*blur music videos


“Blurred Lines” parody, by Mod Carousel.  Most perfect genderf*ck video you will see this year <3


I have this big issue with Mr Damon Albarn because his fucking 90s ass decided to go this far:

The way he pronounces “police” (thick accent here) THE WAY HE FUCKING INVOLVES HIS TONGUE AND ALSO HIS DELICIOUS PINK BOTTOM LIP???? WTF and the stare™ and as if he couldn’t get any worse look at his fucking coat and the way HE IS HOLDING THE ZIPPER WITH HIS FINGERS???? Delete his ass (but look at Graham’s puppy eyes tho)

Happy Easter @ilovedamo I’m your blurred friend (signed up to blurred friends with my other blog @ziggymccartney)!
I drew an Easter themed Chemical World Damon for you, I hope you like it!! Hope you have a good day! 😊🐰🐣💕