A fun day at the Beach City boardwalk is interrupted by the attack of a colossal serpentine creature. After Amethyst surprises the rest of the Crystal Gems by single-handedly taking down the corrupted gem as Purple Puma, her small green friend is intrigued. Soon, Peridot discovers lucha libre wrestling on the internet and encourages Amethyst and Steven to take a trip with her to the far reaches of Aqua-Mexico.

Even with intense planning for a photo shoot, anything can go wrong. Weather for example can be extremely unpredictable. But bad weather doesn’t have to bring you down. Photographer @ianshivephoto says that “the truth is bad weather is the perfect recipe for making great photographs” and that “usually before a storm or just after, the skies turn incredible colors and allows you make interesting compositions.” Ian was able to witness this first hand and captured himself on a boardwalk surrounded by cypress trees in Black Bayou Lake near Mollicy farms in #Louisiana.
#beautiful #nature #exploreeverything (at Monroe, Louisiana)

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💜💚 Amedot Week Day #4 - Candy 💜💚 @amedotbomb 

Sorry I’m late! I wanted to draw “cotton candy” but then I saw this amazing post by @smoothysmooth and I was inspired to draw some kind of date memory boardwalk… thing, haha. 

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What would your OTP do on a date...
  1. At an aquarium?
  2. At an art museum?
  3. At a coffee shop?
  4. At a book shop?
  5. In a hat shop?
  6. At the movies during a good movie?
  7. At the movies during a bad movie?
  8. At a drive-thru movie?
  9. At a local park?
  10. At a zoo?
  11. At home with parents?
  12. At home alone?
  13. At a school dance?
  14. In a forest?
  15. In a cave full of crystals?
  16. At the beach at night?
  17. At the beach during the day?
  18. At the boardwalk?
  19. During an after-school club?
  20. At an amusement park?
  21. At an orchestra concert?
  22. At a popular band concert?
  23. At a pizza parlor?
  24. At a soda fountain?
  25. At a magic show?

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