Me: I’m at the highest point of love for Harry it’s not possible for me to love him any more it’s just taking over my body
Harry: *smiles extra big*
Me: breaking news…. Somehow..,,.///.. I have gained more lov……

Somewhere, beyond the clouds...

Everyone’s gathered by the gate and the welcoming party for Dusty Rhodes has finally ended. People are exhausted, worn out, preparing to sleep for the evening and hope that their hangovers don’t last too long.

God gives Dusty a firm handshake. “You know Dusty, they were right. You do put on one heck of a party!” Dusty smiles big. “Well, the guest list was pretty big, but all my buddies are here! It’s just a good thing HE didn’t show up…”

God nods, knowing exactly who Dusty is referencing. “Oh yeah, things may have gotten a little out of ha-….”

God trails off as his expression drops. Dusty has a look of concern. They hear a faint sound getting louder as they turn toward the gates of Heaven, which were starting to whirr…

…the sound became more defined…


The gates creak open…

…and ominous figure starts to prance through the smoke.

The bagpipes get louder.

The silhouette of a long-haired lunatic extends his arms to his sides and gives a hearty yell as his kilt flows in the wind.

Dusty’s jaw drops. Everyone starts to stir and some wake up, cowering in fear. The British Bulldog groans. Mr. Perfect grins. Dusty can only shake his head.

God himself looks terrified as he finally speaks….

“Oh, shit….”

So in Chinese culture, a pretty girl is a girl with straight, black hair, lily white skin, short height, slender figure, sparse body hair, round face, tall nose, thin eyebrows, and “smiling eyes” (big, round eyes that are a bit puffy along the lower lashline). I, for the most part, fit this criteria.

I was born with porcelain skin like my mother, but when I was around seven, I learned how to swim and swam often. Over the course of one summer, I turned from extremely pale to extremely tan (my third grade teacher thought I was Filipino). Currently, my skin is probably at least ten shades lighter than it was the summer before third grade. Before that summer, a majority of the conversations I had with my relatives would revolve around how pretty they found me. Then my relatives bullied me “for looking too black”. Whenever I tried to defend myself, my mother would tell me to “respect the elders!”

My little sister learned how to swim around the same time that I did, and also swam often when she was younger. Like myself, her skin became very tan but to this day, hasn’t gotten any lighter. I recall one day, I was at a Chinese amusement park with my mother and little sister. One Chinese man made fun of my little sister for being so tan and I reprimanded him (my little sister is a very shy person). My mom called me rude and forbade me from spending the day at the amusement park with them.

Beauty advertisements all over the world preach basically the same thing–and alienate everyone that doesn’t meet all of their absurd standards. My fellow asian brothers, sisters, and cousins (for those that identify as non-binary): don’t be ashamed for having asian features–YOU’RE NOT UGLY, SOCIETY IS UGLY.

If someone tells you that you’re lucky to have snow white skin, a slim body, straight hair, or big and round eyes; tell them that every asian has beautiful features and that the world would lose its beautiful diversity if everyone looked the same.

If someone tells you that your eyes are too small or that you shouldn’t smile or laugh because “you look too asian”, tell them “No one needs big eyes in order to see your prejudice”.

If someone calls you a “banana” (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) because you only speak English, tell them that it’s wrong to force someone to assimilate with a culture but then ostracize them for not being in touch with their heritage.

If someone tells you that you’re not a real asian because you’re not from northeast asia, tell them that their ignorance is nearly to completely unfathomable.

If someone says they “wanna bone your tight asian pussy”, tell them that they secretly only like narrow vaginas because they imply that his twig dick is bigger than it actually is.

If someone asks expects you to do an entire group project for them because your asian heritage guarantees an A+, tell them that they’re gonna work at McDonalds for the rest of their life is they keep that kind of work ethic.

If someone asks you to “prove” the fact that you’re asian because you’re mixed, tell them to stop acting like they’re so superior that they have the power to decided who is and isn’t asian.

If someone calls you “exotic” because you’re not from China, Japan, or Korea; tell them to fuck off.



How do you sum up your feelings about someone who gave you so much inspiration? About someone who did so much more for your heart and soul than you are even able to comprehend?

There was always something so special about Roddy Piper. The first time I saw the guy, I was a chubby kid with big teeth who got bullied in school, so when I saw this crazy bastard walking through crowds of people who were spitting at him, throwing things at him, and hurling all kinds of insults, and all the while, he was smiling… that did something to me. I remember thinking, “Wow, he doesn’t care at all.” He seemed fueled by their hatred. Their rage put a big smile on his face. He loved chaos. He loves inciting that evil in people. He loved giving the fans a bad guy for the good guy to beat up.

