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You have to wonder... who would be the master of trading card games? (you can pick whichever card game you think fancies the character)

I mean, if we wins Old Maid all the time, why not spice it up a lil bit

PS its a great trial deck, i say, as i stare at the copy in my drawer

~ Admin K

Blasting Into the Past + sayqueenbee

Being back in Toronto was a feeling that left her stomach in knots full of dread. She hadn’t been back home in a few years, and these were her old stomping grounds but nothing felt the same. She wasn’t the same girl who left this place; she’d done some growing up but at the same time, she was the very same. She was still a mess. Would she show it though? Absolutely not. Flipping her hair back, she stepped out of her car and slid a pair of shades over her eyes. Her heels hit the pavement with a click and she reached back into the car, grabbing her purse and shutting the door with her hip. She was older now, and Degrassi was a blur. Not a big enough blur, though. She didn’t really keep in touch with anybody, save for Ellie. Which was a surprise all in it’s own but everybody had faded out and she wondered where they all were. If she were honest with herself, there were particular people that came to mind when she wished to know how they were. Spinner and Alex, the two great loves of her life. With Spinner, it had been the first love thing. He had been amazing and she’d been foolish; selfish. He’d taught her things that she still carried and she sometimes spent her 11:11’s on him, wishing he knew how thankful she’d been for him. And then there was Alex. The girl had changed her world, flipping it upside down and teaching her what love was really about. Sometimes she would lay awake at night, her eyes wide and her fingers gripping the silk pillow next to her, and she would allow herself to remember the way Alex had been her sweetheart. They’d really been something and she felt empty at times, her heart sinking to the pit of her stomach and leaving her gasping for air because she knew she didn’t handle things well in life and she especially hadn’t handled the situation with Alex well at all. And then there was Marco. She missed her best friend, but like everything else, she’d wrecked it all. If she hadn’t, she was sure he’d be right there next to her, with his ever going optimism and urging her to her ass in gear.  With that thought, she pushed from her car and got off of the road. Hopping onto the sidewalk, she pulled her bag further up her shoulder. But as quick as she had started on her path, she was knocked off her center and stumbled backwards and it was then that she realized she’d ran straight into someone. Papers went flying and she looked at them as they fell to the ground as she caught herself, holding her arms out to balance herself. Paige ripped her sunglasses off to give the other person a tongue lashing when she caught sight of that familiar hair, the familiar shape of her nose and Paige took a step back, her eyes widening. “A-Alex?”

very bad teeth thing going on, probably some wisdom tooth shenanigans

getting it checked later today. ibuprofen helps but this might delay the golden cookies update a bit

ps. enjoy those unnerfed reindeer+frenzy+elder frenzy on the beta while they last wink wink