Written for the Klaine Summer Challenge.

Prompt #9: Boardwalk

For Blaine’s graduation, everyone goes to Coney Island.

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1031 words.  Rated: G

Kurt and Blaine were walking down the pathway alongside the beach. The trip out to Coney Island had been preceded by Blaine’s graduation from NYU and the entire family had come out. Burt, Carole, Pam, and Cooper walked just ahead of the boys. Cooper was trying to talk his mother into going onto the roller coaster, and when she had declined, he started to work on getting Burt to go on it.

“Dad, don’t you dare!” Kurt shouted out just as Burt was about to answer.

“Oh come on, Kurt,” Cooper whined.

“Not with his heart,” Kurt said, standing his ground.

Blaine saw his brother open his mouth to argue and decided it would be best to interfere. “Cooper, no. Burt’s had a heart attack. I’m agreeing with Kurt on this one. I’ll go with you, and Kurt might go with us if you ask him nicely.”

Cooper turned to Kurt, and tried to give him his most polite and slightly apologetic look that he could muster up. “Please?”

Kurt laughed loudly at Cooper’s attempted. “Sure. I’ll go.”

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The gem sat at a table on the boardwalk, seeming concentrated on what she was working on.

She seemed to scribble on the paper, drawings and illegible writing. She let out a seemingly happy chirp of happiness. Then she lifted the paper, squawking a bit.

Her gleeful expression changes when she noticed nobody sitting across from her… 

She looked around anxiously, then let out a chrr of defeat. Her two friends must’ve left… she laid down the paper on the table, looking down at it wistfully.

Anyone else feel like Steven is acting less and less Human?

I mean I know a lot of the plot revolves around Steven learning about his gem side, but it seems to me the more he learns about being a gem, and the stronger he gets, the less he is able relate to the humans around him.

Just about every episode this Summer has been about Steven being more than human, and its commented upon in the show as well. Strong, fast, capable of invading the minds and bodies of those around him. He is now a very capable Gem and as such, his meddling in the affairs of the boardwalk feel a personal need for him to fix others peoblems rather than actual care and consideration for the person he’s helping.

Taking over Lars and trying to confess to Sadie feels like something misguided Rose Quartz might do (based off Greg the Babysitter).


• fUkc yes okay ive barely even started but i think i needa breather

• ok lETS say you both met on the beach, you’re walking by the boardwalk and you’re just chilling on your little early morning stroll when bOOM

• you look over at the place opposite from the ocean where it’s nice and shady and grassy and you see this insanely attractive man dancing w all of his soul and you’re like !!!! wow !!!!!!

• he was practicing for his performance at the end of the month but you didn’t know that and his little snapback he had was on the ground and you dropped a bill in there bc you thought he was a street performer

• but he stopped dancing when you did that and he looked at his hat ,, then back at you ,,,, then back at his hat ,,, then back at you all like “ ,,, i think you got it all wrong ,,, –”

• so you figured out that oh !!! he’s not a street performer ,,, he’s just practicing !!!! :))))) how embarrassing !!! :)))) ha ,, .., haHah ,, gtg-

• after that incident, you’d notice him everyday on ur daily morning jog on the boardwalk for the next 2 weeks or smth but couldn’t really say hi bc ,, look do i really have to say it-

• really you’re just embarrassed but jimin thinks you hate his guts bc you gave five dollars to someone who wasn’t even a street performer and they didn’t give your money back

• and of course, park jimin being the angel he is, has his conscience eating away at him and musters up his courage to get over his intimidation of you and call you out to give you back your five dollars which has been sitting in his wallet for the past few weeks

• the boy is calling after you all like “uhm ,, miss !!! miss pretty lady w the cool shoes !!!!!” and you can’t just keep walking by and ignoring him right, especially when you know he’s directing it totally at you, so you turn around all like yes ???

• so he’d be all like “uh ,, uhm ,,,, this is –” while fumbling with his wallet and handing you a rolled up bill

• you look at the money he placed in your hand all like ????? why r u giving me money buddy idgi

• and he’s all like “it was from the other day !!! it was originally yours but i never got the chance to give it back”

• so now you’re all like oOoh !! yes from that time, no please !!! keep it, it’s yours now !!!! and he’s insisting that you take it back and really you’re both just arguing for five straight minutes on who’s going to take the money

• eventually you just accept it bc the boy is so damn stubborn and is all like “pls just take it, it’ll make me feel so much better”

• from there, jimin figured out that oh! you’re actually not a mean person !! you’re actually super nice and generous !!!!

