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Dolezal’s delusion and commitment to living as a black woman is profound. And it’s inherently wrong. The implications of a white woman, donning blackness and then using that blackness in order to navigate black spaces is offensive. Her passing flies in the face of the countless black women who have had to pass as white in the history of this country, not because of a preference for or fetishization of whiteness, but purely out of survival. And comparing her life to Caitlyn Jenner’s is an insult to Jenner’s personal struggle. ‘I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live,’ she told Vanity Fair.

Dolezal is not trying to survive. She’s merely indulging in the fantasy of being 'other.’


gecktron  asked:

After seeing the "Dead Squad" Post(Blay Ross, Milo,..). What about a OC themed Stream, when you start streaming again?

O H that idea is nEAT!! It wouldn’t take the whole stream (maybe an hour or so) but since Milo joined new plot points have been revealed (IF NOT FOR MY FRIENDS THE STORY WOULD NOT EXIST LIKE AT ALL)
We finally have discovered why Blay is so insecure and why he has the tattoos! And why he covers his hands and body! AND THAT HE HAS FAMILY AGH LOTS OF NEW INFOOO

ahhh maybe one day I’ll finally come up with the full story and put that web comic into existence lmao ; 7 ;