IMAGINE: Being Maya’s older sister and liking josh, but he never notices you…


Maya: Hey, you okay?

Y/N: I’m fine. I’m just sick of this. Sick of not being noticed.

Maya: Then make him notice you.


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First thoughts on Bear

I felt like this episode was a little strange. On the surface it seemed very light hearted, but underneath I felt like there was a very serious current.

I want to go back and really look at the different conversations, but each one was very interesting. 

I love how they have Lucas and Farkle switch characters. Felt very much like foreshadowing. 

My favorite parts are always the BMW callbacks so the boxing gloves were great. 

I loved Zay’s call out of the Maya and Josh “long game”. And speaking of that, that whole scene with Josh pulling Maya out from behind the door drove me nuts. I think all of us that watched BMW have a sweet spot for Josh, but he’s really driving me crazy with this Maya thing. 

I thought it was very interesting how Farkle ended up in the “canada” position again at the end. I know that he has Smackle right now, but it was just very interesting to see seating arrangements. 

I find it funny with Josh telling Riley to hold on so tight to the bear and the wording was something I want to go back and look at again. You can’t tell me that Riley’s bear and Josh’s laundry/endgame weren’t one in the same lesson. 

I really loved Zay throughout this whole episode. He was funny but so much more than just the comic relief. 

Great episode. Sooo much to dig deep into in later posts!

Customizing a vintage BMW K series is one thing — tearing apart a modern, high tech K1200S is completely different.

Meet ‘Meka,’ the first build from the new Spanish outfit @panspeedshop, set up by former Cafe Racer Dreams partner Efraon Triana.

Coming up soon on @bikeexif.

Image by Kristina Fender.
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