Even when Roddy was “good”, he was still just as bad and as crazy as he ever was. I remember when Roddy was on TV wearing a Hot Rod t-shirt and a kilt, and he ripped the leg off of Zach Gowen, I thought “Holy shit, this guy is something else!” To SEE Roddy Piper, you just felt like, “Now THIS is someone!” He was something else. He was other worldly. It’s bizarre to call the guy a legend, because he’s above that. There are plenty of legends. Roddy was an icon. He was a king. He was my hero.

Some days, you’d be watching Raw and the familiar snare and bagpipes would play and out came this crazy lunatic, far beyond his prime but as if anyone would ever tell him. He’s give the crowd that reassuring grin to let them know, something chaotic was about to go down. The landscape was going to change. I can remember many times, just hearing his music would bring tears to my eyes.

Now, the tears are there because I’ll never hear it again. Not like I use to.

Roddy was fearless. He was above any standard that anyone might have put on him. He would go beyond everything you’d expect him to, and he would take on the world if he could. As a performer, he was a God. As a person… he was a role model. He was inspiring. He made me believe that I had so much more to offer than anyone else had before me. When I met Roddy, I’ll never forget, there was a huge line behind me, but when I finally got to his table, he saw the look on my face and disregarded my attempt at a handshake and hugged me. I started to choke up a little so he dug his knuckle into my back and said “It’s okay. I’m one of you.”

We talked for 20 minutes, maybe more. We laughed about how I knew his daughter. We talked about why he loved Kentucky. We were cracking up together, talking like old friends. He would look into your eyes as if he was seeing a family member. He would hold you as if you were his own. He believed in every person he met. Finally, after gabbing forn early a half an hour, his son reminded him of the line behind me and we snapped a picture. I thanked him, and he scooped up a picture of himself holding the WWF Championship and the Intercontinental Championship and signed it for me. I’ve gotten Roddy’s autograph about 20 times on different things and I’ve only paid once, but that was before he saw that it was me. Anyone who’s ever been with me when I’ve approached him at a con or a show will tell you the same thing.

One thing that I loved about my hero was that once we met, he remembered me for life. The next day after we first met, I took my friend to meet him and he gave him a big hug. After they talked, he looked to me and smiled even bigger. “I remember you!” He gave me a big hug, kissed my cheek, and told me he loved me. That was commonplace for every time I saw him. Literally, every time we spoke, he’d give me a hug, a kiss on the cheek (or the neck, whatever was closest) and tell me he loved me. Before stepping away, he’d always say to me, “May all your dreams come true.”

In 2012, one of my dreams came true. I asked Roddy what it would take to get him to play my father in my upcoming film, Single White Males. He replied:

The next time I saw him, I approached him about it and he was more than happy to join me. We filmed the scene two days later in an empty restaurant, and man, I have never seen someone go from being just a guy to being a character so quickly. He was Roddy, but he was bigger. It’s hard to explain, but I remember just feeling that every word he was saying was genuine. He had such a strong ability to become what I needed from him, and when we were done, he asked me, “Was that okay?” I was nearly in tears. His performance was so perfect that I couldn’t possibly find any reason that it wouldn’t be. It was everything I had dreamed of. Before we said our goodbyes that day, he said it again, “May all your dreams come true.” I looked him in the eye and said back, “Roddy… they just did.”

When we had the film’s posters completed, I told him that we had a few and he offered to sign a bunch of them to help me sell them. When I saw him the following year at a Ring Of Honor show, he asked me how I was doing, asked about the film, and when I told him I had gotten into wrestling as a manager, he smiled big. “You’re like the new Roddy Piper, huh?” I must have smiled a mile wide because he cut me off, “Don’t go thinking you’re gonna be better than me!” He laughed and patted my arm, then he got very serious. “Give ‘em everything, man. Don’t hold back. Don’t ever be afraid.” We took a picture together, one of our last ones together, and I stepped away. As time rolled on, I got more advice from Roddy via different methods of contact. He always kept it real with me. I knew what was right and what was wrong because of what he would instill in me. I learned from him. I became better because of him.

Roddy Piper had that affect on a lot of people. He was great, but he made everyone else great. It’s so strange to me, because as a hero, he was always there. You never knew when he’d pop up on Raw, or when you were gonna see his name scroll across the screen right before he showed up to make someone else better. You never heard a bad word about Roddy Piper, from anyone. All you ever heard about was how great he was, how selfless. I’ve never told anyone this beyond my closest friends, but when we filmed for my movie, I offered to pay him, but he shrugged it off and shook his head.

