Strange Magic

“Love is Strange“ - Sugar Plum Fairy

And indeed it is! Strange Magic is an animated film directed by Gary Rydstorm and Story by George Lucas, and YES! it is the great George Lucas who produced the Star wars and Indiana Jones. It is a musical type but the wit lies between the songs that are used, it was practically like a jukebox musical. Story Starts with one of our main protagonist getting ready for her marriage when suddenly found out that her soon to be groom is cheating on her on the day of their wedding. She then said that she will never fall in love ever again and did some sort of self discovery.

With Dawn, kidnapped by the most scary creature on their Realm, Bog king, in exchange of the love potion which he despise, she was so determined to get her sister back. After awhile of fighting and basic flirting, Marianne and Bog King found their selves in love with each other, but with Bog King who is very much alike with Marianne after a heartbreak is still unsure of his feelings.

The movie ends with Bog king finally opens up his Heart once again and ends up being together with Marianne. I enjoyed the movie. I would recommend this movie for all ages. I liked the animation and the songs used are somewhat up to date that you could use as your Jam. The voice actors are great, They really did a great job with representing their characters. The animation might seem odd to others but i think it gave a greater impact for the movie as it suits the story. For those who are fans of animated movies, i think you should give this movie a try.

theliterarywolf asked:

Is that Bog's M.O. at this point: get into an 'argument' with someone and let their followers send said person days' worth of spam and hate? Because I still remember one time I disagreed with one of their posts on Feminism (despite me emphasizing that it was Third-Wave that I had a problem with, not the entirety) and I was cleaning my inbox from their followers for days.

Pretty much.

I’m surprised he didn’t send them after me.

Or maybe he was just too embarrassed to even acknowledge me after the time he sent me an ask where I detailed just how wrong he was.

…Either that or his followers were a bunch of losers who either hid under anon or are otherwise so pathetic I don’t even remember their names.

102: The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy

Everybody knows mummies are scary as shit.  What could be creepier than a lifeless corpse, preserved through the millennia?  Whether it’s a nameless skeletal Egyptian, a strangled man from an Irish bog, a freeze-dried Inuit baby, or a morbidly obese Chinese princess whose eyes are still open, mummies are certified horrifying, and that’s why everybody loves a good mummy movie.

This is not a good mummy movie.  In fact, I’d rate this as one of the very worst movies ever shown on MST3K.

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massagenrock asked:

How do you stay so motivated and not get bogged down by real life?

I try and have a long-term perspective on everything; if something is bogging me down I think, “Is this going to benefit me in the long run? Is it worth being unhappy right now?” If the answer is yes, I find time to recharge and press on. If the answer is no, I change it.

I also drink lots and lots of coffee.

I really would like to take some Strange Magic prompts, because
a) I’m out of practise with writting since I’m gaming so much lately,
b) I need to learn to write short drabbles
c) I’m curious to try it out and
d) it’s Strange Magic month. xD

So, just shoot something my way. Can be something post-movie (no exact timeline/AU), something that comes in the future of my current stories (even I’m not far in any fo them…), maybe something I have planned for my Stone Goblin AU, some more detailed things about the Digimon AU and maybe you wanna see a short try on a new AU from me. (As long as it isn’t something daily Human based. Can’t work with that, with HumanAUs in general.)
Mostly general or a little bit steamy stuff from Butterfly Bog, since I’m not confident enough to write smut. (Otherwhise you would have already seen some from me. *cough*)
My askbox is always hopen.

Love & Death - A Strange Magic War for the Oaks AU

[prologue][chapter 1][chapter 2][chapter 3]

Chapter 4 - You Can’t Always Get What You Want

“And, easy as that, you expect to trick the trickster?” - War For the Oaks, 1987

“Marianne,” Dawn said, pacing in front of the couch where both Marianne and Bog sat. “You are my sister and I love you. Which is why I don’t hesitate to tell you I don’t believe you.”

Marianne sighed. She should have expected this. “How much don’t you believe?”

“What do you mean ‘how much’? The unbelievable parts. Starting with your gentleman caller over here,” she pointed accusingly at Bog, who actually squirmed a little and tried to make himself smaller. “Being a fairy, who can turn himself into a dog, at that. Though, I do believe that Roland tried to hit you,” she added, her voice softening. Marianne was heartened by that, at least. 

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Happy Birthday Tadeusz Kościuszko (b. Feb 12 1746). A hero of the American Revolution, Kościuszko attained the rank of Brigadier General in the Continental Army and was instrumental in the American fight for independence from Britain.

The British advance force nipped hard on the heels of the outnumbered and exhausted Continentals as they fled south. Major General Philip Schuyler, desperate to put distance between his men and their pursuers, ordered Kościuszko to delay the enemy. Kościuszko designed an engineer’s solution: his men felled trees, dammed streams, and destroyed bridges and causeways. Encumbered by their huge supply train, the British began to bog down, giving the Americans the time needed to safely withdraw across the Hudson River. (Wikipedia)

“I find it difficult to pronounce your name,” General Washington said apologetically.

“Why?” asked Kościuszko, “it has the same number of syllables as Washington.”


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