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For the bioshock au, you said that the fahcs would be splicers later one. Who would be the first to lose their mind and who would be the last one to? Also would the ones who lost their minds attempt to kill the others?

Well I have changed it up a bit where only Michael becomes a slicer (and Gavin kinda follows him down that rabbit hole). To be fair Michael didn’t mean to become one, he started using plasmids because “Gavin they had a gun to your head I couldn’t just sit there” to “I have to use them I’m useless without the plasmids” and ofc the addiction setting in. Though Michael turns after the new years riot, and it takes years kinda deal. Jack doesn’t let Michael get to the point where he is threatening to hurt their little family. She gives Michael a gun and tells him to leave. Gavin is heart broken when he wakes up to Michael being gone and is screaming and yelling up a storm. Ryan has severe paranoia from the riots so he is having none of it. Gavin leaves the crew after Jeremy yells at him to just leave (cause Gavin ask Jeremy to go with him) and he finds Michael. Later down the road they probs run into the two and Michael is so much worse and Gavin is starting to show signs of the ADAM taking effect. Gavin probs ends up on the end of a BD drill at one point. BUT THIS IS ALL AFTER THE RIOTS. Like there is plenty of story to this AU before the riots happened!


We did it! We beat BioShock Infinite! :D

  • Smuggling is a Crime
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This started out as simple. Take Fontaine’s mini sub back topside twice a week, pick up some choice goods not available in a remote place like Rapture, you know: beef, real tobacco, just a little extras. But now, Ryan and his type have up and called smuggling a hanging crime. Hanging? Says any connection to the surface could destroy the city. ‘Fore long, only difference between this place and topside is whether or not you can open up the damn windows!

The Imaginary Racism of Bioshock Infinite
How Bioshock Infinite misses the mark with its commentary on 19th-century racism in general -- but gets its commentary on religious racism right.

To me, where it falls apart is when the city’s underclass – here depicted as African American and Irish Vox Populi – rise up in a violent Russian Revolution-style upheaval. For me, this plot twist breaks the game. By borrowing imagery from the Russian Revolution Infinite invokes the fears Gilded Age-America had that labor unrest might get out of control. But the keyword here is fear. Even the most violent moments in the history of American labor – for example, the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain, when 10,000 armed coal miners got into a shooting war with 3,000 strikebreakers – never rose to this level of revolt. […]

Frankly, a lot of the problem is that we spend the whole game learning about Comstock’s racist philosophy, but get very little time with the people he’s oppressing. When you get down to it, Infinite is a game about understanding oppressors rather than the oppressed – take that as you will.

On racism and Bioshock. (”Imaginary racism” means portrayed racism against imaginary groups, like the Mutants in X-men or Elves in Dragon Age.)

(Partly in response to some controversial comments Levine recently made. And, for completeness, here’s why Leigh Alexander thinks Bioshock Infinite is terrible; “the most despicable, irredeemable game ever made”)

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New to bioshock but how have the other fahcs resisted the urge to use ADAM. Like did they know about it's effects?

I’m sure they did! If I can make it were Geoff dabs in illegally selling ADAM then him and Jack both would see the effects it could have on a person. Michael Gavin and Ryan only touched the stuff after the New Years riot (well Michael used it once before)! Michael over uses it (and eventually Gavin does to) and Ryan dips into using them but Jack (and ray) were quick to put a stop to it!

Life After Utopia |Post-Fall & Bioshock 2|

It’s Just A Bigger Cage; [Post-Fall Verse]

In an attempt to send his disciple off in an explosive finale, Sander Cohen plastered his youngest disciple to a piano bench, forcing him to literally play for his life as explosives waited none too patiently around him. 

The notes stop, some harsh words were exchanged, and the dynamite detonated around the pianist. Scorched and unconscious on the stage a stranger in a cable-knit sweater took his picture and went onward to complete Sander Cohen’s task.

Unfortunately, the blast wasn’t enough, and some hours later the young disciple wakes delirious and in pain.  Cohen is gone, Frolic is quiet, and Kyle is free of the cage in which he had been imprisoned. He doesn’t waste time in fleeing Fort Frolic but quickly realises even if he’s free of the artist’s clutches, he can’t leave the underwater city. And if he could, why would he? What reason does he have to stay alive?

 None, really. But instincts keep his body moving, fuel his decisions, and Kyle manages to continue to survive in Rapture without a real need for a reason.

Kyle splices to heal his severe burns, and again with a telekinesis plasmid he finds hidden away in Cohen’s apartment later on. He doesn’t splice often enough to have large amounts of ADAM scarring, though the longer he splices the more it begins to show. Mostly it’s just mental damage from him trying to curb the craving. And… whatever else damage accompanies aimlessly surviving in Rapture for so many years.

*[more specific to Bioshock 2 section to be added. He pokes around w cultists.]

Plasmids&Tonics: Telekinesis, Electric Flesh.

Weapons: Pistol, pocket knife.

Special: Genetic Key to bathyspheres [though as they fall into disrepair they become harder to find and use] Keys to Fort Frolic&Sander Cohen’s apartment&the garden of the muses. Small Medical knowledge [stitching wounds, cpr, minor trauma care]

Frequents: High Street and the Farmers Market. On occasion Siren Alley.  [Avoids Fort Frolic since first leaving.]

*If he survives long enough he splices with Electrobolt, and exponentially spirals into a probably actually fairly timely death. He doesn’t last long after completely losing it.