So I’m a little late but, for my birthday I wanted to instead getting presents myself; I wanted to give out a present to all of the people who inspire me to draw! And what better way to give a present is by drawing all of my inspiration’s bill designs! All I really want to say is thank you all for being such a huge inspiration to me and I hope you all like it!

From left to right, starting at the top we have, torifalls, iceb0x, elentori-art, life-writer, boomsheikas-art-blog, me!!, halfys, jamestheknight, undeadwanker, potato-tank

From left to right, bottom row we have, yuckoart, ikimaru, 7ns, sleiin, billdipandchips, sassafras-cats, pacha-yep, chikuto, maplespyder, and finally palolabg!!


Gravity Falls Fans Be Like…

I mean totally.

(I was eating Doritos while I made this. Coincidence??)

i just saw inside out and oh my god

i cried so much it was such a good movie but what really got me was that whole metaphor for depression

if you’ve ever been friends with someone who has depression and you’ve gone through those stages of constantly trying to cheer up, distract, and get your friend to just stop being sad and that frustration that comes with that, they show that perfectly in this movie and more importantly they show that none of those methods are effective or helpful in anyway

it shows that the only way you can help is to just accept that person for who they are, and let them know that you still need them and you still love them

that is just such an important lesson to get out there, i’m so proud that this movie did so well and is actually popular

Group stages 'digital sit-in' to take down government websites over Bill C-51
The members of a group claiming credit for causing a series of government and political party websites to go down on Wednesday afternoon described it as a "digital ... sit-in" to protest Bill C-51 ...

The members of a group claiming credit for causing a series of government and political party websites to go down on Wednesday afternoon described it as a “digital … sit-in” to protest Bill C-51 and a handful of arrests in Halifax.

“Honestly, we just want people talking about what’s happening here with C-51,” one of the members told the Citizen.

Members of the group, calling itself Op Cyber Privacy, were contacted in an online chat group.

Through the afternoon, a series of denial of service attacks, which overload website servers, brought down a number of government websites.

“(It’s) the digital form of a sit-in protest,” the member said. “We are taking up all the seats of these sites so no one can access them temporarily.”

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Ottawa moves to revoke citizenship of convicted terrorist for first time since controversial law took effect
Hiva Alizadeh is a dual citizen with Iran convicted of possessing explosives with the intent to endanger life for the benefit of a terrorist group. That makes him eligible for revocation and deportation
By ,Stewart Bell

The government has begun the process of revoking the citizenship of an Iranian-Canadian serving a prison sentence in Edmonton for terrorism, according to sources familiar with the case.

Hiva Alizadeh is the first Canadian to be targeted by a law that allows Ottawa to strip the citizenship from Canadians convicted of terrorist offences, provided they are citizens elsewhere.

The legislation came into force on May 29. As a citizen of both Canada and Iran, Alizadeh appears to be a viable candidate. Should his Canadian citizenship be revoked, he would be deported.

Under the new system, Alizadeh has 60 days to respond to the written notice he has received from the government, which depicts the law as a response to the evolving terrorist threat to Canada.

“We have been clear: Canadian citizenship is a privilege that carries both rights and responsibilities,” said Kevin Menard, the spokesman for Citizenship & Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, when asked about Alizadeh.

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