I've Given Up On You
Real Friends
I've Given Up On You

You’re the reason why I can’t listen to the same songs I used to
I write songs about you all the time
I bet I don’t run through your mind

I’ve given up on you,
But it still hurts to know you’re not alone
Don’t worry,
I’ll keep out of your life and stay awake at night

It’s 4a.m. and you’re keeping me from closing these sleepy eyes
Does the thought of me keep you up at night?
Like the light on the ceiling of your bedroom
Lately, my dog’s the only one around that listens to my problems

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  • Hands Like Houses
  • I Prevail
  • Issues
  • Memphis Mayfire
  • Neck Deep
  • The Neighbourhood
  • New Politics 
  • Pierce The Veil
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  • You Me At Six

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hi! my name’s shannon & someone clearly needs to stop me w this snap filter

anyway i’ve been looking to follow some new blogs recently, having mutuals is always a good time so if you’re down to clown u can reblog or like this or message me or follow me idk. i mostly blog about ~~~

music. i rly like pop punk/alt bands mostly including:

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  • modern baseball
  • state champs
  • the maine
  • all time low
  • moose blood
  • panic!
  • the wonder years
  • flatsound
  • seahaven
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so yea like lyrics mainly or band pics, graphics, merch all that jazz
// other stuff you will for sure see on my blog:

art! paintings! drawings! tattoos! i love it all! show me all of the art!

space. idk man i like stars,, i fuck with nasa

jokes. dumb memes. comics. tweets. puns. let’s hear all of the shitposts

lowkey just cool photography, film, nature, the sky, mountains.. i’m a big sunset gal..,even just ordinary things shot well are much appreciated

shows: always sunny, bob’s burgers, stranger things, the office, etc etc

quotes, poetry, nice meaningful words!

// my blog is a mish mosh of stuff so i had to stop myself there

but ya send me a message if u want to talk or if u want me to take a look at ur blog or just say hi! love u all

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