75) mg/L at baseline to 4.5 (1.75 to 6) and 3 (3 to 6) mg/L, respectively. During therapy, clinical activity index decreased in all patients, whereas it increased during the washout period. Tormentil extracts appeared safe up to 3000 mg/d.)
  • Shortens the duration of rotavirus diarrhea (Excerpt of research:” 3 drops of tormentil root extract, three times daily. RESULTS: The duration of diarrhea in the tormentil root extract treatment group was 3 days, compared with 5 days in the control group (P < 0.0001). In the treatment group 8 of 20 (40%) children were diarrhea-free 48 h after admission to the hospital, compared with 1 of 20 (5%) in the control group (P < 0.0001). Subjects in the treatment group received smaller volumes of parenteral fluids than subjects in the control group. CONCLUSIONS: The administration of tormentil root extract in controlled doses shortened the duration of rotavirus diarrhea and decreased the requirement for rehydration solutions. Tormentil root extract appears to be an effective measure to treat rotavirus diarrhea in children.”)
  • Relieves Lichen Planus in the mouth

Tormentil is quite safe in use. Also for children from 3 months to 7 years. 

Research on Tormentil:

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the legal system will not save us - trans women and access to public spaces

the legal system will not save us – trans women and access to public spaces

Reading another (but very good) article about bathroom laws, it occurred to me that people need to not get too bogged down by the laws themselves. Which isn’t to say that the laws are irrelevant or have no material consequences: they absolutely do. Rather this is more of a gentle reminder that the judicial system — one part of the prison industrial complex — will neither liberate us nor protect…

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