Biffy Clyro - Geox, Padova 07-02-2017 by Enrico

A series that I'm surprised that Tumblr doesn't talk more about

The Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger

consists of 5 books (Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless, and Timeless) and features a good amount of MOGII characters, and a large variety of female characters. It is lacking in PoC characters and characters that are explicitly not part of the gender binary or trans, though, I’ll not deny that.

but really can we talk about the ladies!

first the main character Alexia Tarabotti: spinster long on the shelf, soulless, and *gasp shock horror* Half-Italian. The way that she is described is having black curly hair and “swarthy” skin (despite how the comic adaptation has her pale as any of the other characters). While Carriger specifically describes Alexia as having a “Mediterranean” skin color, the amount of emphasis that is placed on how different Alexia looks from her half-siblings and other ladies of society makes me think that Alessandro Tarabotti (Alexia’s presumed dead father) himself had Moorish ancestry that got passed on to Alexia along with the soulless state. Heterosexual (mostly, considering her reactions to one of the ladies she later meets)

Ivy Hisselpenny: Alexia’s best friend who has a rather poor, to say the least, taste in hats. But under the over affectation of being the absolute silliest person in the room, Ivy does have some smarts, she just does not express it as one would find conventional. Heterosexual.

Angelique: a former drone (human servant of a vampire/vampire hive who is bidding for immortality and/or patronage) of the Westminster vampire hive who becomes Alexia’s ladies maid. French, and revealed to be lesbian or possibly bisexual. 

Genevieve Lefoux: French inventor and milliner who as a preference for wearing her hair short and dressing in mens clothing tailored to herself. Very obviously a lesbian. 

Sidheag Maccon: a great battle axe of a lady in her late 30’s who, if possible, is blunter than Alexia. the most muscular woman in the entire series (almost has to be considering her self imposed job). 

for the male and homosexual characters, one need not look further than the fashionable Lord Akeldama, one of the oldest Rove vampires in London, who decorates his house in the hight of Rococo style and speaks with italics.  He also has a bevvy of drones who are all implied to also be homosexual. including…

Biffy: Lor Akeldama’s “head drone” you could say, who’s sexuality is a bit more explicit than implied and who is also very exactingly competent. 

On the werewolf side, there is Professor Randolf Lyall, the reserved and intellectual beta wolf of the Woolsey pack. He’s heavily implied to have an attraction to men, and implication which is later confirmed as you read the rest of the series.