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Dan melting faces. Black Keys rule. #blackkeys

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One of the most popular songs by each of 70+ bands so you can find artists/sub-genres you like.  This is intended for people who are new to the indie rock genre, or maybe looking to find some new music.  Indie Rock, indie pop, alternative, folk, etc… The playlist is in alphabetical order by artist (if you haven’t already noticed).  I have put all of the indie artists from my library on here.

artists include Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, etc…to name the more popular ones..

the artists range from small hometown bands to glasto-headlining bands.

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JAT 2016 - Yoyogi (160324)

Key: We changed ear monitors. Onew what is the meaning of your ear monitor colour?
Onew: Something like haribo jelly.

New in ear monitors colour
Onew: green inside, white outside
Jonghyun: black
Key: red
Minho: white
Taemin: blue
(cr: chiyonu_u, trans: omggminho)

During the firt talk they were talking about Taemin’s solo album. The members were impersonating the dance and Taemin also did the same then suddenly he froze, his pants ripped, all members were shocked. Taemin went to check behind the stage and then ran to the waiting room and members where dying of laughter. Key suggested that they should talk about something while Taemin is gone. Then Onew said that this is evidence to the concert being undertaken raw/live.

During the first talk Jinki said he powered up with fashion and Japanese and Key kept on laughing, then he said he will try and power up the pants as well. (after Taemin’s ripped)

When Taemin came back from backstage, Kibum asked him if he came from the crowd then the members started laughing again, but Jonghyun backed Taemin up and asked why they were being like this, told them he still looked handsome. (cr: naname0525, trans: omggminho)

When they were introducing the new song they kept saying “Kimi no sei de” (Because of You), “Minho no sei de”, then Onew said “Key no sei de”. At the end when they were farewelling they said the new song is not called “Key no sei de”.
(cr: taemin2duck, trans: omggminho)

Key used his jacket like a matador’s cape… Members ran thru it, but Taemin ran his head into Key’s back and pushed him around instead. (other fanaccount sais Jonghyun acted as a bull first and members were imitating him. cr: myredwardsanders)

Key held Taemin’s habd and dragged him down the stage to take photos with him. Key was holding a lot of hands today.

Good Good Feeling
Onew ran around the stage and Key followed behind holding both of Onew’s hands.

When Wanted started Key did a really really squeaky high note a la swc3 Like A Fire.

Boys Will Be Boys
Jonghyun and Key fought each other with the smoke guns. A poor backup dancer got caught in the middle.
(cr: keyeomi)