Here she is!  My super Secret Mandarake Score is a small-bust SD13 F-05!  I don’t even know what to do, I am so excited!  There was an old style F-08 (old version of the current F-05 only with a GIANT forehead) that I fell in love with back when I started DoA in 2005.  Her name was Tomie.  If you looked for it, you will see hints of that F-08 in my dolls to this very day.   The way I stubbornly insist on applied lower lashes for girls, for example, or the way I layer and blend eyeliner.  I never tried to get and F-05/F-08 of my own, because I knew I could never equal Tomie… 

I think I can now.  I am ready.  It’s funny, too…Tomie was white skin back when that was very rare.  It didn’t show in her mug shots on Mandarake, but my F-05 turned out to be white also.

Reyna, welcome home.  I am going to make you fucking magical


This is Crocus’ new BJD head design - Take a first look at Blank Uriel!
We hope you like him! :-)

Watch it on Youtube : https://youtu.be/BrVWmyI8Q98

My Soom order came in, a month earlier than I expected :D The tawny is, as expected, not quite the same color as Daniels or Anjus, but the difference is really not that noticeable in person.

Still need to put together Nicos and Yuris hands though, but I’ll take my time with them >_> Harucasting finished up my Eryns and they’ll probably arrive within the next week, so I have more than enough to do x.x


Jolene got new eyes! I’ve been wanting Oscar Eyes for her since I’ve restyled her as a galaxy girl years ago. I finally took the plunge and bought some secondhand and they are perfect for her.

Now to one day to do the tattoo on her chest to match her face. 

Jolene is a Mystic Kids Miri, with Oscar Eyes, Angell-Studio wig, and face up by me. 

I’m seeing some people who want to get into BJDs, but because of the price tag of most companies, they get pretty intimidated. There are some companies that sell BJDs under $100, and even that might seem like a little much to some people, but its pretty inexpensive as far as legit BJDs go!

Hujoo has ABS tinies that are about $27USD blank, they’re super tiny, but super cute!

Mirodoll currently has their MSD (44cm) dolls for $90, which is a complete steal for a doll that size, and it is a standard size so it makes shopping for them pretty simplistic. Also, the XM Yo-SD (26cm) dolls that are also available on the Mirodoll site are about $90 as well!

Resinsoul is a go-to company for a lot of people, and their Yo-SD sized dolls are about $100 depending on which one you like, and their sister company Bobobie has them for about $88.

If that is still too much, that’s okay, you can take it one step at a time. Alice’s collections often offers doll heads for under $30 in their “in stock” section, and later you can stop by Fantasy Doll or Mirodoll and pick up an inexpensive body!

If these aren’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. There is no rush, and saving $5 or $10 here and there will eventually add up! 

***Please remember to also support artists. The appealing price tag of bootlegs/recasts/counterfeits comes at an even higher price of illegal activity and the decline of legit bjd companies and dolls, which could very much end up destroying the very hobby you are trying to join in on. Please feel free to ask me, or another experienced member of the hobby if you are unsure if the doll you want to purchase is genuine.***

We’re here to help if you need us. Most of us are more than happy to help out and answer questions!

Also, doll peeps, i would appreciate reblogs with more lists of comapnies with BJDs under $100USD if you know of any! 3d printed, ABS, resin, vinyl, ANY kind of legit bjd with that price tag!

When I bought the new girl, I was not expecting her to have Zoukeimura eyes still hot-glued in her head!  They appear to be GE-16.  That would make her older than October 2009.  Her S hook rests on the lip of her neck hole, but her headcap doesn’t have magnets, so that sounds about right.  I’m no expert on Volks, though.


Tumblr seems to be making these super blurry, so I’m sorry if they’re hard to make out =/ They’re fine when you click them.

All my 60+cm dolls together for a height comparison. I think the last time I did one of these was before I got Nora, so it’s been a while. Some notes:

Nora is normally 65 cm, but she’s on her flat feet here because she wouldn’t stand otherwise. Since she’d usually be taller, Micah is indeed still the shortest, but Dove is almost the same height, off by a hair. Grendel is the tallest and the heaviest, but Dove is the second-heaviest. Island Doll resin is very solid.

Okay, the who’s who/what, from left to right:

Kazimir (Sweet Gale Cyril on DC Adult body), Micah (Luts Summer ‘13 on Crobidoll body), Unnamed (Island Doll Dove), Nora (Crobidoll Zia), Grendel (Doll in Mind Galahad on Soom Chrom body), Seth (Luts S65 Bory)

When i was 8 years old i owned a doll that everyone assumed to be possessed. It would speak even after i took the batteries out and whenever i tried to throw it away, it ended up back in my room. So why the actual fuck did i buy bjds!? This is why people in horror movies die! They never learn!