“This is so awesome Dean! Thank you!" 

Dean laughed as he saw that you had already turned it on, the red light blinking up at him.

"You’re welcome sweetheart, happy birthday!” he grinned into the camera and turned back to Sam who was sitting at the counter of the bunkers kitchen.

“See Sammy? I told you she’d love it!" 

Sam rolled his eyes. "Yeah you were right Dean, but I don’t want to hear you guys…you know, using it later.”


anonymous asked:

I finally found you! I see your artwork everywhere and im obsessed, but I finally found your tumblr~ I love your kagehina blind au and the first time I saw anything of it was before I finished haikyuu, so I nearly died as I didnt realize it was an au at first and thought kageyama actually went blind?? anyway im so jealous of your art, its incredible and I just want to say you're great <3

Aaaaaaa thank you and welcome to my blog sweetie //ovo//


“Whatcha doing there Jonny Karate?”

You finished your set, sending a fierce side kick into the punching bag, before turning to see Dean leaning in the doorway to the training room of the bunker, smirking. 

“Practicing for what I’m going to do to you next if you don’t get out of here, Winchester.” You countered. Your breath was heavy from exertion, and you raised your arm to wipe the sweat that had gathered on your brow.

Dean raised his eyebrows at your remark, putting his hands up in surrender. “Okay, alright! But if you think you can beat my ass with those moves, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m just sayin’.”

Dean turned and started to leave the room, shaking his head as he went.

“Wait!” You called after him, you bit your lip and closed your eyes, knowing you were about to regret what you were going to ask him. 

Dean turned and faced you again, his eyebrows raised, waiting for you to continue.

You took a deep breath and nodded your head towards the punching bag. 

“Show me what I’m doing wrong.”