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As the kingdom of God confronts sin, forgiveness is given and change comes to the nature that had only known how to sin. When His rule collides with disease, people are healed. When it runs into the demonized, they are set free. The Kingdom message’s nature provides salvation for the whole man – spirit, soul, and body. That’s the gospel of Jesus Christ.
—  Bill Johnson, When Heaven Invades Earth
TNWU: At the end of last season, it was really hush-hush about if Mike/Aaron would be back. When did you guys, as a cast know that he wasn’t dead?
BJM: We kind of always knew, to be honest with you. […] The show really revolves around Briggs and Mike, and their dynamic. To kill somebody off like that, it would have really changed the face of the show in a major way. I don’t think they were really prepared to do that. We all kind of had a feeling that it was just a tease.

Exclusive Interview with Graceland’s Brandon Jay McLaren, Talk Nerdy With Us (x)

“The show really revolves around Briggs and Mike, and their dynamic” - everybody seems to know this, so how come production didn’t… At least they’re making up for lost time this season - y’all better keep it up. (Also, can we now sorta count Brandon in aboard the Briggs/Mike ship…)


The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fuck You For Fucking Me

She keeps me sane she keeps me honest, she keeps me on my toes, she’s there for me no matter what, she makes me happy, she’s there for me from the start up until now no matter what she gets me grinning like a Chester cat.

I’m so happy that I’ve got her I’m the most luckiest person/girl on earth she’s perfect for me even though sometimes she doesn’t see it.
I love everything about her from her looks to her soul. Her soul is so pure and true she’s incredibly beautiful from the inside to the out especially her inside.

I’m just so in love with her


TNWU: […] is there anybody that you want Jakes to have more scenes with?
BJM: Jakes and Mike don’t really have a lot of scenes together, ever. I think the first two seasons, we might have had maybe four scenes together. […] Jakes doesn’t really work with Mike a lot. I do think that Mike and Jakes have a very unique relationship. They don’t really bicker, I think they have a mutual respect for one another. I think, in terms of the way they view their work, they have a similar world view. I think that’d be good to see.

Exclusive Interview with Graceland’s Brandon Jay McLaren, Talk Nerdy With Us (x)

I’m here for that. Unfortunately, since the interview was just conducted, it might mean there aren’t many/any more Jakes+Mike scenes this season.


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