BMW treat their customers pretty good, while other Dealers treat you like crap.

You know what happened to me today? BMW called me today and a nice woman told me that the car I’m interested in is not available in my city at the moment. And in the dealership they treat you well, they offer you cappuccino and show everything that the car does.
Well the other car dealership don’t give two fucks about you, they say “umm this car costs blablabla and this one is not for you.”
For example: last year I went to the Honda Dealer to buy my first motorcycle, they treated me like crap, I couldn’t believe it, the guy also told me that I SHOULDN’T BUY THE BIKE THAT I WANTED. What the fuck? Well I went to the Suzuki dealership to buy a Honda motorcycle and they treated me like I was in the motorcycle heaven.

So if you went to a dealership and they don’t treat you the way they should, just don’t buy anything from them. You deserve more than this.