Ah it’s already been 6 years. They’ve been through so much but each year gets better and better. This year has been their most successful year ever. Yesterday topped charts and stayed in the charts amidst the competition. Zico has been slaying harder than ever with his magazine shoots, CFs, show appearances, and recently his new song hit multiple all kills. Kyung is still a regular in Problematic Men and produced Yesterday and his own solos and proved that he can hold his own as an individual artist. Ukwon has been on Hit the Stage and Lipstick Prince as well as multiple magazines gaining public recognition. Minhyuk produced his own song for the first time and got his own solo magazine feature. Jaehyo became a regular on a gaming show as well as featuring in a fishing magazine. He also threw the first pitch at a Lotte game. Taeil has been in multiple singing shows and sang an OST. Pyo is a cast member of Lipstick Prince, Order and Cook, and Insolent Housemates. He’s also a model for a makeup brand Yurica. Every member is starting to make their own path to success in different ways and I couldn’t be prouder. This year has really been their most progressive year and I hope they go even further because they deserve it. #6YearsOnTheBlock

Jihoon doesn’t care if Taeil is sick or if it might be contagious (x)