160210 Taeyang’s Instagram Update

“'Gah’ ❤️”

I’m just watching videos of Big Bang on talk shows, and…why are all the other members so offensive to Seungri? Hell, I’m not even a Seungri stan but I’m especially disappointed with TOP, for talking about that incident with Hyunseung yet again in Happy Together even after Seungri said that he was upset after he said it on Night after Night. It’s even more upsetting because yes, as fans we all know that the hyungs love Seungri to bits but what would normal people think about this group?


160210 TOP Instagram:

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This mother fucker has just fuelled my dreams for years.

G is so into this photoshoot, he looks like he thinks this is gonna be their Monlisa.
Dae is like reaching out for God to come save him from Top crushing him.
Top looks like he’s dead, like this photo was too much and his spirit decided it was time to depart.
Poor Tae’s arm is like broken behind him but at the same time you can clearly see the “what the fuck are we doing?” On his face.
Ri is just trying to breathe. There’s like 18 people on top of him right now. He’s about to go join his hyung on a higher plane.
Rest in peace Seunghyuns.