• so you’re aboutta leave and reach in for a handshake and jimin gets smth from his pocket and shakes your hand and as he does it, you feel paper crumple up against your palm and as you’re walking away, you open up that little slip and !!! it’s a note !!!!! from park jimin !!! fuKcnIng SHIT!!!

• “since you like my dancing so much, come to see my performance w my partner jungkook next wednesday at this address !!! (≧∇≦)”

• and honestly that note was so cute and park jimin in general is so cute so you show up at the beach again, which has basically become your meeting spot and you strike up a nice conversation for the morning

• and you suddenly bring up his performance, saying “oh right, and about that performance you told me about ,,, ill be there !!”

• the smile on jimins face when you said that ,, oh man ,, he was like really ??? perfect, ill see you there !!! and he just gives you such a radiant smile and you’re just like aGH SHIT TOO BRIGHT

• alrightyo time skip one week, so it’s the time of the spectacle and you’ve barely even known each other for like 3 weeks but here you are, coming extra early to ensure front row seats so you can witness jimin and his partner dance and bask in their radiance

• at the time when its jikook’s turn to perform, little chimchim’s gonna slightly peek his head out from the stage curtain and his eyes are darting everywhere searching for you so you’re just waving slightly and whisper yelling his name and he sees you right at the front and you can see him hold a hand to his chest as he releases a big sigh of relief

• but really, his dance was so fuccin lit my friend istg the whole crowd was going crazy but i shit u not, you were maybe the loudest one there and it makes jimin feel rejuvenated

• afterwards you meet him backstage all like !!! hey !! you killed it out there !!!!!! and the boy is all like yeEe thank you my friend !!!

• ofc he introduced you to his bff jungkook but that’s not important lmfao this is abt u and park jimin not u and jeon jungkook

• ever since that day, you’ve never missed any of their performances or dance competitions and u can bet my ass that you’re their biggest fan like at this point, you and the boys are like the ultimate trio, the bEst of frIENDS !!!!

• so y'all have been super close for like let’s say a little over a year until jimin starts catching feelings

• he pays attention to so many little things like how much you talked and texted jungkook that day in comparison to him or whether you chose to sit beside either him or the maknae while you’re out getting ice cream together or smth so it just hit him all like ,, damn it ,, i like her

• so one day he texts you all like hey are ya free ??? let’s have a snack and you’re like sure ill text jungkook and jimin says no, don’t text him, i just want it to be you and me today so this makes you go all ????? ohmy

• afterwards, when yall are at McDonalds or smth having some fries, jimin’s gonna be all like “so word on the street is that you have a thing for jungkook” and you’re gonna be like ???? no ??? where did u hear that ??? who told u that ???????

• okay you maybe a shy and nonvocal person in real life but for the sake of this au, let’s say you’re straightforward and V VOCAL

• “wait okay so you DONT have a thing for jungkook”

• “no i have a thing for you.”

• “ah yes … okay … perfect ….. wAIT-”

• he would enjoy long walks on the beach and sitting at the dock staring at the sunset whilst the seagulls soar past and you’re both just talking until the stars are out and all you can hear are the waves of the ocean and your giggling to each other during your mindless conversations

• “i think we should name our future daughter pacifica, like in honour of our first meeting bc we met at a beach”

• “ ??? pacifica ????? like gravity falls pacifica ????? i think the fuck not park jimin”

• when you’re both chilling at each other’s place, he likes to play some soft jazzy music and make full eye contact with you while he’s making these cute little hand gestures during the song and just doing these adorable little dances fucc ohmyfod

• on hot summer nights when you hear the cicadas buzz and you’re gonna fuckin melt from how humid it is inside your room, you might want the blanket off but listen-

• it’s hard sleeping in the same room with jimin, my friend, and u want to know why ??? because your boyfriend feels safer under the covers and likes to snuggle up with soft pillows and duvets even in 30 degree weather and just looking at him under all those layers makes you perspire

• “jimin, please, take the blanket off, it is so hot, don’t you feel hot??”

