Mi Hermano tenia 24 años y murió hace 3. Antes que muriera no le hablaba mucho, pero lo quería aunque no se lo dijera. El me cuido cuando era mas pequeña, me peinada, jugábamos juntos y veíamos películas de miedo. Anoche fue la primera vez que soñé con el. En el sueño estábamos en parque y el cielo era blanco. A lo lejos se veía el con sus amigos muy feliz, yo me quede en shock cuando lo vi, me indico con una sonrisa que fuera con él. Le dije que no con la cabeza. Cuando estaba por irse de ese lugar, pasó a mi lado y me abrazó muy fuerte y me dijo solo 2 palabras: "Se Fuerte". En ese momento desperté con unas grandes ganas de llorar, pues cuando el murió entre en depresión. No fui a la escuela por 1 semana y cuando iba lloraba por cualquier cosa que me recordara a él. Todos decían que yo era una exagerada, pues nunca les hable de él. Tal vez esta historia no tenga algo para ponerte a pensar. Pero no quería olvidar ese sueño.

Part 2 of “Toys that Never Were!” THE BLOO SUPERDUDE! 

Back when we were developing Foster’s toys I was in a meeting with our manufacturer to brainstorm ideas for what would make a great Bloo toy. After some frustrating back and fourth on the difficulty of making toys for comedy cartoons, I suggested that if Bloo was sitting in this meeting he would have no problem coming up with what would make a great toy of him…  


So I developed Bloo’s heroic fantasy version of himself: The Bloo Superdude! My thought was that you could make a toy for a comedy by making a comedic toy! I thought it would be funny to turn Bloo into one of the most absurdly stupid (but awesome) action figures ever! Just make him a pumped up warrior/robot/superhero/rock-star with tons of useless (but awesome) gadgets, weapons, and accessories! 

Each Superdude set would come with a basic removable Bloo figure (each with a different expression) and one of the members of the Foster’s gang.

So the Superdude would come with a Mac, his jetpack could come with an Eduardo, additional weapons for his robo-arm could include a Coco, and his chopper came with a bendy Wilt.

That way, if you collected all the sets you would not only have all this Superdude stuff, but you would also have the basic Foster’s gang as well!   

Cartoon Network and I loved this idea so much, that in an attempt to convince our manufacturer to make The Superdude, I made a couple of cartoons with him in it and CN made the amazing prototype pictured here.

Despite our best efforts, it didn’t happen. But at least CN was nice enough to let me have the prototype as proof of how absurdly stupid (but awesome) this toy could have been.

“You even match the drapes! The whole room, in fact! Con-sider yourself… part of the furniture…

And it occurred to me - If Riley’s eleven, she’s as old as this show and may have seen it as a toddler and associated Imaginary Friends with that gorgeous pink victorian interior design.
(Characters and setting © Pixar and Cartoon Network)


ever since I saw a video of craig mccracken at comic con and saying how he was originally going to have Eduardo sound really beautiful, this has been sitting in my head for the past couple of days and I felt the need to share this with the world. 

It is 2am down here please spare me


What do you mean Baymax is not a Disney Princess? Stickers Batch

So hey guys, I’ve been really busy lately because of those and its basically an idea one of my friend and I had and I decided to turn them into stickers :D

Anyway have some baymax cosplaying the pricesses of Disney except from anna and elsa because I can’t stand these two sorry