Blink and you'll miss it

My mum once told me
To think about life
My whole life as just one year
January to December
In January you’re born
In December you’ll die
For me it’s spring now
The last spring days
Sunny and some rain

A year passes by
So fast
Sometimes too fast
Like life is something that happens
When we close our eyes
When we open them again
It’s the first December day
And we don’t really know
How we ended up there?
Just that the whole year went by
Without us even noticing

Blink and you’re dead
You were in November
Almost thanksgiving

I missed you
In a blink of an eye
You were gone
This time the moment
Didn’t last a lifetime
I wish it had
I had so many things
I needed to tell you
So many things to show you
And now you’re gone

Your time stopped
And I’ll keep my eyes open

(Poetryriotprompt - blink)

The inorganic garden planted
With the refuse of a thousand homes

One person’s trash another’s flotsam
We only drown in things we know

One blink and everything is missing
Another and the seeker is the sought

Every map contains a pirate
We have lost the capacity to be lost

Every journey leads us home
And I am never sorry