• “the fan is on, im fine.”

• on important dates, likes birthdays and anniversaries, he loves to impress and go overboard, but not in the sense where he books a reservation for two at a super classy and hella expensive restaurant topped off with a view of the city from the highest hill in Seoul bye

• he’s a very sentimental person so he enjoys taking you places that already hold certain and deep meaning to the both of you, like the beach where you met, for instance. or the stadium where you saw him perform for the first time, that kind of stuff

• most of the ideas he snatches for dates usually come from romcom films or nicholas sparks movies but he’s really easily flustered so he has a rough time executing his plans

• he’s subconsciously really good at flirting but recognizes himself as someone who’s fucking sHIT at it because whenever he actually tries, it turns out to be a damn mess that makes jimin all like ,,, i ,, i don’t think im cut out for this ,,

on months where he has performances or competitions, there may be a time where he gets stuck on how to choreograph a dance and he gets really frustrated and down bc of all the stress

• so he’s sitting down all quiet and depressed and you sit down beside him all like is there anyway i can help you ??? i hate seeing you like this

• usually some motivational words from you or a kiss or a hug would suffice but there was this one time where he was playing the instrumental version of crush’s song sometimes and he stood up from the couch with his hand out all like “hey, dance with me”

• you’re just looking at him all like ?? no jimin i can’t dance and he’s just insisting and pulling you up gently by the wrist all like “it’s fine just follow my lead”

• so he’s there, putting your arms around his neck and putting his arms around your waist and usually he’d get all red and giggly at this point, but no he’s so focussed and serious and under your breath you’re all like “,,, fucking shit ,,,”

• “sorry what was that?”

• “ nothing ,, haHa ,, nO TiNgH

• you stepped on his feet a few times and apologized more than you could count but he just returned your apologies w a smile and you finally started getting the hang of it and you’re both just dancing in the living room and jesus fucking shit i

• that dance you both did on that day was supposed to inspire him to think up of choreo but in the end, he just used it as an excuse to dance with you bc cmon, when’s an opportunity like that ever gonna show up again :))))

• ok so let’s say that you’re a very sentimental couple, so you have a box of things that hold certain value to you and jimin like ok remember that five dollar bill you accidentally gave to him the day y'all first met ??? yeah you never spent that like it’s really dumb but you kept that bill in the box of memories or whatever you like to call it

• your first official date together was at the outdoors but while y'all were out and having a good time, it started fuckin pouring however you two were all like u know what, who gives a fuck we’ve been planning this picnic for two damn weeks ain’t no rain gonna stop us now

• yall got sick in the end and purchased a bottle of Advil and you two kept the bottle in commemoration of your first date do u feel my vibe

• jimin also has really super duper soft hands so you bring along a little bottle of lotion whenever you’re with him so his hands retain their moisture like fuck i know ok it’s embarrassing but would jimin rather have crusty ass hands with no sense of humiliation, or soft cute amazing hands with a little sacrifice of pride here and there, boi chose the right option and now look at him

• not really the person to shower you with gifts for your birthday, he’s more of a person to make a scrapbook out of memories and shower you with affection rather than materialistic things

• in the end, your relationship is just so pure and wholesome and heartfelt, grasp your fingers around it and don’t let it, or park jimin go my friend

Cody had a lot to smile about nowadays.

Within the professional wrestling industry, many desired making a living doing what they love; but once upon a time these trenched warriors weren’t left with a lot of options. Which left many wondering if there were life beyond the titan that was the WWE. One dared to defy the odds and it’s apparent — life is but a Dream. But despite guest starring on primetime television or ticking boxes off of the infamous list, there was one constant that granted Cody the ability to shine those pearly whites once more, and if his closest peers were questioned as to what was that very cause? One wouldn’t look no further than Gionna Daddio.

