Wonderful actor Stephen Graham talking about his friend Tom and working with him on Taboo

Stephen Graham says Tom Hardy is ‘an amazing inspiration’ on Taboo set

Liverpool actor Stephen Graham says working alongside Tom Hardy is hugely inspirational. After wrapping up his performance as Scrum in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Stephen is now busy with his latest project Taboo.

And not surprisingly, the Kirkby-born star admits stepping on to set with Hollywood A-lister Tom is always a hot topic of conversation – especially with the ladies. He tells the ECHO: “[When I say] I’m filming Taboo at the minute with Tom Hardy, you see all the ladies’ eyes raise – my missus is exactly the same!

“I’ve been close friends with Tom for a good few years now. And it’s very insightful and it’s a great honour to be working with someone like that.

The Boardwalk Empire star – who also counts Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and director Martin Scorsese among his friends – went on: “Tom’s an amazing inspiration to me.

“He’s the exec producer and he’s the lead actor in this one, and he’s also just had a young child so we all know how difficult it is having a young child.

“And to see Tom’s dedication and determination towards the project is fantastic.”

Sporting an unshaven look for his new role, he says filming for the series, created by Steven Knight, is ‘going great’. He says: “It’s a great project to be involved in. It’s written by Steven who did Peaky Blinders so it’s fantastic to do.” I’m very blessed to be in the position I’m in’

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Photos: Tom and Stephen at the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy premiere in 2011, and Tom filming Taboo in Essex on Feb 5, 2016.


rage is addictive, you know.
   i guess it’s sorta like a drug.
      anger and hatred get you high.

they get you high,
   but like any addiction,
      they hollow you out & tear you down & eat you alive.

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