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Music Shuffle Tag

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So I gotta do the music shuffle thingy and see what is what.

Title of the first song describes how you’re feeling:
I Don’t Wanna Wait - SOJA (well…I guess lol)

Second describes your love life:
Bad - Michael Jackson (oh that’s fucked up…but true)

Third will be played at your wedding:
I Choose You - Sara Bareilles (Ha…how perfect. I’m probably never getting married tho soooo..)

Add “in my pants” to the title:
The Joker In my Pants - Steve Miller Band (shit…)

Will be played at your funeral:
Sing Sing Death House - The Distillers (please stop)

Is your theme song:
Free Fallin - Tom Petty (fuck yes)

Will be played when you think of someone you love:
The Girl For The Debt - G. Schyman (BioShock Infinite OST) (REALLY? REALLY?)

Add “with a shovel and a screw driver”:
Big Wave With a Shovel and a Screwdriver - Pearl Jam (honestly?)

Describes your week:
Sad Song - Troy Baker (tell me about it)

This will be played when you miss Someone:
Back to Black - Amy Winehouse (I hate this…please stop lol)



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