Big Sky Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Jesse & Pru Edition

Edited to keep only scenes with Frank Grillo and Aaron Tveit

The brothers-only edition, ‘cos we kept forwarding to watch these bits for Aaron’s one line, so we cut it up for convenience and tossed it up here too in case anyone wants to be as self-indulgent as we are.

[Original trailer posted on Tumblr by silverspring92 here.]

EDIT: Updated Pru-only version without ET watermark here


Maximise the Power of Your Brain


Welp I’ve been pretty busy studying for HSK (even though it’s in 4 months) and doing other stuff. And….my desk started getting prettty cluttered ( I know it looks kinda clean in the first picture, but that was because I shoved everything into one pile and started putting stuff where they are supposed to be ( like notebooks, binders, etc). As I’m writing this, I noticed that I forgot to change the date….(quickly goes to change the date) But a few days before, I went to my local Wal-Mart and got some stationery for my annotations ( nothing too much- just small posts its and flags), and Dollar Tree was nearby Wal-Mart, so I went there to just check it out (sometimes they have pretty cool stuff), and lo and behold, they started stocking organization items! I got 2 mini 3-drawer set and 1 neon orange tray and 1 blue magazine holder ( is that what they call it?I’m not sure) 

Today was probably my most productive day tho… I went to the library from 11am to 4pm, for about 6 hours. Yeah….Idk how I managed to do that, but wow. I started on my summer reading homework, annotating Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Funny enough, I read that book during 9th grade after I started getting into dystopian novels ( I also read Animal Farm as well- very enjoyable!) However, I forgot most of the plot….(-_-;;) I annotated 2 chapters of Brave New World for three hours, and then studied HSK 4 for 1 hours, and wrapped up the study session (idk what to exactly call it) by reading books for 1 hour- I started reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. I’ve been wanting to read that book for a looooooong time, but never got the chance ( actually, there are several books I’ve been wanting to read, but forgot about it lol) It’s pretty awesome- I’d recommend you check it out! (if there is anyone actually reading my post… ;-;) And that pretty much concludes what I have to say. 

Life is like black and white photos. There is good and bad in life. But what you have to do is look at the bright side of life like you have to focus on the brightness of the picture so you can figure out what the picture depicts.

-The writer who lives in the shadows