Distance seems so little when someone means so much. Rather than spending his downtime recovering before a treacherous independent wrestling schedule consumes him, Runnels sought the source of his happiness by booking coach to ascend territories he once stomped. Walking along a boardwalk among the starlit clear skies which reigned from above, Cody tucked his hands within the pockets of his zipped-up hoodie while approaching the front door longing to the acclaimed Gangsta’ herself. He’d felt the corner of his lips tug upwards with an abundance of anxiousness, while his eager hand raised from his waist side to rap his knuckles upon her front door, patiently awaiting the petite blonde whom he hoped awaited him on the other side.


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Bucky was walking along the Coney Island Boardwalk, ridiculously overpriced ice cream in hand while the other adjusted his hat. He saw a flash of red across the boardwalk and half hoped it would be Her. When he took a few steps closer and saw Her holding a baby his heart just about broke. She wouldn't want to see him again. After all She did run away and that was almost a year ago. He didn't realize he'd been staring until he caught Her gaze. And She was still so absolutely gorgeous.

Despite having left him as soon as the screen showed two lines, despite having cried herself to sleep for five months and having done her best to avoid him – she smiled. His eyes locked on hers and she couldn’t help but to smile. Though, as quick as that happened, she turned back around and wiggled the little girl in her arms. Sophia, named after her great aunt, was dressed in a white/blue floral summer dress, diaper and a blue sunhat. Damn all the genes; if James were to see the infant, he’d know it was his. Her blue eyes, golden curls and prickle of freckles was all Pepper, but the jawline and lip shape and eyebrows – that was her father’s genes.

Light Up The Sky- Part of the Klaine Summer Fic Challenge - MrsCriss2012 - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 18/?
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AU. Kurt and Blaine meet on the Fourth of July.

Part of the Klaine Summer Fic Challenge on Tumblr. Prompts filled: Fireworks, Pool, Picnic, Biking, Boardwalk

*Updates weekly, sometimes more in between!*

Chapters 17 & 18 now up.

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Day 2/100 of Productivity | 30th July 2016

Done with week 1 of school! Starting to fill out my monthly planner for August really quickly since this class is only 1 month long. It’s such a breakneck pace ;~;

Also I got a job this week! Super excited to start that next week. I’ll be working at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ⛱ 😎

ft. half my desk and the bush outside my window lmao

I got an email today with a link to my Brooklyn half photos reminding me that it was about to expire. I had already browsed them just to confirm (for the millionth time) that I am without a doubt the least photogenic runner ever, but clicked on it anyways because I’ve been pathetically nostalgic about running lately.

There was one that I missed before and it might be one of my favorite running photos! It’s also my last running photo before I got injured. Besides the awkward Garmin grab and really exhausted mouth breathing going on, I love everything about this photo. I remember this moment distinctly. Prospect Park girl and I were pacing together with this pack of guys towards the back of the pack for the last mile or so. I was completely exhausted and as soon as we turned the corner onto the finishing stretch of the Coney Island boardwalk, she started to pick up her pace, even faster than the pack of guys who were also picking up speed. I felt like I had absolutely no finishing kick in me but I tried to stay next to her and did.

Well, as the picture shows, we were able to make it to the front of the pack and cross the finish line first. You know, just showing the guys what a real kick looks like ;)

I’m so looking forward to that next finish line!

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One Song: Charlotte Gainsbourg - Jamais 

Two Movies: Carol, The Handmaiden

Three TV Shows: Boardwalk Empire, Allo Allo, Game of Thrones

Four People: Cate Blanchett, Kim Min Hee, Kate Bush, Sophie Marceau 

Five Foods: Pierogi, Oatmeal Cookies, Roasted Cauliflower, Tomato Soup,                           Strawberries

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Who am I kidding? I need you Jane-chan!!!

Much like Koala Princess’ vision in the Eucalyptus Jungle in Season 5, Episode 13 what you saw on the Boardwalk the other day was not what it seemed. I was only pretending to date Kiki to defend my family’s honor, just as the Kanga-ronin did in Season 1, Episode 3!

Please, come back to me! Without you, I’m like a Super Sentai Sugar Glider without a gliding membrane! I’m like the Walkabout Warrior without his talking digeridoo!

To quote Prince Joey in the Koala Princess OVA, Koala Krisis Down Under: “You’re a ridgey-didge sheila. And Bob’s your Uncle if I don’t think you’re ripper.” Which I think means you’re cool and I like you a lot.

Jeez, I hope you didn’t unfollow me.