My Tumblr anniversary free edit

Hey guys! For a whole year now I have a blog on Tumblr. Thanks to my 500+ followers, I love you all:3 As a “treat”  for the birthday of my blog, I decided to do a free edit. All you need is to reblog this post. April 1 with the help of randomizer I’ll choose two lucky winners (from those, who reblogged)

Good luck ^__^

P.S. Games: FFXIV, Aion, BnS, RO, Tera

reblog/like if...

You’re posting ANY of these games, cus i need to follow people who are active : TLOU, Beyond 2 Souls, TERA, BDO, BnS, LIS, DAI, Skyrim, Game gifs/media in general,  The Witcher*either game or books*, gaming posts,Outlast, MEA, Mods, Art, Animations, Killing Stalking, Fire Watch, Until Dawn, Vindictus, Alice the madness returns, Neverwinter, Final Fantasy