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The other new designs are Doctor Who inspired, Paternoster Gang,  and Vitruvian 11 and  Zelda inspired Triforce Smoke


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I’ll be selling some of my prints soon, including the above and more 🎀💀💖 The prices will range from £10-£15, covering the overall postage and packaging (£8.10-£8.80, signed and tracked).
Message me if you’re interested or drop me an email at oliwiaroza@hotmail.co.uk

Ten cents in the dollar is as much to us as it is to Mr. Hearst the millionaire. Am I right? We can do more with ten cents than he can do with twenty five. Is it boys? I don’t believe in hitting the drivers of the news wagons. I don’t believe in dumping the carts same as was done last night. I’ll you tell you the truth I was one of the boys that did it, but it ain’t right. Just stick together and we’ll win.
—  The real Kid Blink, of the Newsboys strike of 1899.

Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and Blink-182 on staying young through BMX

The fan: As the the guitarist-vocalist of Alkaline Trio for nearly 20 years, Matt Skiba has had his fair share of adventures. During the band’s existence he’s leaped from indie labels to majors, started side projects, and most recently taken up a spot in Blink-182 after Tom Delonge’s departure. Through it all Skiba has maintained outside passions, all of which are high-risk, high-reward endeavors. In advance of the June 2 release of Kuts, Skiba’s second solo album with his backing band The Sekrets, The A.V. Club talked to him about bicycle motocross, better known as BMX. It’s an interest that took root in Skiba at an early age, a pursuit that grew in tandem with his emerging love of skateboarding and punk rock. Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and Blink-182 on staying young through BMX

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