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what would you recommend as the best literature about the real Mobs of New York and about those five families? I'm really interested in it all but I have no idea where to start!

YES GOOD!! There is so much out there and it’s definitely a huuuugely daunting process to start. I’m going to recommend littlelansky‘s Book Rec List first, because she’s read more than I have

Are you looking for books about the mob and the families in general, or are you looking for biographies about specific people? Most of what I’ve read have been biographies specifically about Charlie, so I can’t really speak to many books about the New York mob in general. But I really recommend Tough Jews as an excellent read. It gives a good look at Murder Inc. and the Jewish gangsters, whose contributions are often downplayed in a lot of Italian-centric books. It also has a lot of literary value as a well-written and emotive book. At times it can be a little more literary than historical, but that’s something that appeals to me personally, because I like the combination of Rich Cohen’s excellent prose and perspective and how he uses that to reconstruct Murder Inc. and its members and their experiences.

The more general books are first on the book rec list, and while I haven’t read them myself and can’t really speak to what they’re like, littlelansky majored in history and has a really good sense for what’s historically useful and what isn’t, so I trust her judgment

Hot Rumor: Is Marvel Setting Up A ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Reunion on 'Daredevil’?

Here’s another one to add to the pile: Marvel studios has met with Vincent Piazza. The actor is best known for playing Lucky Luciano on Boardwalk Empire, the HBO show that also prominently featured future Matt Murdock, Charlie Cox.

It’s unclear at this time who Piazza would be playing in the Marvel Universe, but rumblings of a “reunion” makes us think that Daredevil Season 2 would be the most likely place to see Piazza pop up. Since Statham pulled out of negotiations to play Bullseye on Netflix, we know that role is still up for grabs, but that doesn’t mean Piazza couldn’t also pop up as a crime lord under The Kingpin, a member of a rival gang or a District Attorney that Matt needs to face down in court.

Another interesting possibility is that Piazza, who can clearly convincingly play a mobster, might play the man responsible for killing Frank Castle’s family- thus setting him up to be part of the Punisher series. That’s just speculation, of course.

Representatives for Piazza didn’t return my calls for comment.

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