He gave me everything. He made me the villain that I love to be. If I live to be 100 years old and I do 100 shows a year, I’ll work to my body’s discontent to ensure that I carry on the legacy that he provided. I have never understood the appeal of heroes, but the world’s greatest villain was mine. Roddy Piper will always live in my black heart, and every step I take toward and near a ring will be because of him. There will always be so much love in my heart for that wonderful human being. It’s just heartbreaking that he passed away from a heart attack, because he gave so much of his heart to every person he met. Immediately, you were accepted the moment you came into view. Roddy loved us all. I loved him back.

Rest In Power, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. You will always be my hero.

Chapter 36- Mika Finally Drink Yu’s Blood!!!

Yes, I know this what every fandoms have been waiting for!! Finally!! Finally!! My kokoro!

With a big smile, Yu offered his blood in order to save Mika from being a demon even if it means he will become like a live stock again.

Mika who kept all that pain all this years now ends when he drink the blood of his most precious family Q^Q

And Yu saying “ Welcome Home, Mika “ at the last page!!


There is no easy way to say this. On June 25th 2015, Matthew lost his battle to cancer. He was put into hospice care mid June and passed away 2 weeks later. It was the hardest thing my brothers and I (Manda, his Daughter) had ever gone through. But, he was never alone in those 2 weeks. We visited him everyday and he always had visitors. His passing was very peaceful, but too goddamn soon. My Dad was always proud of his tumblr (and to be honest, not many kids can say their Dad had a pretty awesome tumblr.) I thought it would only be fair to let you, his fallowers, know. My Dad was an amazing runner. He ran a total of 12 half marathons and 2 full marathons in one year. Every one of those races would end with a picture of his running shoes and a great, big smile. That’s what I’ll miss the most, his laughter filling the air, his smile brightening the room, and his humor that was hard not to smile at. He taught us that everyone makes mistakes & you can’t fix all of them, but you learn from them. My brothers and I love him very much and it’s hard to believe he’s already gone…We miss you Dad and we won’t stop running.

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“The skirt is short on purpose.” + marrish bc honestly... that sentence screams lydia:)

I wasn’t taking prompts but knowing me, how can I not write this? ;) (especially after three people asked for the same thing lol)

Lydia likes Jordan. She likes him a lot.

She likes the way he always opens doors for her, the way his hand is too big and too warm in hers, the way his eyes brighten and a smile too big for his face crosses his expression whenever he sees her, the way he listens to her and strokes his thumb in soothing circles across her palm. He’s like her knight in shining armor, always there for her and always protecting her, and she likes it.

She really does.

But sometimes, all she wants to do is break through that chivalrous persona of his, because they’ve been dating for two months already and Jordan hasn’t even tried touching her underneath her skirt, let alone have sex with her. And it’s absolutely frustrating to say the very least, because Lydia has her wants and desires and it’s not that she doesn’t think Jordan can fulfill them, it’s that she knows he will and that he’ll worship her in bed like the goddess he believes she is.

All she needs to do get them off first base and straight to third fast.

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i always smile really big when jack is laughing so hard he leans out of the camera shot. its the best because you can just tell he is laughing genuinely and he looks so happy.

and his SMILE. god i love his smile. i love when he smiles really big and his teeth show and it shows how happy he is, how much he loves what he’s doing.

i just love when he’s happy

you walked into 5sos’ meet & greet, you hugged the boys and you talked to them and they were really nice with you; as soon as calum started to joke about your hair (because it looked really bad after the concert) you laughed with him and jealous!michael was so pissed because he felt kind of rejected for the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, but he didn’t know you were a michael girl so when you hugged him as goodbye, you whispered on his neck: “you are my favourite person, you are so precious and i love you so much” and he smiled so big and stayed like that until you left the place

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Interesting fact: I once shared a 45 second elevator ride of really awkward small talk with Ryan Reynolds.

When I was in sixth grade there was a meet-and-greet with Peter Facinelli, the guy who plays Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight franchise, at our local mall, and I was uber excited. I waited in line for nearly five hours so he could sign my Breaking Dawn book, and when I finally met him, I could barely breathe. I told him my name, but like most people, he thought I had said Carley, not Harley. I had to correct him quickly so he wouldn’t sign it wrong, and when I told him that my name was Harley, he smiled really big and said: “That’s really unique, really cool! I like it. If I ever have another daughter, I think I’ll name her Harley!”

And I almost burst into happy tears because when I was little, I constantly got teased for my name, and here was this movie star telling me that he LIKED my name, that it was cool. It was my first time meeting a star and I wasn’t disappointed.