Sory Nad busy sgt! Yg pm tepi nanti Nad respond ya. Ni kena bgn awal sbb org tu xtahan… whole night konek dia dlm cipap tembam Nad. Pagi ni dia mengganas lagiii… kikikiki

“Yo Jamie. I don’t see any girls on your Tumblr blog, and that’s understandable. Having a fear of girls is such a thing I would expect from a bro like you, especially if you haven’t seen a chick like me. Anyway, I thought I send my best selfie to scare you away. Say hi to Sydney and Miguel for me, ok? -Rebecca Sinise.”

I wanted to make this after I stumble upon @jays505blog (NSFW content warning to those not familiar with this blog). I wanted to do something for that was both unique, while staying true to the selfie pics usually on that blog. So, after noticing the lack of female characters, and reading this really old entry: http://jays505blog.tumblr.com/post/…..en-with-a-girl I’ve decided to have Rebecca throw her two cents onto the matter by the sassy, muscular hare doe that she is. It was also great anatomy practice.

I thought I posted it here before I TRY to submit on the blog. Chances are, it would be rejected for not being “Bro enough” for Jamie.


blacksistrs  asked:

Hello, I fell in love with snamione recently, and I would love to have some suggestions for fluff and slice of life fanfictions. Post war or au without war. Thank you in advance xx

Hello and welcome to the Snamione fandom! All fics are on the lighter side and if there are any “dark” warnings, I’ve included them too. Everything is complete unless otherwise stated.

As always, if there’s a fic you think should be included in this list, just let us know.

— Kairou ♡

Edit: More fic recs by other users.